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Where to next?

I'm near to finishing Wheelock and wonder what to do next. Does anyone offer a series of books so you can continue to Latin II, III etc? Are there courses you can take?

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Caesar and Pronouns

Salvete omnes,

As many of you probably know Caesar wrote his works referring to himself in the 3rd person. However, he does say "mihi" in de Bello Gallico, liber 6, 14:

"Id mihi duabus de causis instituisse videntur, quod neque in vulgum disciplinam efferri velint neque eos, qui discunt, litteris confisos minus memoriae studere".

I have a few questions:

1) Why do you think he changes the pronoun reference?

2) Do you know of any ...
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Help me with a quote

can someone sugest or create a quote or saying in latin to cover following words
Humanity (maybe human being)
Righteousness (morality or honesty)
Creativity (innovation)
public service (duty, serving others)

I dont know any latin and My english sucks as well please help. i live in Seoul South korea just in case here is my e mail address:
here is my E mail halteacher atsign yahoo dot com
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Is there a reasonably scholarly version of the Septuagint online? I couldn't find on on Perseus (!), and I need it for a Latin (?) paper dealing with Ovid's sources for the beginning of the Metamophoses.

Thanks all.
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Usefulness of Latin?

I'm almost through with two semesters of Latin. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I'm learning Latin as opposed to Spanish or French (Those are the three languages at my high school). I can't use Latin to communicate with anyone, and there isn't a large enough Latin community to justify writing in Latin.

I'm not Catholic and don't need to read the Bible or anything else in Latin. What is there ...
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Need help with a short translation.

"ego ipse tabernam, in quā habitō, servāre possum”

Here's my translation:
“I can look after the shop in which I live, myself. It seems stilted though, how about this:

I can look after the shop that I live in, myself.

"Statim ad viam, in qua taberna erat, festinavit: adeo cupiebat tabernam possidere."

He hurried at once to the street in which was the shop: he was desiring to own a shop so greatly. ...
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Ch. 35 sentence

Hello, all.

Ch. 35 S.A., # 11

In urbe nostra mihi contigit doceri quantum iratus Achilles Graecis nocuisset.
I translated, "In our city it fell to my lot to teach how much angry Achilles had injured the Greeks.

Is there any reason that the form "doceri" is used- "to be taught" instead
of the more english sounding "docere?"
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Phrase books

Wouldn't H.W. Auden's Greek Phrasebook (1899) and his translation of Meissner's Latin Phrasebook (1894) be useful additions to the site? Especially with people's growing interest in composition? Plus, as a group effort perhaps, a 'sticky' phrase guide each to Greek and to Latin on the Agora like Catherine Ball's Instant Old English (http://www.georgetown.edu/faculty/ballc ... nt-oe.html)? I wish I were good enough to help, but truly neophytus sum...
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Help saying this

Forgive me, I do not speak Latin. I am English.
I am looking for a small sentence that sounds like Latin (typically sounding that is) for a song.

I was wondering how to say "Respect for the Pope" in Latin?
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Salvete omnes,

I was reviewing my vocabulary recently and I ran across the following two words:

Ludus, Ludi (m.) school
Ludi, Ludorum (gen pl.) (m.) games

Does the genitive plural of Ludus also mean games? I am very confused by these two words.

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