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need a quick translation.

from aeneid 3.313:

uix pauca furenti subicio et raris turbatus uocibus hisco:

it's sometinng like: Scarcely a few words i reply, given her fury, and moved I spoke disjointedly.

Not sure on the particulars at all tho. Furenti is referring back to Andromache whom Aeneas is about to reply to.
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Hello all,

I'm beginning my foray into the world of Homeric Greek today - I went to a computer lab at my university and printed 100 pages of Pharr's book!

I just wanted to write a note to say hello, and that I'll be posting on here regularly I'm sure.


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Xenophon: Anabasis

Hi folks,

I've read a short passage from Xenophon's Anabasis book 1, but I do not really have any feel for where the narrative is at (bk. 1, 4,8 ).

I'd like to find a brief outline of the work. Does anybody know if there's, like, a synopsis one could see online somewhere?

Also, I have trouble understanding this phrase, where Cyrus gets to the river Chalos which is described thus:

to\n Xa/lon potamo/n, o)/nta ...
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De orationibus Ciceronis

fortasse vir est magnus venustusque. estne quoque magnus patronus? cotidie orationem eius contra Verrem lego. nunc autem de iure Romanorum miror. semper multa verba, multas accusationes, multa fabula signaque habet ille. non tamen illi est clarum testimonium. :roll: cur iudices ei crederent? :shock: quod est Cicero ipse?

vel fortasse testimonium habeat quod non in oratione videatur?

verum nescio...
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Can anyone translate this sentence for me?

The truth will set me free.
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Hello from Kansas, land of the grape and the grain

As I just joined Textkit, I thought I would introduce myself. :)

I'm an average middle-aged housewife in the heart of Kansas who happens to be interested in learning Latin.

I'll let you-all try to guess why, other than the fact that I love history, science, reading, gardening, and well...just learning in general.

I look forward to discussions of all kinds with interesting people, which is how ...
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GM Chapter 29 question

There's a sentence that I'm stumbling over in one of the GM readings. Can anyone help me out to let me know if I'm on the right track? Thanks!

Iam in omnibus quae dicit tanta auctoritas inest ut dissentire pudeat et fidem non advocati sed testis habere ille videatur.

Here's what I've got so far:
Now in everything which he says such great authority is to be found that it is shameful to disagree and ...
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Dative of location

(I’m referring to the use of a dative noun to indicate the location of the verb’s action in poetic dialects.)

Is this just e)n +dative with the e)n left off?

Or, is the meaning in any way different from e)n +dative?
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Nice Puzzles in Latin

I found this really nice site with some Latin puzzles and rebuses. Some of you might have seen it but it's worth posting anyway. These are two rebuses from the site, and pretty good ones, try to get the sentence.
The First one:

Another one:

More puzzles and stuff are there at http://www.archimedes-lab.org/latin.html.

Spoiler Warning: don't go to the site before trying these rebuses because they have the answer written right below the ...
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dark rose


I'm helping a friend translate the phrase "dark rose" (dark meaning both dark in color, and dark in mood). That's how he wants to name a painting he made.

So far we found that the words needed are "Rosa" and "Obscurus", but we are not quite sure how to put them together. We know nothing of Latin Grammar.

Can anyone help us?
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