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Waters of Rome


Very comprehensive site about Rome's water systems (aqueducts, baths, etc)
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How much should I learn before moving to 2nd year Greek?

I have been through the "Basic's of Biblical Greek" by William Mounce, and I have been reviewing it every day now for quite awhile. But I have yet to learn everything in it to perfection. I was wanting to know if it would be better to keep learning and memorizing every little detail from the Basics until I get it all down, or is it OK and normal to move on with the intentions of ...
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Basic's of Biblical Greek: workbook

I just ordered the workbook that is from Mounce, and it is the workbook that goes with the Textbook of the "Basic's of Bibical Greek." Has anyone here used it? Is is any good? What ways will it help me? I have already been through the textbook and I have reviewed it a number of times to get as much out of it as I can. It has been a blessing! But I still need ...
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Unt 1 Question Confusion

some of the excercises I'm confused about-

Turbamne terrebas? Non terrebam.
-"Did you terrufy the crowd? I did not" is what I came up with..

Aquam nautis dabitis?
-"You gave water to the sailors" I don't know why there is a question mark..

Feminas in viis videbatis, sed de forma non clamabatis. Poenas dabitis
-"You saw the women in the roads, but you didn't shout about (their) beauty. You will pay a penalty"

Nautae feminas ...
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Jenney's Second Year Latin

If there is any one out there with the correct translations for the excersises in Jenney's Second Year Latin please please please please please hook me up with them. The rest of my class and myself would greatly appreciate it! :D
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this is confusing

If you try to fail, and succeed, which one have you done?
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First lesson

Hello, I have just started learning Greek. please could someone tell me how to pronounce the following letters; Xi, Tau, Phi, Chi and Psi. I understand the phonetic value but not how to say the actual name of the letter! :wink: Thanks
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Pronunciation Q's

I have some names that I'm confused about, 'Xerxes' and 'Laocoon'. How would one pronounce them?
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Introducing me


I'm new. lol

I am mostly interested in Greek, but also would like to get around to Latin. I am basically starting from scratch, but very excited about it.

I am also very busy, so we'll see how it goes. :)
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help with exercises *9/6*

I was just working on some Greek-English exercises and I came across this:
toi=n phgai=n
it's in the dual, according to my charts. Yet isn't dual used for nouns that come in pairs like eyes, ears, nostrils, shoes, etc.?
so it would translate into "of/to the two-fountains"

Also, in an English-Greek exercise, would "the two-fountains" be tw= phga/?

Hehe, I'm starting slow but I'm learning fast!

PS-I'm using a textkit book called "A First Greek ...
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