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*sigh* it never fails...

...and right before a long anticipated trip! On Thursday I'm going to Missoula for Foreign Language days, and we get to sit in on some seminars and classes and stuff. But today, throughout the day, I've been feeling sicker and sicker. This morning I had a tiny bit of a sore throat, and now, I have a headache, I'm tired, and my back, hips, knees, and ankles ache! I'm going on this trip whether I ...
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Word accents

Ok, I'm stuck. The accenting rules of Homeric Greek are stumping me. I read this web page http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~ancgreek/accenthtml/accentuation.html
but I still can't figure out how to accent simple words like nou=soj through the various paradigms. Can someome illustrate the exact reasoning behind the accenting of that particular word with all of its cases?

If I get good enough and detailed responses, I'm willing to collate all of them, with examples and excersizes, and make a ...
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This may be an advanced question, but I am so curious that I had to post it:

I was just wondering if the Greek ablaut grades can be traced back to their correspondent grades in Proto-Indoeuropean. If so, could all the ablaut grades in the indo-european languages be interrelated according to the sound changes relevant to each language? Even in english?

thanks in advance
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Question for D'ooge "Graduates"

Hi everyone,

I have been reading a lot about the differing goals of Latin study. Some state it is a means to better understand English and others assert that it *should* be to prepare us to read the Latin Classics - period.
Upon completing the D'ooge text, did you find you were able to tackle the Latin Classics, or did you need to embark on further study?
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Latin Word Order exercise 47 on page 21.

Ok. I have been taking my time but moving along and I reached Exercise 47 on page 21. In this exercise I have been having a little trouble getting the Latin word Order.

In writing your own sentences in latin is seem to be like talking like Yoda in Star Wars. "Around the surviors a perimeter create" for instance.
Is that an accurate assesment?

The questions using quis and cui and others sometimes give me ...
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Roman circus found in Colchester, UK

This isn't very actual, but the find didn' t come to the attention of this board.
So, chceck http://www.camulos.com/circus.htm .
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New to the boards

Hello all, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm very happy to have stumbled across this site, as I was trying to learn Latin on my own with only moderate success. Besides, these forums save me from a potential paradox: Why learn a language if you have no one to converse with? Anyway, I wish I had had the opportunity to learn Latin in school, but better late than never, I suppose...
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Strengthening our Verbs

I bring before you today a matter of great concern to us all. I could of course have aired my warnings first before a larger institution, but this studious and illustrious body, being dedicated to the close study of language, is most fit for the contemplation of our dire situation, to a degree few other organizations, wrapt as they are in coarser modes of thought, are capable of managing. Further in these very halls we ...
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Comparative Adjectives


Today in my Latin 2 class we were talking about the different comparitive the degrees of adjectives and we recieved an assignment to do at home.

I was confused on what case to put these different adjectives in. He mentioned said that the noun which follows is in the same case as the one to which it is compared. I dunno why, this just seems to be the first concept I'm not really grasping ...
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Wheelock's Latin Reader??

Hi, I came across this site looking for help with Wheelock's Latin Reader. I was wondering if anyone has found a key online that I can check my translations to. Any Help is greatly appreciated.
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