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New Text Available for Ancient Greek Text Manager

Hi All,

For those of you using AGTM, I have lately posted Women of Trachis by Sophocles.

It is available at greekgeek.org.


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My high school's language department is SAD. (long rant)

In the THIRD YEAR French class, most of the students can't do comparatives i.e. "La maison est plus grande que la voiture" (The house is bigger than the car) , and the teacher was harping about how it was so difficult to master. Excuse me? French comparatives and superlatives are easy compared to say, English, where one has to know whether "The house is bigger than the car" or "The house is more big than ...
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Missing Exercise Answers to Latin Prose Composition

Salvete Omnes

Is there a reason why the answers to exercises 157 to 165, are missing from the answer key to North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition? I just double checked and those answers are missing from the key available here at TEXTkit. Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps they were missing from the original answer key???

Vale for now

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"We were born to lose"

Which of these is a proper translation for "we were born to lose"?

Nati sumus ut perdamus.
Nati sumus ut perderemus.

The first sentence relies on the fact that sumus is present, the second one on the fact that nati sumus is perfect. Which is correct?
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Look at what the mummy was wrapped in...




There's a lot of irrelevant stuff on the second page - do a word search on "Achilles" to get to the interesting section.

Perhaps they may tour the USA.
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Latin 'V'

Has anyone considered that the pronunciation of the Latin letter V, which we transliterate alternately as 'v' or 'u', could have been a great deal like the Indian semivowel? In Sanskrit and modern Indian languages, the liquid consonant 'v' has the sound of 'w' before 'a', 'o', and 'u', but has the sound of English 'v' before 'e' and 'i'. As we can see from the Romance languages, and even German, these two palatal vowels ...
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Hello, I am just introducing myself, I am a first year university student and this is my first year studying latin.
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Commentarius de me ipso

Salvete omnes!

Mihi nomen est Mulciber. Ego sum vir mechanicus centum pedes altus et ex chalybe factus. Multa facere possum quae vos non potestis. Exempli gratia radios lucis et caloris ex oculis meis emittere possum, quibus oves explodere et silvas incendere me valde iuvat. Instrumentum quoddam quoque habeo, quo utendo calculos ex equorum ungulas extrahere possum.

Me delectat inter vos mortales vivere. Si enim genibus nitor, in fenestras domuum vestrarum videre possum. Me maxime iuvat ...
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Anyone, anyone at all, know anything about the NT MSS? I'm translating the Bible, and I'm trying to find transcriptions of them. I'd rather not use only Textus-Receptus or Westcott-Hort... Any idea?
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If you could be...

...a God or Goddess from the Greek / Roman mythology, who would you be?
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