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Gay Alexander?

The Greeks are angry about Hollywood's Alexander.

Oliver Stone has a propensity for the silver screen shockers. This is as good a forum as any to let the truth about Alexander fly.

http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/ns/news/sto ... TR&coview=

So which is it? Is Stone making more out of this than there is, less of it than there is, or is his movie historically acurate in detail capturing the true character of Alexander ...
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English to Latin translation assistance requested

I have a question about a translation from Wheelock's workbook, page 65, #2. The english sentence is:

The state will never thank the Greek tyrant.

My translation is: Civitas Graecum tyrannum numquam gratias aget.

My problem is with the phrase "the Greek tyrant". Should this not take the accusative, thus the ..um ending. The answer key says that this should be "Graeco tyranno" which is either the dative or ablative.

Does anyone see something obvious ...
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Boy of 14 gets 85 lashes and dies for breaking ramadan fast


I don't care what Raya says islam is messed up. Such a religion was something to follow in chaotic times, now it is just outdated and goes too far.

It makes me thankful (but not enough) that I can eat without being killed for it. Also freedom I appreciate yes no doubt so many kids have gone off the rails as a result of lack of discipline here and it makes for a terrible ...
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Opera- need help (not latinic but musical)

Sorry for the long delay; Internet in my house closed, so I can can only go online at school or in the library.


I want a lot of obbligato and "archaic" instruments in my opera (including two string sections, tromba marina, viols, clavichord, as well as a dulcimer and bass trumpet). I want my opera to be full of all different styles (recitativo secco, aria da bravura, etc. etc.) Any more i should think ...
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Sublime days....

Just had to post a note to tell you guys the cool stuff that's been going on....

I'm at ETS/SBL this week...yesterday I got to meet my all time favorite Texual Criticism Scholar. I've read a bit of his stuff, and think he is really thinking in the right direction concerning Critical Scholarship of the Greek New Testament Text. He was browsing in the booth next to mine, so I worked up a little nerve ...
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Euclidis Elementa

Perseus Digital Library's Euclid's Elements has following lines at each page of it:
This text is based on the following book(s):
Euclid. Euclidis Elementa. J. L. Heiberg. Leipzig. Teubner. 1883-1888.
OCLC: 18074021

I've never seen this Heiberg version of Euclid. And I'd love it if it makes its way to Textkit.

I'd also like it so much if my compilation get through the copyright issue. ;)
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What's going on with the Spanish Textkit?

I am curious to know at what level of development this project is in?
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Google Scholar

Hi All,

I don't know much about it yet, but I just heard about:



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Honey, you are in my liver ?!!

The ancients considered liver (IECUR, IECINORIS) the seat of all feelings. Here is something to look into; Are there any references to liver in slang, proverbs, and such that involves love, lover, beauty, or emotions? My guess is there are some at least in Latin. what about other languages?
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HELP please... silly translation problem

Okay, so, for Thanksgiving, we're supposed to write a list of things we're grateful for. The form which my teacher (through a substitute teacher) gave us was,

"Gratis ago" + dative

But she wants us to use a participle in each sentence. (?!) The example she gave us was,

"I am grateful for having friends."

I am confused about multiple things.

A, I don't understand why this is a participle and not a gerund, as ...
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