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Salvete – Other Portuguese saying Hello


I am Andre from Portugal and I’m trying to learn Latin by myself. I am learning from www.learnlatin.tk of Judith Mayer. It is a great, course mainly directed to read Latin and, for people more skilled in learning foreign languages then me, it would be also a good course to learn to write and speak Latin well.

I’m a Physics Engineer so if it can be put in ...
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Hi Everyone. I am trying to teach myself Latin through a book called, "Oxford Latin Course, Part I" and it seems to be going really well so far. I just thought I'd introduce myself because, as my family doesn't know Latin and I really don't know anybody who does that I can freely talk to, I might have to resort to coming here to ask questions. Thanks, and hope to talk to most of you ...
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Accents in the declinsion


I'm currently studying Greek and have slowly but gradually progress. But I haven't really understood why accents change. Has anyone a step by step explination of the accents in the a-declinsion? I can't follow the explanitations of the manual.

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Υπάρχουν εν Αγορά τούτη Έλληνες εκ Πόντου ή οι την ποντικήν διάλεκτον γνωρίζοντες (ή και "λαλούντες"! :wink: ) και ποντικήν μουσικήν ακούοντες;
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Υπάρχουν εν Αγορά τούτη Έλληνες εκ Πόντου ή οι την ποντικήν διάλεκτον γνωρίζοντες (ή και "λαλούντες"! :wink: ) και ποντικήν μουσικήν ακούοντες;
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"By Means of a Hairy Foot" - Here is the cover!

Piloso Pede is the second of two prose works which I have created. It is roughly 3000 words of length. It was written from September to October, I did not go to school during this time. I have no use for it really as there is no demand for modern latin authors. Perhaps a less ignorant and talented latin mind I might convince, that there are new things to be offered. You could all probably ...
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Septuagint a "bad translation" of the Hebrew text?

Has anyone on the board discovered as I did that the Septuagint is NOT just a bad translation of the Hebrew as has been taught for two thousand years?

Or has my exposure to teachers just been proven to have been limited?

I have always heard that the Septuagint is just a bad translation of the Hebrew, resulting in several rescisions in its first few hundred years of existence.

I have done a study of ...

n00b translation, need help

some translation exercise from BLD "Latin for beginners" AR5
english to latin. are my translation correct?

E1: Wicked slave, who's your friend?
L1: Male serve, quis est amicus tuus?

E2: Why does he not praise Galba, your master?
L2: Cur Galbam dominum tuum is non parat?
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My laptop just went down!!!!!!**&#@@^@*&!@(!&@*#(@

I have all of my critical files backed up on our ftp ...... but all my other stuff ISN'T backed up @#&%$*@^@*(#&#@(!&!&*$&@!

I just needed to vent!
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Infinitive as Mood

This is not specifically a Greek grammar question, I post it here because it came up in my Greek 102 class. There appears to be some difference of opinion among grammarians as to whether the infinitive is properly classed as a mood, and I was wondering if anyone here has some insight on this.

Smyth (355) lists the four "finite" moods (indicative, imperative, optative, and subjunctive) and then goes on to say that the infinitive ...
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