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Learning Reading Greek

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a kind of guide for reading greek.

How can I learn to read greek ?

Is there something like a child book for learning reading greek ?

And no advice, I should take the ABC, I mean greek reading, also with the accents.

Thank you

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Who was Homer?

I was speaking with someone today, who considers himself as quite a literary critic....we spoke briefly of Homer, I was recalling my fondness for the Odyssey, and he was of the opinion that ther was no such man as Homer. That what we have as Homer today was really a long and drawn out collaboration of many different authors that passed down an oral tradion, until we came to the uniform text that we have ...
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Homeric Perfect

Would it be fair to say that Homeric 'perfects' are in fact present statives?
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Cruel Dawn

?|{?Ive a decent transation to the lines from Ovid's Amores 1.13.1-10
beginning "Iam super oceanum" ending "supprime lora manu."
I'm sure this inspired the famous John Donne poem "To the Rising Sun"? Any further information?

Thanks cadoro
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I need a map of an area of ancient Rome

Hi all,

I am writing an epic novel based in ancient Rome and I am researching the heroes ordinary world (where she lives), but can't seem to find a map of the area, hopefully with some detail.

I want to place her close to the via salaria in the Sabine area bordering on the city of Rome.

If you can help me, I will appreciate it. A website or even a book I may buy ...
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Reading Plan

I'm thinking about putting together a reading calendar to read the Entire Greek NT. I would like to do it in either a year or two years. I'm still very much a beginner, but I do have some understanding as I read.

How ambitious is this? I'd like to read it regardless of how much I understand or retain. Even though I'm reading for aquaintence rather than full understanding it seems like a good idea ...
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In case it hasn't been mentioned before Dvid Meadows's rogueclassicism blog is a good source of news on matters classical:

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For Gildersleeve fans

From the archives of the Atlantic Monthly, Gildersleeve's account of a trip to Italy and Greece at the time of the first modern Olympiad:

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I joined today

I said hello on the "Learning Greek" board before realizing that way down the list I would find a place created especially for introductions. I started learning Greek a couple weeks ago and did an internet search and discovered this site the other day. It's absolutely amazing! There's so much information available. I'll definitely be spending a lot of time here!
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Salvete! (An introduction)

Salvete omnes!

My name is Terentia (well, it isn't really, but for the purpose of this board, Terentia will do very well :) ). I'm 17 years old and live in England. I'm studying Latin and Greek for A Level, and intend to carry them on at university.

I arrived here through the Latin club at http://www.portkey.org (a Harry Potter site) ...
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