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Recent Purchases!!

I just got, from the OUP, the newest LSJ and the OCTs for the Iliad and Carmina Catulli.

$147, on sale.

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Fautor primoris - Help

I'm a quality manager and seek to reinforce the value of our customer via a motto.

Does Fautor primoris mean customer first? Well, patron first.

I'm a fledgling student of Latin and do appreciate any tutelage.

Thank you in advance.

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Beginner's problem with a sentence

I am trying to learn Latin with one of the text books Textkit supplies (manymany thanks for this great idea); unfortunately I am completely on my own and sometimes I have the idea of seeing only trees and no forest.

Please help me to analyse this sentence:
Comes poetae poematae grato liberatus est cura.

The companion of the poet by the pleasing poem -- is cured

But what do I do with liberatus?

Thank ...
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Ablative case...

Here is the explication the first chapter of "Beginner's Latin" gave me, but still I do not understand it...

Ablative case: 'with', 'in' used (not always) with prepositions (e.g. cum, in)

What does exactly that means? I tried to translate it to English, but it appears that English does not have such case...

Could someone explain it to me???

Thanks!!! I would really appreciate it :D
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How many languages do you know?

How many languages do you know?

Not a must, but it would be great if you could also post which languages you know and your current level of fluency.

In order to count as knowing a language you should at least be semi-fluent. (Whatever that means to you)

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Best way to memorize Latin inflection charts?

I've been trying to memorize the Latin noun chart for a while now, and I've been having some trouble.

Any Ideas?

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Present Subjunctive

i've been learning these days all about present subjunctive, and magister just left us two stories to be translated

well, i've got problems with three sentences, so if anyone could help me out, i'll highly appreciate that :D

- pericula mihi meisque semper ignota sint !

what meisque exactly means ??? it's something like "that dangers always are strange for me"... (english is not my mothertongue, ...
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Imperial offer! *PARTY!!!*


Imperial College London have finally made me an offer for a place on the Physics MSci course! :D :D :D
All I have to do now is reply to it. It's a conditional offer, but I already have ...
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Hi, I've noticed that some of you have mentioned old norse from time to time. I never had the faintest interest in it...until a few hours ago when I was stricken by northern beauty. Pray tell me where you've learned the language, what best books are etc. I'm fascinated!
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Is everything really relative?

I am interested in relativism and in answering the question above...

I would like to read your thoughts about it...

Thanks.... :D
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