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translation help: english to latin

Hello, i've been looking to translate this phrase, and would like help with it. please note i am no latin student, and am just curious about how this would look in latin, i've tried a few web sites but have found that they dont do phrases that well, i would just peice it together with a dictionary online but words like It, and The dont seem to literally translate, any help would be great, thanks. ...
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Looking for Jenny's Teacher's Manual


I've dug out my old high school latin book, "First Year Latin" edited
by Jenny, Scudder and Baade; the 1979 edition.

I'm looking for a copy of the teacher's manual, which I assume contains
the answers to the exercises.

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We have 1000 registered users

We have 1000 registered users
Textkit now has 1000 members... Congratulations Jeff!
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Side-effects of learning latin/greek

Has anyone noticed while learning one of the two languages, that their general usuage of grammar has become noticable?

For example, I sometimes find myself stoping and thinking about how I am going to write or say something. Even reading general material from different sources, I seem to find myself finding mistakes in other peoples grammar. I seem to sound more like my english teacher from way back in school.

The bad side of being ...
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Means Epic I think in English. I don't know the root. What does Epos mean?
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Greek: An Intensive Course

I read recently a minutum of information presented in "Greek: An Intensive Course" and I encountered an apparent fallacy, supposing Herbert Weir Smyth's book to be the paragon of the Greek Grammars. The book predicated the character rho beginning to never have a rough breathing and upsilon beginning always to have a rough breathing; however, as is insinuated above, Smyth's grammar is at variance with the former, saying both always to have a rough breathing. ...
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huc novissime perveni

et miror valde hunc situm, quia nihil simile prius vidi! :shock:

vestra verba me maxime delectant, et amo legere nuntios quos scribitis

hic meam introductionem ago, quod Anglorum sermonem parum intellego et minus loquor, latinam linguam autem paulo plus cognosco (tamen non multum! :lol: )

maga sum baba_yaga, de qua narratur in fabulis Sarmaticis, cuiusque nomen invenitur in Mussorgskij's ...
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Hi! I'm new, and need a little help

Hi I am new here!

Don't know much greek or latin - and would realy like to learn! :) But its a matter of time, and tons of other important stuff to learn!

Anyhow, I wondered if you could help me a little?

I'm looking for a greek or latin word for:
A person who is positive, holds positive and empowering thoughts. A positve thinker with success. ...
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When looking at all this Latin again, I was wondering about punctuation. Did the Romans use punctuation at all? I remember seeing the use of interpunctio. Was this the early period? On other occasions, sentences were connected through et or followed each other without any punctuation at all. Which one is the most common and does Latin actually need punctuation?
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