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akkadian email reflector?

Does anyone know of any email reflectors dedicated to study of the ancient akkadian language? Cuneiform? A google search didn't show much of anything.

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Short and long vowels. How to know?


After I had finally solved my problems with the sounds of the Latin’s Alphabet (once more my thanks Luigi_Pirex) here I am again with a new problem.

How can we tell if a vowel is short or long only by the rules given in #12 of the book (page 18 of pdf).

I’m guessing (D’Ooge doesn’t mention nothing about) that in words that end with a vowel, this last vowel can be short or ...
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please help with a quick sentence!

Hey everybody. I was doing my Latin homework and I came across this word: agrum. I looked it up everywhere and cannot find it. Maybe a more experienced Latin speaker would know what it could mean. I am using Oxford's Latin course, part one. The sentence is:
Flaccus agrum arat.
Flaccus is a name, and arat means to plough. But I don't know what agrum is. Thanks a bunch!

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Attic Poets?

Are there any poets (or better yet, playwrights if their monologues are in verse) who wrote in Attic and are relatively easy to understand?
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Automated Essay Marking - nunc et Latine?

Hello there,

I am working on expanding my software to include Latin as a language for automated essay marking. This marking covers both style and content.

Is there someone who has worked with building software based Latin wordbank(s)? I would like to discuss my options for building an appropriate Latin wordbank with you.

I am learning Latin part-time.

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Problems with Textkit PDF files on Pocket PC

I have copied a few PDF files from Textkit over to my Pocket PC over the past year or so, and while most are perfectly readable, I have had problems with a couple of them, for example the Smyth Greek Grammar. when I try navigating to one of the actual pages in the text I get a big gray square and an error message saying "Unknown Filter" or some such. I do not know enough ...
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general qn: who's reading aristotle?

hi just a really quick question, how many people here are reading aristotle, and which books, and do you use the commentaria in aristotelem graeca as well, and if so have you found any of these commentaries in greek online for general access? thanks :)
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How does one say this in Greek?

"Never forget sacrifice."
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Discerning transitive from intransitive

Salvete omnes,

I am confused by transitive and intransitive verbs. From what I know, a transitive verb is a verb that can be followed by a direct object. Intransitive is just the opposite. That part I understand. But in Latin pugnare is an intransitive verb, correct? But can't pugnare have a direct object? e.g. Hominem pugnavi. Is there anyway that you can easily memorize transitive and intransitive verbs?

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Fat boy

Visited Brussels this weekend and was allowed into one used-bookstore. There I found the Dictionnaire Grec-Français by A. Bailly. And at a bargain.

I had to bring it home with me. It is easily the biggest book I own now. Phew, 'le vocabulaire complet de la langue grecque classique', more than 2200 pages in just one volume.

By the looks of it, the book has never been opened before beyond page 1 ...
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