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Icelandic manuscripts

Links about Old Norse archives, including manuscripts of Saemundar Edda and Snorri Edda, which is what I'm most interested in on the site. :

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who's from where and who likes what

I was wondering where all you guys come from and what things you like (hobbies, food, etc.). Have some of you interest in star trek or anime (it has to do with a resaerch for my own interest :P )?

I live in Zaventem, near Brussels in Belgium.

My interests are mainly: languages: Latin and Greek of course, but also Gaelge, Italian, Russian, ...
art: I like ...
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Anyone here take the AP Latin exam?

My theory is, that with all the college and high school people here, someone has to have taken it. At least I hope so.

Anyway, (I just found out today that there is no such word as 'anyways'. How odd.) what I want to know is this: how in-depth are the free-response answers supposed to be? I've seen the questions, and they seem to require pretty rudimentary answers, much simpler than the type of analysis ...
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Small translation... "Partus"

Hello! I am attempting to translate "The Bill/Invoice of Birth” from German into Latin and have at the moment arrived at "Parti factura".

I was wondering if anyone here in the forum had any other ideas? I'm aware that this could be quite boring compared with the other texts discussed here, but would be very glad for any short constructive replies.

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A teeny favor...

...since I'm a Latinist, I'm going to ask on bended knee if a Hellenist will translate something for me (I feel so goofy asking this but only this once, please!)

"Good luck on your Greek final, Alexandra!"
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Temporary Epi Avatar

Ok....so while Epi decides upon what he wants me to post for an avatar, I thought I'd throw up a temporary one.

I'm sure this is how Epi feels about this whole avatar thing.....it's really quite appropriate.

Small Disclaimer......this in no way is intended to demean, nor poke fun at (ok, maybe poke a little fun at) the fine and outstanding folks that run the Textkit site.
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Can some one please solve this!

Today I had 5 lessons but skipped 4 of them what a cotangent I am. Anyway I found this equation and it is simple but seemed to go around in crazy circles.

√3tanx = 2sinx

I had a page of workings as to why x = pi/6 radians during my copious indeed protein shake/maltodextrin (dextrose polymers of varying chain length) spilling free time. Yet I am sure that a solution could be found with but ...
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Do modern editions of the Iliad contain any digammas at all?

Line 33 is definitely missing a digamma in e1dveisen, and, as a result, the line no longer scans. Is it known whether performances in 5th century Athens would have involved the digamma-sound in words such as this?
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translating from english to latin

i'm in latin II and i have to make a project on the 13th labor of hercules. obviously there is no 13th labor so we have to create one ourselves. anyways worth 50 points we have to translate 5 sentences into latin but with some grammar. We have to have atleast one of each:

superlative adjective or adverb
complementary infinitive or indirect statement
present participle or ablative absolute
gerund or gerundive
subjunctive clause

I have ...
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H&Q 12 Greek to English

I'm having trouble with this sentence from the Greek to English exercise.

di/dacai to\n a)delfo\n ge th\n grapikh/n. a)/neu ga\r tau/thj th=j te/xnhj ou0/te gra/fetai pote kala\ bibli/a u(p' a)ndrw=n tw=n grafe/wn kaloume/nwn ou0/te kalw=j a)kou/ousin ou(=toi u(po/ ge tw=n sofw=n.

Tentatively, I translate it as:
Teach your brother writing. For without that skill, no good books are ever written by the men called writers nor are they spoken well of by the ...
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