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Genitive Case

I was hoping someone could clarify the genitive case of nouns. I understand that it means possessive, but I don't understand why it seems to change.
Ex. pretty girl of mine = bella puella meae, or bella puellae meae, or bellae puellae meae?

Ex. girls of mine = puellarum mearum? puellas mearum? puellae mearum?

Thanks for any help.
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Accents and Long Syllables

I used to think that the long syllable was the same thing as an accent, but now I'm just confused.

These are the facts (I think) I've managed to garner.
1. The accent is most often on the long syllable.
2. The accent is NOT the same thing as a long syllable.
3. A word can have many long vowels, but only one of them will funtion as the "main" long vowel.
4. The accent ...
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Pro\j qoukudi/dou qiasw/taj :)

I'd like to ask you a question about a difficult -and famous- point in Thucydides. In Qoukudi/dou I(storiw=n V.89.10 (from Melians' dialogue), we read ta\ dunata\ d' ec w=)n e(ka/teroi a)lhqw=j fronou=men diapra/ssesqai. Which verb is the phrase ta\ dunata\ related to? Isn't diapra/ssesqai the object of fronou=men? Of course, in order to answer my question, one must bear in mind the whole text of this chapter. Thank you in advance.
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Paululum igitur mihi audite

honesti mei socii nescio quid facerem. albusoctave, ne hinc discesseris. solus enim maneo neque nisi me reliqueris in nucis mutabo. etsi persaepe perhibeam esse sanitati bonum ridere agnoscendum mox fit stultitiam intelligentibus paululum modo prodesse, si quidem quaquam. dynami duorum antehac mensium novissimas latinas scripsi. maximum hoc intervallum. nihilo deinde agendo rursum scribendum iudicavi, quidquid foret. neque libros unquam eligo neque nisi papae consuetudine scribo. Nil quo cogar. amicorum facta proditione horum iam nullos teneo. ...
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Who Killed Homer

Have any of you read this book:

Who Killed Homer?: The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom -- by Victor Davis Hanson, John Heath

Many of the opinions in this book are spot-on. However, I think they are a little too harsh on Classics professors. If interest in the Classics has waned over the past few decades, it cannot be blamed completely on the professors themselves. The world has simply become ...
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New mailinglist?

I have Pharr's book, the wish to read Homer, but I can't seem to get started all on my own. Well, I got started, but couldn't keep it up.

Is there anyone who would like to start a new mailinglist with me, be it one without expert guidance, but just to support one another and keep going? We could always post the questions here, that we can't figure out ourselves.

Let me know!

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Pope on pogo stick


This is crazy! :lol: A cartoon. In the Vatican. The pope on a pogo stick. Do you remember that Vatican TV promo story I wrote about the pope and his spike (veru). It's almost like that, just with less harmful stick genus. If you add a ball a 2 year old girl from whom to steal it, a manji tribe and a potato you have my ...
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Presidential Election

Who are you going to vote for? Lets see if we can predict the actual winner.
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Ch. 26 question

HI, I'm new here and here's just a quick two questions on the sense
of sentences
here goes:
Morte tyranni ferocis nuntiata, quisque se ad oratorem potentissimum magna spe vertit.
I translated as The death of the fierce tyrant has been announced, and each person turns himself with great hope to the most powerful speaker.

But I don't think that's right because it doesn't make sense to me. why would the people turn to the ...
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