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how to link to audio files?

I know how to turn a picture into a picture file, upload it to a photo-sharing website, and paste the url on a post for public admiration. Is there a way to do the same with an audio file without having your own website?

I might not be very good, but no one will call me timid.
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Dactylic Pruritus

Dear Textkitanici, I’m having some trouble digesting bits and pieces of information that I’ve gathered here and there concerning stress and pitch:

William Harris, in The Musical pitch accents in Greek says: “(...) Greek had no stresses (...)”

Benner, in his Selections from Homer’s Iliad says: “The first syllable of each foot is emphasized in oral reading. This stress of the voice is called ictus (...)”

Our own annis says somewhere in this forum (I ...
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Ablative of Means, chapter 2?

Hi all,
I recently began a review of Wheelock's Latin and had a question about one of the sentences in chapter two. Sentence number 14 reads, "Me saevis catenis onerat." I translated this two different ways: "He loads me with heavy chains," and, "He oppresses me by means of heavy chains." Both translations preserve the Ablative of Means construction (saevis catenis), right?
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Trouble opening posts

It is happening quite often lately that I am unable to open posts in the forums. That is, I starts to open but then stops before i can see anything of hte actual post. e.g. the "why classics" threat opened fine at first, but ever since Cweb posted in it I can't open it anymore. I doubt it is my server since I use the internet at work and any other website opens fine...Is there ...
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Etymology of RE

I always assumed that RE is short for regarding. I did not think it had any direct connections with Latin. When programmers were using RE, were they consciously borrowing from Latin tradition?

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Grave words

I had a little trouble understanding the last two lines on this tombstone:


(Judging from the first two lines he sounds like a boring git.)
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The sound ae

What Greek sound is being represented by the letters "ae" in English transcription?

In particular, how would I write my username Astraea in Greek?
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the greek translation of 'procul harun'


I know i shouldn't be asking for a simple sentence, but I’m going to anyway :roll:

How do you translate the Latin sentence 'procul harun' correctly into Greek.
It means something like 'beyond these things' in Latin but I need to know how it translated into Greek, and how it's spelled.

I've looked up the words:

these= aftoi/aftes/afta

These are modern greek words, ...
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Linking Verb?

Hello all.
I'm on page 14 of An Introduction to Greek by Crosby & Schaeffer and I've hit a road-block... This text is OLD, and obviously meant for a classroom setting.
What is a linking verb? The book doesn't say.

Many thanks.

PS, excuse my lack of accent marks. This example is probably something like 'You wish to write that there were trees in the field,' or some such boring sentence:

εθελετε γραφ___ τα δενδρ___ ...
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