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query for the advanced

This is a question for the more advanced in latin:
how do you think of thelatinlibrary.com and Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum, specially on what concerns the Classics?
Are they reliable as copies or have you found many errors in their texts?
I'd like to know about any complains you have about those sources, as I want to compile a latin wordlist containing all the Classical words, and this needs to be as accurate and correct as ...
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Greek mythology info.

Can anyone direct me to a website that gives the names and brief descriptions of the characters of Greek mythology?
I would like to use this as I read the Iliad.
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Erasmian, Ecclesiastical?

Greetings all,
This is my first post here. I took two years of Koine Greek and learned I am not satisfied with "erasmian" pronunciation. Can someone please help me learn the Ecclesiatical pronunciation? I.E. The pronunciation the Eastern Orthodox Churches use.
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A challenge for you.. plus I need help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I want to get a tattoo of a cross made up of latin words. So I need a longer word and a shorter word that have the same letter so they can intertwine. One of the words I wanted to use was Fides (faith) for the shorter one so I was looking for about a 7-letter word or a little bit longer with the third letter ...
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Pyongtaek University

my friend who lives in Korea just told me about this uni. I went to the website but hardly anything is in English. I can't read Korean (yet). Does anybody know if this uni have a classics program?
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A small question

I am completly new to Latin, and I was wondering, for an extremely enthusiastic beginner, which would have the best basics, and I mean basics, for someone willing to dedicate time and effort into the study of the language, which would be the best, well I suppose, 'book' to choose. That is from the selection that is on the "Learn Latin" portion of this site.
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2nd Corinthinas 5:10

tou\s ga\r pa/ntas h(ma=s fanerwqh=nai dei= e)/mprosqen tou= bh/matos tou= xristou=, i(/na komi/shtai e(/kastos ta\ dia\ tou= sw/matos pro\s a(\ e)/pracen, ei)/te a)gaqo\n ei)/te fau=lon.

My questions is about the 'ta dia somatos' part of this sentence. All the translations I checked have this clause as describing the deeds - something like - "for deeds done in the body". Is it a valid reading of this sentence to take that clause as sort of ...
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Aoidoi.org: Ibycus 286

This is remarkable little poem. At 12 lines, I think it's a good candidate for memorizing.

Ibycus 286.
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Iliad 2:35

I can't figure out what au)tou= means in to\n d' e)/lip' au)tou=
First I thought it was genitive because of the verb, took leave of him, but then to/n is left out so I decided against that.
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Old friend re-revisited

cum graviter noctu quatient in turribus aeres
tum misero prisco vir rubicundus ero


... which gets around the ~~e before prisco. But I wonder whether the plethora of o's makes it sound like a jingle for car insurance on independent telly.
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