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Berlitz For Children Series...

Does anyone know if Berlitz has done one of their "For Children" series in Latin? i.e., I have Berlitz French for Children, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and the back of the book lists five others; <br />Berlitz French for Children, The Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood; <br />Berlitz Spanish for Children, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty; Berlitz Spanish for Children, The Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood; <br />Berlitz Italian for Children, The ...
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To whom, which have Herbert Weir Smyth's Greek Grammar...

How long did it take for you to master the many rules and exceptions outlined in the first 48 pages or so?<br /><br />I personally find the abundance of information overwhelming - particularly as I am reading Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar, and Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar, contemporaneously.<br /><br />Can anyone tell me that it is not entirely necessary to remember ALL of the information on those pages?
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Smyth Grammar

Dear Jeff and colleagues<br /><br />Hello from Canberra (Australia)<br /><br />Just letting you know that I found Smyth's grammar on the following site: www.ccel.org. If you type 'smyth' into search, it takes you to http://pascal.calvin.edu/cgi-bin/htsearch?words=smyth. Looks like they have scanned it in. <br /><br />You might like to check this out, as it might save someone some work.<br /><br />Let me know what ...
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Religion or not

On the faint hope that a flame war isn't a flame war if you call it a debate, could we please move the discussion in "I am worried for you people" down here to the Academy? It really doesn't belong in the open forum. And remember that discussing your opinions nicely makes more of an impression on your hearers (or, in this case, readers) than angry comments. <br /><br />Keesa
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Comma vs. period (was: thorough Greek grammar)

The Netherlands, actually. It has been some time, but the Dutch state originated from a war against the Spanish.<br />I think continental Europe uses a comma instead of a period in this context.<br /><br />Ptolemaios
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Defective verbs

Quoting klewlis:<br /><br />Quote from: Blasius on Today at 12:30:34am <br />permulti = very many; but you must always check it on your lexicon to see whether the verb/noun to which you have added the prefix "per" was used or not by classical authors.<br /> <br />why? can't i use it anyway even if they didn't? (or maybe they did and we just don't have record of it ;) ...
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M&F 10

Could someone check my English to Latin translations, please:<br /><br />1. Because the people of this city have been conquered by the Roman soldiers, the woman's husband, bold in character, is going to try to flee in order that he may seek (ask for) aid from the guardians of the other towns.<br /><br /> Populo huius urbis a militibus Romanis superatis, coniunx feminae audax moribus fugere temptaturus est ut auxilium a custodibus oppidorum aliorum petat.<br ...
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The subject of h(/vdane in Pharr 48 line 7

Pharr section 48 line 7 reads e)filhsa qea\n qala/sshj, a)ll' ou)x h(/ndane e(khbo/lw| qumw=|<br /> I translated this as -I loved the goddess of the sea, but it/she was not pleasing to the Sharp shooter in his heart-.<br />What was not pleasing, the fact that I loved the goddess (it), or the goddess (she)?<br />Thank you.
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2 Infin + possum/iubeo/veto etc.

See french ex. "je vous demande d'aller manger" <br />I ask you to go and eat. <br /><br />is this possible: "because I can order you to teach..." <br />"quia vos iubere docere possum"<br /><br />Is this a ridiculous assumption? How two infin.? <br /><br />Somebody mentioned the gerundive but with that "I'm like 'ya whatever' " I do be afraid :-[
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A strange word for which, seemingly, there is no account

<br />SI QVA SIGNIFICATIO VIRTVTIS ELVCEAT AD QVAM SE SIMILIS ANIMVS ADPLICET ET ADIVNGAT.<br /><br /><br />If any sign of virtue should shine forth, to which a similar disposition may attach itself.<br /><br /><br />I have never ecountered the word "QVA" (without a macron). Can anyone help?<br /><br />Note: underlined letters signify letters with macrons - that should have been pretty obvious. :)
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