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Continental vs. English Dipthongs for Greek

I want to take a poll of all Greek studiers (this will determine which is the best method of pronunciation for me to study), about whether or not you use the CONTINENTAL (which I have used so far) or the ENGLISH way of pronouncing the dipthongs in greek. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here are examples:

ai = "eye"
au = the "ow" in "now"
ei = the "ay" in "say" ...
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Tiny question

Vivo quod vivit. Is this a good translation of the phrase "I live becuase he lives."?
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38 latin stories

I need help translating Nisus and Euryalus from 38 latin stories designed to go with wheelocks latin: Thanks for any help you can give!!

Dum nox erat et caopiae dormiebant duces Troianorum in castris consilium habebant. Ad hos Nisus Eryalusque iuvenes Troiani audent venire. "O magni viri" dicit Nisus "si me cum Euryalo ad castra Ruthulorum mittetis non solum multos homines necabimus sed etiam multam praedam ex illus rapiemus somnus enim istos hobet." "Animos virtutemque ...
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Parva quaestio de grave re

Salvete omnes!

Parvo iam tempore linguam latinam discere conor. Adhuc nunc, primas exercitiones libri a North atque Hillard scriptae feci, etiam conatus sum Caesaris "De bello Civile" - in his paginis invenitum - legere. Nihilominus, dubito quin hoc modus optissimus sit, ut linguam Ciceronis bene discam. Quomodo agere debeam? Nonne temptare debeam, quam saepissime, litteras sicut ista quam legistis scribere? Quid putatis?

Gratias ago vobis pro vestris sententiis,
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A Question On Cicero

Hi all,

I have a slight problem with this bit of text from Cicero's 5th Phillipic (42-44):

advolabat ad urbem a Brundisio homo impotentissimus, ardens odio, animo hostili in omnis bonos cum exercitu Antonius. quid huius audaciae et sceleri poterat opponi?

I get the first part alright: Antonius, this very uncontrolled man, burning with hatred, came from Brundisium to the City in a hostile mood towards all good men with an army.

My problem is ...
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qn about voter turnout in US

hi all, since i know nothing about american law or politics, and i just heard on the news that less than 50% of voters usually turn up to vote in the US, i was wondering what people thought about whether it's better for voting to be mandatory or voluntary. it's not a big issue, but i can definitely see 2 sides to it:

under a mandatory system (like ours in australia), politicians have to pander ...
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benissimus nihil scit latinam

aliquis mihi nunc latine dixit "quid est nomen tibi", hic sciens me scholae tutorem et volens me probare (vel improbare). discipula mea ('ista exlex anus' cognota ab episcopo) quid ille dixisset partim extraxit, nescivit autem tibi quid esset "tibi". ille haec verba anglice ei explicavit, et tunc iterum me rogavit quid sit nomen mihi. nulla verba mihi occurrebant, minore tempore discedo. mea fides contorta erat, quae dignitas mihi manebit? ...
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Amazon A9 Search gives 1.57% discount

Do you know about Amazon's A9 Search wrapper? (It's sort of an Amazon search wrapper around Google)

If you use it enough, they'll give you an additional 1.57% discount off your Amazon purchases. Not much effort is needed to get this. Just login to Amazon. Do a few A9 searches. Go to your Amazon Home Page and you should see a little link at the top left ...
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Where the heck.....

Where the heck.....has Raya been???

Anybody know?
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english to latin translation


Would someone be able to tell me what the following phrase would be once translated into Latin:

" Do not let her drown."

It is part of a university saying and we wanted to try and translate it for part of an ongoing friend's birthday present project!

I would be really grateful for any help as its years since i studied Latin at school,

Thanks, Alex
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