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Deponent verbs have no active spelling at all? This makes it difficult to figure out what conjugation sort they are. I can tell hortari is first conjugation. Did these verbs ever have an active spelling, and how did anyone figure out these passive verbs meant active action?

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Strange Episcopal request for Photoshop's skilled!

It is amazing given all the images available on Google that one can not find a large hairy foot.

Indeed, and this has much to do with Latin, I really require such a picture. Quite high resolution, quite hairy, sort of like a yeti/gorilla foot, with but the bottom of the ankle sort of fading out gently into the white background, and of course the crusty hairy foot.

Is any one here kind and capable ...
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Webby Awards

We didn't make the nominations, but did earn a "Webby Worthy" award!

http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/curre ... p?letter=T

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Oh no!

Latin IV isn't going to be offered for me next year. I'm distraught. :cry:
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translation:some latin verse

1.Caeli,Lesbia nostra,Lesbia illa,illa Lesbia,quam catullus unam.plus quam se atque suos amavit omnes,nunc in quadriviis et amgiportis glubit magnanimi Remi neoptes.


2.Eripuit fulmen caelo,nova fulmina mittit. Eripuit caelum deo,nova spatia struit. Homo homini res muntanda. Nemo contra hominem nisi homo ipse.

Thank u very much~~
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Ovid's pleonasm

Ars Am. 1. 93 contains a phrase which is oddly pleonastic or even tautological. Anyone cares to guess what Ovid is thinking here?

ut redit itque frequens longum formica per agmen,
granifero solitum cum vehit ore cibum,
aut ut apes saltus suos et olentia nactae
pascua per flores et thyma summa volant,
sic ruit ad celebres cultissima femina ludos;
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Would like to learn the Portuguese?

Would he/she like to learn the Portuguese?
It is a derived language of Latin, for that, if you already know some Latin won't be difficult. I intend to teach gratuitously saw forum. It is a very beautiful language, and used at few countries, then, if you like languages little spoken is great for you. Are you interested?
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Where's the key?

I can't download they Latin For Beginners key, it keeps looping the login screen even after I log in. I've downloaded it from another link before, but I can't find it...
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Correction on Ex. 77...

Somebody check my analysis here...

In the dialog, Galba and Marcus, the first sentence is:

Quis, Marce, est legatus cum pilo et tuba?

The answer key gives, as a translation: Who, O Marcus, is the lieutenant with the spears and trumpets?

However, "pilo" and "tuba" are presented in the ablative, singular (-o and -a), which should translate to: Who, O Marcus, is the lieutenant with the spear and trumpet?

The ablative, plural of these nouns ...
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Chapter and Verse

You Biblicals know how to have a good time!

I've heard the expression "chapter and verse" referred to the Bible, and yet the only poetry I remember in it are the Psalms (in Hebrew, I assume).

Did the Evangelists write their Greek in verse originally, or does the expression come from later translations into English in verse?
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