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Need a sentence translated.

Here's the sentence:

To be only body is to be an animal; To be only spirit is to
be an angel; To fuse them together is to be a human being.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

PS: This is for a wordreference thread-see here:

You can post directly into the thread if you want or I can post there on your behalf.

Thanks again,
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So, here's a question that's been bugging me all my life. My real name is Luke, and my father, who knows Italian, named me thus under the impression that it meant "light," since the Italian for "light" is luce. I believed as much for many years. But with access to the internet, I was able to look up the etymology of my name, and came to learn how Lucas comes from from the Greek ...
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Quis? quae?

In one of the sample pages of Ørberg's Familia Romana, it has phrases like so:

Quis est Marcus? Quae est Iulia?

And in the annotations on the side, it shows "quis" and "quae" next to each other, somehow equating one as the masculine version and the other feminine version of the same word. Am I missing something? "Quis," as I understand, is "who?" for masculine and feminine, "quid" being the neutral "what?". I also realize ...
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Earliest Greek texts that a native can understand?

What is the earliest form of Greek that a native speaker of Modern Greek can understand? Ex. 800 CE. I know that you guys can't understand classical Attic Greek since so much has changed, but I'm not sure if you could understand late forms of Koine.

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Where eagles dare

As is so often the case, the idea behind the poem has been translated rather than each word in isolation.

saxo unguibus haerent;
ad solum incomitatae stant,
sudo circumiuntur axeque.

subter, marmora spumant;
ex altis speculantur, ast
nunc, fulmen similis, necant male.
per The Eagle: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Each stanza comprises a pherecretean, followed by a glyconic, followed by a glyconic increased by an iamb (which may or may not be a classically attested ...
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Marriage WITHOUT Children

Well, to clarify my position:
If there was an option saying that I would get married but children are out of any question, than... NO, I don't see any reason why on earth I should get married. Freedom and Marriage don't walk together. Let us be friends and live together happily as long as we can. Tomorrow is another day to capture the opportunity and say a loud "fair well"...
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... fame in keen iambics...

Will's caveat in an earlier thread against getting stuck in an iambic or dactylic rut could be neatly balanced by this pair of translations of Catullus, the English by Sir William Marris , and the Greek by yours truly

At non effugies meos iambos

You shan’t evade
These rhymes I’ve made

e)mon g' i)ambon ou)damwj sbeseij

But I do agree with Will's sentiment, our metrical pencils should be shoved as far afield as ...
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Random Ideas: Ecphrasis and Blogging

Some thoughts on how to improve at composition.

Ecphrasis. While most of us probably do want to make verses of at least a little artistic merit, purely technical work is good practice. It occured to me a few days ago that ecphrasis - a verse description of some random thing, often a work of visual art originally - kills two birds with one stone. First, you'll learn a lot of vocabulary related to the subject ...
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I'm working out of the White, and came across this sentence to translate, which confused me a bit:

keleu/sei to\n strathgo\n tou\j a)nqrw/pouj lu/ein.

Does this translate as "He commanded the general to destroy the men"? Or "He commanded the general; he destroys the men"? Neither seem right. :?
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Have Trouble viewing Greek Unicode Fonts on WinXP Pro

When I view a page written in a Greek unicode font some of the Greek characters display correctly but the rest display as rectangular boxes. Is there a specific font I need to download or something like that?

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