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New Member

Hello everyone!!

I learned about this amazing website from a friend of mine: Beati Pauperes, I believe is her username. Unfortunately, she moved and provided me with the website as reference for my Latin studies. I am learning Latin on my own and English is not my native language.

Why am I learning Latin? Well, the only reason is because I find it quite romantic, similar to the Spanish and a great exercise for the ...
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Third Person Imperative

I have a question about the force of the 3rd person imperative. Now "May the Force be with you" or "Let God's will be done" are two ways commonly used to render the 3p Imp in English. However, these do not seem to carry much "imperative" force, at least to me. They seem to convey more of a wish or desire... much weaker than (speaking to the Force) "Be with him". Is the phrase "May ...
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A New Latin Syntax by E. C. Woodcock

Hello all!

Are any of you acquainted with the above book? I saw it on Amazon and thought it looked interesting. Have any of you used it? I want to make sure it's worth it before I spend $30 on it.

Thanks in advance.

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Time for new topics

Well, it seem to be easy to read Homer.
I really need some help with homeric verbs. Which way?
Well, there are known two endings for verbs (primary and secondary) in each voices. The problem I meet is, ¿What about pluscuamperfect form? I didn´'t see that endings anyway!?

On the other hand, it's a grat pleasure to read Homer. Really fantastic.
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"limited edition"

does anyone happen to know a Latin phrase for "limited edition"? I imagine there would not be much need for the term in Classical Latin with the lack of mass publication, but surely a term pops up in some Medieval print. this would be helpful to me in a project I am doing.
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loci antiqui

Is there a site where I can find the "Loci Antiqui" translated?

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verb origins of 'ave'

This may seem like a rather silly question, but since 'salve' appears to be the imperative form of 'salveo, -ere' and 'vale' appears to be the imperative of 'valeo, -ere', I was just wondering what the root verb for 'ave' is and what it means. I'm trying to teach some complete beginners 'Conversational Latin' and I've decided this must be important, but am not quite sure what to do about it.

Help is appreciated - ...
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New greekstudy groups (Anabasis and Pharr's Homeric Greek)

Hi folks:

Thought some of you might be interested in two new
groups on the greekstudy list starting in mid-June
(one Attic and one Homeric). Both groups are free and
either would be ideal for someone interested in
refreshing rusty Greek.

There will be an Attic group translating Xenophon's
Anabasis. The assignments will be quite manageable
(approximately 200-250 words per week) and anyone who
has had even a little Greek should fit right in.
Although ...
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For whom the bell tolls mk II

cum sonat hoc crotalum per turres nocte solute
tum conturbabor rebus ineptis heri.

AEH 'Additional Poems' IX

... following whiteoctave's perceptive comments on the faulty mk I
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The girl in my avatar

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