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This means graveyard in german. I hope anyway from what I recall!

Today was bad as usual until german. I had forgotten my lunch so had no protein I mean food. Then I came into class and the german teacher bless her kind soul I mean that she had lit candles for us and guess what was on the table?

Whatever you choose, I ate 10 of them. And I woke up never anticipating that ...
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Accentuation, encore.


Your assistance, nevertheless cherished, was of terrible perplexity.
I am of sorrow to be as austere, and yet would rather prefer translating a passage from my French textbook, whereof a precise, pertinent elucidation would be highly valued:

" Rule of a long accentuated penult

When a word must, for any reason (accent of nominatif nouns,
accentuation of conjugated verbs, accentuation of certain
infinitives/participles), be accentuated on the penult and when that
penult is long: ...
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Can't get this stultus translation

1. I'm losing it. Ad retia sedebam, my text says. You'd think after three years, I would be able to piece together a 3-word translation. I think it means I was sitting toward the nets, as in I was sitting facing the nets, but I don't know if ad can be used that way.

3. I skipped 2. I know.

4. Ipse; non tamen ut omnino ab quiete discederem.
Yes, myself; yet it was not ...
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The Latin word for "kept"?

I'm having trouble finding the translation for the word "kept", as in "They kept sending...". I know the word for it does not directly mean keep, but I also know there is a word that can be used for it, unfortunately I cannot think of it.
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Could use some help with a sentence...

I'm trying to translate this sentence:
Vos nobis de voluptatibus adulescentiae tum scripsistis.

I believe Vos is in the nominative case, but nobis is tough I'm not sure if it's dative or ablative. de voluptatibus I know translates to "from pleasure" because volu... is in the ablative. I'm not sure if adulescentiae is in the genitive case or dative. Finally, I know tum is "then" and scripsistis translates to "you have written" in plural form. ...
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Irregular Verbs

Hi all,

I have read my way through a few Latin grammars and they all offer lists of irregular verbs. Some offer a list of, say, 80, some have more than 500! I wonder what to do: what I'd really like would be to see a system behind it and only memorize the inevitable ones like fero - tuli - latus sum, for instance. Why learn both perficio and afficio? Add any prefix to facio ...
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I have started learning ancient greek two months ago, having already acquired quite a thorough understanding of Latin grammar and having practised both reading and composition.

I would like to pose, however, a simple question, hoping to clarify a rather simple affair, I imagine, concerning Greek accentuation.
I am, yet, acquainted only with the second declension and the first conjugation.
The rules for the accent re-positioning in the case of first conjugation verbs, are, ...
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Happy Halloween!

Any one going trick-or-treating? Or other traditions?
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help with indirect/direct commands

latin to english:

noli quemquam mittere

Don't send ? (what's quemquam?)

monet me ut se sequar

he advises me to follow him. that ok?

english to latin:

I advise you not to stay at home
moneo vos ne domi manatis? (do you need the vos or does manatis make it understood??)

He persusaded me that i should set out at dawn.
persuasit me ut prima luce proficiscorer? (again do u need the me or is ...
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Gaming Geekery

I've never been a big player of computer games. The "kill 'em all" shooters are annoying to me, and I'm not good at them anyway. But I do sometimes like the slower strategy things. I still play StarCraft erratically.

After years of dutiful service, my old computer finally had to be put down, so as of this week I have a new iMac. I decided to get one game to go with it. Based on ...
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