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Any thoughts on Daitz's reconstructed pronunciation ?

I am listening all the time to prof. Daitz's recordings of Ancient Greek and I am completely under the spell of the powerful and highly musical sound of the language as reconstructed by that American scholar.

Do you think this reconstruction is accurate? I have read very unfavorable comments on the Web (from Greeks !) who say that Sydney Allen and Stephen Daitz relied too heavily on clues provided by the Latin transcription of Greek ...
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kata loukan 19, 47


"Kai en didaskon to kath' emeran..."

Can anybody tell me what the "to" is doing here? My linear translation gives "daily" as the meaning of "to kath' emeran" but I somehow feel skeptical.
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Translation Help

Xai/rete File/llhnej,

While reading and understanding a Greek sentence or passage is not too difficult, the metaphrasis from Greek to proper English can be Herculean. For example, the following short passage, which is about the creation of mankind by Prometheus, looks very easy, yet I'm still not 100% satisfied with my translation--needs an English major's touch.

dia\ de\ tou=to polloi\ e)/ti ei)si/n oi(\ ta\ me\n sw/mata a)nqrw/pwn e)/xousin, ta\j de\ yuxa\j zw/|wn.

My humble translation: ...
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Second Year Latin - Greenough, D'ooge and Daniell

I have just started reading Second Year Latin, and can't understand a couple of bits already! In the second story, Cock-fighting, there is the sentence:
Bello Persico Themistocles cum exercitu iter in hostis faciebat, cum duos gallos vidit in via dimicantis.
During the Persian war, Themistocles was travelling into enemy territory with his army, when he saw two roosters fighting in the road.
With in hostis, I thought that in must be followed by acc ...
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Greek and Latin Keys - they're here!

Hello Everyone:

I can't tell you how happy I was when checking the mail today. A package from Australia arrived containing Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition Key and North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition Key - both public domain copies. They were photocopied and sent in by a VERY kind Textkit visitor.

It goes without saying that I'll get these scanned and cleaned right away.

I also received via email today a scanned PDF of Virgil!! ...
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Ovid Study Group

Just out of curiosity, would there be any interest in an Ovid study group?
I have been thinking a lot about this :D
I don't know exactly what works of Ovid we could concentrate on as he wrote so much.
If there is any interest in this, let me know!

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As far as I know Lucifer means "Bringer of Light". Can "fer" be appended to a genitive noun to make "Bringer of ***"?

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Films about ancient times

How do you think about films take place in ancient times.
I think almost all are stiupid.
Their are rather commercial and sometimes there are meny mistakes.
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Why not Unicode?

Newbie question. I understand the choice of the SPIonic font for the TextKit fora, since it's basically betacode (in my opinion, the second best standard for representing Classical Greek), but why not Unicode (the best standard)? After all, fonts are freely available, the character mapping is standard, keyboard mappings are whatever people set up for themselves, and Unicode is the way of the future. (Admittedly, my e-mail program does not yet support Unicode, but that's ...
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Writting in Latin

I think you web is great.
The old book are very usefuly when you want to learn writte in latin.
I self-study latin (not in any scholl). it`s my hobby.
I studied some years and know it well in reading (i read for example all books of cesar and Livius now I think about Cicero or tacit).
But my writting latin always was very bad.
I think the rason was books. I an Polish and ...
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