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Res Publica Conquassata

Is anyone familiar with the Latin reader in the subject? I was hoping to post some grammar questions whenever my professor (who has never taught Latin before and is only familiar with French grammatical terminology :? ) is not clear enough. Thanks!
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which of the two nouns in the nominative is the subject

Hi, everybody:

I am wondering whether there are any *formal* criteria for answering the question stated for constructions like:
"Kai phrone^sis men estin, he^ schesis· ktl."?

Is my understanding correct that:

1. *if not for the comma*, the only possible subject here would be "schesis", since it is the only noun with the article;

2. as the phrase stands (i.e. with the comma), the only possible subject is "phrone^sis"?

3. If so, how does it ...
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page 9 and 99 of Thomas L. Seymour's Introduction... Homer

dear all,
Hi! My name is James from Jakarta, but you can call me Germanikos 8)
I have downloaded Thomas L. Seymour's Introduction to the Language and Verse of Homer, and I am very grateful for Textkit for providing this and other books online for free :D
But I have another request for you oh so kind people ...
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Request for a correction

w(j kakw=j e)/xei a(/paj i)atro/j, e)a\n kakw=j mhdei\j e)/xh|.
-> If no one holds badly, every physician (always) holds badly."

I don't think this makes sense. :?
And does w(j function as an conjunction here?
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Bug in log in procedure?


This is a bug(?) report about a feature of the forums on textkit.

When I log in, I'm presented with the information already in the boxes and I must merely click the "log in" button to log in. However, there is a little check box there that says to always log me in when I visit. This check box doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever. Can it be fixed so I can be ...
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The Sound of Classical Greek

Hey everyone, I've been learning Classical Greek through the textbook, Athenaze, which for me at least, has been a great learning tour. However, I would like to get my hands on some tapes or CDs of someone who is reading classical Greek. I have the pronounciation guides in the books I own, but I would really like to hear the sounds. Does anyone know of a website, or some tapes I can order, or something ...
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I've just experienced an electrostatic discharge.
This winter I was being bombarded by e.s. discharges and I have built a habit of discharging in advance the excessive charges through a coin, which reduces the shock I get in the process. Just a couple of minuites ago the flash was seen when the coin and a nearby metal structure was a bit larger than 5mm(~1/5 inches) away. And I felt a shock at my finger that ...
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Iliad line 5, pa^si or dai^ta?

Pharr says dai=ta, but I know that at least some books say pa~si.

Pharr also said that the Iliad segments in his book haven’t been altered, so I presume both words are acceptable.

Is this sort of thing common in Greek verse?
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Books about Peace

There is a sentence in the Practice and Review for Ch. 7 which is causing me some difficulty:

Post bellum multos libros de pace et remediis belli videbant.

Benissimus' answer key translates it thus:

After the war, they kept seeing many books about peace and the remedies for war.

My problem is with the "remedies" and "war" part.

I assumed first that remediis is in the ablative, since it is part of the "de pace ...
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[The] Box of Latin Words

I am trying to translate the above line in the subject. What I got was:

Arca verborum Latinorum.

Arca = Nom. sg. box
verborum = Gen. pl. of words
Latinorum = adj. Gen. pl. Latin (agrees with number,gender and case of verborum)

This doesn't look right, especially the Latinorum part. Is it a good translation?
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