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Happy Holidays!

:D :D :D :D :D
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Why does Latin not have an emphatic yes or no? And how is it that Spanish and French do have these words?

Quis ab bello contra Iraqem non mutatus est? aut bello ullo?
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definite article with names

Hello, I have a very basic question. I'm not actually learning Greek, I'm just using Perseus to do some research and I've come across a Greek usage that I want to check.

What does it mean when the definite article is used with a name? Specifically, I was looking for instances of the name *)/arghn (Argen) and found two different usages. One was the name for one of the kyklopes, along with Brontes and Steropes. ...
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Teaching Latin Suggestions

Ok, I'm going to teach someone Latin, I'll probably be using Ecce Romani (I own the collection) but in a hurried pace, and then move on to Eutropius. Sounds good? What about dollars? $15 American sounds OK? Any suggestions?
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Kala\ Xristou/genna!

See you all next week!
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negated optative

If an optative could be translated by -You may take that-.
How would it be translated if the optative were negated.
-You may not take that- sounds a lot like it should be an imperative.
Can this be a correct translation?
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Free Vocab Program.

There is a cool vocab program available for Greek, Hebrew, and a few other languages. It includes modules for Mounce. You can also create new modules in almost any language. The website is: http://www.aireville.fsnet.co.uk/vocabworks/.
Also, I am currently working on a project to create Greek individual audio files, with one WAV file for each word. Anyone who is interested in helping should visit: http://www.dhq.nu/koinegreek/ ...
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Have a good Christmas everyone

kala\ xristou/genna pantoi=j
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Translation Q: Choice of Heracles

I need a bit of help getting the sense of the following: Here's a perseus link to the text if context is needed.
(Xen. Memorobilia. ) . It is 2.1.25 in Perseus.

A charming and rather beautiful mysterious woman had just promised Hercules a life of softness,ease and luxury if he befriends her.

Then comes this:
e)a\n de/ pote ge/nhtai/ tis u(poyi/a spa/news a)f' w(=n* e)/stai tau=ta,

followed by something like "do not be ...
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Introduction - David Mackey.

My name is David Mackey. I live in PA. My interests include religion, history, wargaming, and computers.
I am currently looking for individuals who are interested in helping me convert and chop up MP3 files to WAVs. The MP3's contain Koine Greek words. The idea is to create a somewhat open source project which will consist of a large WAV repository of Greek words which can be used in a large variety of projects on ...
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