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Iliad, Book 1 line 408

In this line, the ver "eqelh|sin" is used, from eqelw. I had great difficulty understanding the form of this verb, until I checked with Autenreith and saw that this verb has a "mi" form when used in the subjunctive, ie, "eqelwmi" !!

How common is it a for a verb to switch from a thematic to an athematic form when changing moods? ( like from indicative to subjunctive ) ...

Question about Latin poetry...

I'm not acutally studying Latin, but there's something I'm hoping a Latiner can help me with.

I was reading a book on Ancient Greek accidence, and it said that when the accent in Greek changed from a pitch accent to a stress accent, the accents began to affect the length of their syllables.

i.e. If a stress accent fell on a syllable which would otherwise be short, the syllable became long.

My question is; seeing ...
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As well as the originals - which I love - would it also be worth considering putting up some of the great translations that have been made? One that immediately springs to mind is Arthur Golding's Metamorphoses. A classic which Shakespeare used as much as the bible. And now out of copyright.
I studied Latin & Greek, but they're a bit rusty now - to put it mildly. I would love to be able to ...
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Off Topic...

It's nearing the end of another year at school and I wanted to get my latin teacher some gifts. So far, we have gotten him a gift certificate to DeMoulas, and some ovaltine. I'm going to buy him some Zero Bars too. The last thing I want to get him is a Chinese grammar book. Would there be any way that any of you guys know of a good Chinese beginner grammar book? Thanks.
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Translation help...

Could someone please help me? I am looking at getting this phrase translated into proper Latin...

"Bound by the blood of the cross"

In an attempt to do my homework, I have come up with this...

"Cognatio-onis Crux Crucis"

The problem is that this is going to be used for t-shirts and engravings for a discipleship group (and youth group) that I teach here at the church.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Why Greek?

I hope this is in the right forum...if not please feel free to move it to where it belongs (other than the trash can :) )

Why study Greek? For me, that is...

I am going to be starting my MDiv in about a year and the Sr. Pastor wants me (very strongly wants me) to take the MDiv route rather than Biblical Studies as he wants ...
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SPIonic in MS Excel

I'm using Excel to keep a list of words that I'm learning. I'd like to have Excel sort the list alphabetically, and wonder if anyone has already worked out how to do this. I think I'd write a macro to generate a number to sort on (this could be different for different fonts), but don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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Thought I would say hello...

Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey and I was given this addy from a friend of mine that I know through a Bonsai club in Wisconsin (I live justt across the southern border in Illinois). I have been lurking for a few days and really like the conversation that takes place here! What a refreshing change!

Yes, I really am a Pastor...but I work with youth rather than adults (one reason that this board is ...
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H & Q Unit 8 Greek to English

I’m having trouble with this sentence from H & Q Unit 8, I.13:

a)reth/ toi to\ pa=san xw/ran sw|=zon, w=) ge/ron.

a)reth/ nominative feminine singular = virtue

to\ sw|=zon neuter singular article and present participle (presumably accusative since we already have a nominative feminine) = saving

pa=san xw/ran accusative feminine singular and adjective, presumably object of sw|=zon = the whole country

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Head Trauma

Hey Guys,

I'm new here, but I'm trying to translate the following into Latin:
"May cause severe head trauma"

Any ideas?
Thanks a ton!
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