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JWW exercises, paragraphs 611, 612, 613

sfo/dra eu0xaristw~ soi, Sku/lac

Some suggested answers to exercises in chapter LXV

1. The Greek army fell upon the barbarians/Persians
2. He said that he should flee: fu/goimi a1n
3. All his friends are choosing to die fighting for Cyrus
4. For I have triremes so that I (can) capture the boat of those men/their boat.
5. It seems Clearchus was born a warlike man/became a man skilled in war:
Kle/arxoj a0nh\r polemiko\j e0ge/neto ...
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Rex ero

Certain individuals in my immediate surrounding are tam pissing me off that I no longer see any option than to make things clear to them:

"When I am king, you will be first against the wall."*

Of course if I were to state this as such I would be shunned for the rest of my life (miser kasper, desinas ineptire, etc.) and die old, tired and lonely. Hence my desire to say it in latin. ...
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Revelation Chapter 1

Kai\ e)pe/streya ble/pein th\n fwnh\n h(/tij e)la/lei met' e)mou=: kai\ e)pistre/yaj ei)=don e(pta\ luxni/aj xrusa=j, kai\ e)n me/sw| tw=n luxniw=n o(/moion ui(o\n a)nqrw/pou, e)ndedume/non podh/rh kai\ periezwsme/non pro\j toi=j mastoi=j zw/nhn xrusa=n: h( de\ kefalh\ au)tou= kai\ ai( tri/xej leukai\ w(j e)/rion leuko/n, w(j xiw/n, kai\ oi( o)fqalmoi\ au)tou= w(j flo\c puro/j, kai\ oi( po/dej au)tou= o(/moioi xalkoliba/nw|, w(j e)n kami/nw| pepurwme/nhj, kai\ h( fwnh\ au)tou= w(j fwnh\ u(da/twn ...
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Auctorēs Latīnī-Apocolocynthosis

In hīs fŏrum nōs possumus disserĕre auctorēs Latīnī.
Quis lēgit "Apocolocynthosis" Senecae? :D
Scrībite in haec fŏrum!


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Has Catullus lost it?

"Phaselus ille, quem videtis, hospites,
ait fuisse navium celerrimus"

I mean, what the irrumationem? Does C not speak latin any longer? Indirect speech with a nominative?!

What weird sort of semi-greek-latin kind of literary oddity am I dealing with here? Is this allowed? Should it be allowed?
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Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a full time theological student, and in my spare time I'm studying 2nd year college latin. Really encouraged by the way this site is growing and developing, and now that I have some more permanent net access, thought I'd sign up and get involved some.
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Fantastic Rome Map!

This story caaught my eye immediately as I browsed the Sunday Paper.


Ach! I only wish I would be teleported to France to see it!
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Pharr study group, Session B open

We still haven't settled on a start date yet, but we've opened up the list for subscription.


That page has a link at the top of the description to the page for joining the mailing list.

You should start on the alphabet now (lessons one and two) if you have not already.
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oscillationis vocab help in Hyginus

I'm stumped by a word. I'm trying to translate Hyginus' Fabulae of Icarius and Erigone and I can't find the word "oscillationis" anywhere.

Here's the context:

Quo responso de pastoribus supplicium sumpserunt et Erigonae diem festum oscillationis pestilentiae causa instituerunt et ut per vindemiam de frugibus Icario et Erigonae primum delibarent.

It looks to me like "oscillationis" is a third declension adjective in the genitive modifying "pestilentiae". Would it be correct to understand this as ...
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Greek script question

Hi, I've just started learning Modern Greek and I know this is a forum for people learning Ancient Greek, but I hope someone can help me anyway. Maybe it is appilicable to Ancient Greek too. It regards the stress accents. I read that they are, as a convention, omitted on words written entirely in capital letters, but my Greek teacher said you can do it. So does this mean it is not wrong to put ...
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