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Greek Comp, Steingarten

Right now I'm reading It Must've Been Something I Ate by Jeffrey Steingarten. He's a food essayist. I just read this wonderful little paragraph, and this seems like a challenge without being insurmountable:

The great Brillat-Savarin declared, "We can learn to be cooks, but we must be born knowing how to roast." I often lie awake nights worrying about whether I was born to roast. It can be total agony.

I'll post my own attempt ...
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Current reads (spinoff from least favorite books)

Just curious. Besides your Greek/Latin studies... what are you currently reading?

I'm almost finished with "The Name of the Rose" (Umberto Eco). And I've got "The Elegant Universe" (Brian Greene) waiting in the wings.... let's see what this string theory is all about!
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You singular formal?


Is there a you singular formal tense in Latin?
Every Romance language I have encountered shares the 3rd person singular (he, she, it) with you singular formal.
But I haven't encountered such a thing in any of the Latin grammars yet.

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HELIODORUS Aethiopian story

Hi there.Sorry for bothering u,but I want to know if anybody here has a translation of first 14 capita,the best in english,HELIORORUS ETHIOPIAN STORY or knowes where i can find it on the inter net.Thanks.
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School Books (from least favorite books)

I'd be interested to hear what others have read in school and what they thought of the assigned books.

Well, my schooling is almost entirely reading. Science, history, biology-everything except math and writing are taught through reading. So everything I've read (and mentioned) is part of my schooling.
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Greek is Slavonic

Macedonian is really confusing. First I don’t even know what the heck this guy is talking about. http://www.maknews.com/html/articles/belchevsky1.html

Is just me or is he confusing ancient Macedonian with Modern Macedonian? From what I gather he is saying ancient Macedonian is a Slavonic language. Is (Alexandrian) Macedonian even an Indo-European language?

Then there is the Greek take on this. Macedonian is a Greek dialect ...? What kind of linguistics/philology are ...
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Memorizing conjugations and declensions--Help!


I'm a college student with serious problems memorizing noun
declensions and verb conjugations-- :shock:

My brain keeps trying to cling to patterns that keep getting
altered with subsequent chapters. We're using Hansen
& Quinn's Greek Course.

Is there anything anyone can offer? What's best to do,
memorize each list of endings, knowing that contractions
and such will change all but a few instances later?

I'd love ...
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ek in Iliad 1:204

Can some one explain what e)/k means in a)ll' e)/k toi e)re/w, to\ de\ kai\ tele/esqai o)i/w
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Pharr section 297 line 4

)Axilleu\j e)re/ei )Aqh/nh|, to\ de\ tetelesme/non e)/stai. o)i/w tau=ta tele/esqai.
In stilted English I think this means;

"Achilles will say to Athena, but that what has been fulfilled will be. I think these things will be fulfilled."

Is this an idiomatic was of saying; "What ever will be will be, so let it be"?


I only know a little koine, been working mostly on Latin.
Could someone translate this for me ??

Ηλίθια κατσίκια αυτές τις μέρες. Δεν έχουν καμία ηθική εργασίας!
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