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more purpose/result clause help needed!

arrrgghh these are harder:

1. Catiline sent Manlius to the army, in order that he might prepare for war.
Catilinius Manlium ad exercitum misit bellum paratum.

Is it ok to use the supine here?

2. Who is there who might believe such tales?
quis erat qui talibus fabulis crederet.

ok to use quis erat qui? should it be quis est qui, but then wouldnt credo have to be present and it wouldnt make sense?? I'm ...
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Winged Sandals

Hello, everybody,

Have a look at this site. Charming.


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what an ordeal

ok if you don't want to hear a shoe shopping story stop reading now.

christmas season is upon us, which means christmas banquets, dinners, etc. I have two particular dresses which I plan to wear this year. The problem is that they are both blue and my only dress shoes are black. *sigh*

So today I went out looking for some navy dress shoes. You'd think I was asking for something outrageous. NOBODY had any. ...
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Pictures of the Past

When I was very young (well, 10 years old), I was very much impressed by a painting by Maccari, representing Cicero speeching against Catilina.

http://www.ac-nice.fr/etabs/audiberti/l ... tilina.php gives you a view of the painting I am referring to.

The painting was displayed in a book about Caesar and somehow very much influenced my vision of Romans (and also, I don't know why, made me sympathise with poor little outcast ...
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Italian sms

Hi all,

I'm not sure this question is on the right place here, but the all-knowing Benissimus advised me to post it here.

Anyway, I'm searching for a site on the net where you can send free smses (textmessages on your cellphone) to Italy (more precisely to send smses to someone whose providor is vodaphone), does anyone know where I can find such a site?

Thank you very much,

Philippus Moerus
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I need a bit of help in translation,please

Hello everybody,

I hope this is the right place for my request.
Please can you help me to translate "Happy Birthday to you" in old greek. I have a good friend of mine who has next week his birthday, and he likes greek very much and I want to give him a pleasure in writing him a birthday card with that birthday greeting in old greek. But unfortunately I can not any greek nor latin ...
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Latin Grammar Books Question

Hello all,

I recently purchased Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar. I have noticed that on Textkit there exists Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar. Is one better than the other? I have looked through the first fifty pages of each, and they appear to be roughly similar.

If you all think A&G's book is superior I am not against buying that one, too.

Many thanks in advance,
William B.
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How do you pronounce Cicero and Caisar?

I'm inprired to post this question from another topic in the Greek forum, so I'd ask you how do you think the Romans pronounced "Cicero" or "Caisar"?

Kikero (accrding to Greeks),
or Tsitsero (according to Germans)?

Kaisar (Kesar) like the Greeks wrote,
or Tsezar or Tsetsar, like the Slavs mentioned,
or Kaisar (Ka.i.zar), like the Germans heard?

Was the Roamn alphabet phonetical after all?
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Ancient Hebrew- Independent guide

salvete omnes!

I was wondering if anybody could possibly help me? I am need of a textbook of some sort that teaches ancient hebrew. It's a present for a friend, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I unfortunately have no knowledge of hebrew... but if anyone has taught themselves (or knows of someone who has) any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Or even if you could point me in the direction of a relevant ...
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Introduction *waves*

Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd introduce myself, as I will no doubt be bombarding you all with copious amounts of questions in the coming weeks.

Ummmm...so, I'm 20 years old, and am currently studying psychology at university - in Brisbane, Australia. Just finished my finals for this year a week or two ago, and decided that I needed something to occupy my time with these holidays - when I wasn't out destroying my liver.

So...as ...
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