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'The book is on the table.'

Hello, everyone, first message here.

I come from a language-related community called Unilang, and one of the things members there like doing is compiling lists of translations (on different topics) in different languages. Well, one of the sentences that showed up once was the basic 'The book is on the table.' (as another member there defined it, this expression is a kind of "Hello World!" for natural languages .). We already had the Modern ...
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Lesson 4 Par. 16 number1

In lesson 4 of Pharr's book (paragragh 16) is translations into english from greek.

I transelate it as (The good godess has a beutiful plan) the kalh\ qea\ is in the nom. sing. case and the boulh\n kalh\n is in the acc sing. case.

however in in Annis' key it is translated as "does the beautiful godess have good plans?"

My Question is shouldn't it be singular 'plan' and is the "does the... " come ...
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Q. on ex. 69 sentence 2...

In ex. 69, p. 30 of the text, the translation of this sentence:
Suntne tubae novae in mea casa? Non sunt.
is as follows:
Are not the new trumpets in my cottage? They are not.

Now, I translated it as:
Are there new trumpets in my cottage? There are not.

I learned that Estne? and Suntne? Est/Sunt at the beginning of a sentence mean:
Is there? Are there? There is there are.

Am I incorrect? ...
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classics degree

Does anyone know of a place where a degree (B.A.) in classical studies is obtainable by a correspondence course or internet course?
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I'm back!

Well, I'm sort of back. I imagine I shall probably be too busy to contribute all that much, for I'm at university now - in Canada, having decided against both England and Classics (my major now is Cultural Studies, which for the time being seems mostly concerned with semiotics).

I do hope to keep up Classical Greek - I'm too much in love with the language and literature in it (well, some of the literature ...
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Composition: American Modernist Verse Greeked. Or Latined.

I just read this and I am delighted to know that there is a book titled Hwæt!: a little Old English anthology of American modernist poetry. Surely we should not be seen slacking!

So here it is, in modern English This is Just to Say. Let's see it in Greek and Latin. I'm not sure any of the usual verse forms will work very well for this. And "icebox" is going to be fun. As ...
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I'm an university student in Argentina. I tried learning a little latin some years ago (from textkit), but because of the lack of time, I couldn't continue with it. Last year I began a modern Greek class. (Is ancient Greek similar to modern Greek?). I hope some day I can re take Latin... but well, university is first... Well, at least (as I'm studying Law) I learn some little things in latin: in dubio ...
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The best grammar? The best dictionary?

We're compiling a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for Textkit, to cover a few things that come up a lot on the forum. For Koine matters I need some help.

What is the best Koine reference grammar currently available? If there are several, what level are they directed at? And I need the same information for dictionaries.

I'd prefer not more than 2-3 paragraphs tops for the FAQ answers if possible, so I don't need ...
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Quick Latin Traslation Please Help

Hi ive been looking every where to find a latin translator this is my last option
please can someone translate this following sentance i need it for a poster im doin anbout health and safety

"Health and safety does away with natural selection"

can some one translate that and email me at iainharris@gmail.com thanks sooooo much

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Life is good

This probably woun't mean an awful lot to those of you outside of the USA, but today I got to watch my first Yankees game (I'm a fairly big fan), spring training is here!! The long winter of boring football games is over it's time to start watching America's Pastime :P :P :P ...
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