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Check for proper grammer needed

please check this translation for grammar errors and such... thanks I would really apprechiate this....

consurges pre aurora ut eo silvestre et venor
aurora armas ei cum videres
sed cephalus jungavi lepida martia. ea nomen fuisse.
Procris canis et esta uter numquam deficio dono maritus.
eo ingratus commortalis teneo tua maritae numquam tu poenitudivi.
iratus deus vorax vulpes molestare oppidum mitto.
venator conatus omnis in futilis est.
tam venire Cephalum interrogare nam suus gloriosus canis. ...
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homework help

I have to analyze this sentence, but I don't even understand its meaning:
magister usus omnium rerum est optimus.
nom-s, ?, gen-p, gen-p, "est", nom-s

There's also "magister usus omnium est rerum optimus" in the text (different word-order).
My guess is "the teacher the experience of all things is the best", but this does not make any sense.

"magistri usus omnium rerum est optimus" (the teacher's experience of all things is the best) makes sense ...
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Maybe this is not the right board for this, if so please move it to the right one, but:

Gen 22:2

kai\ ei)/pen Labe\ to\n iu(/on sou ton a)gaphto/n, o(/n h)gaphsas, to\n Isaak, kai\ poreu/qhti ei)s th\n gh~n u(yhlh\n kai\ a)ne/negkon au)to\n e)kei~ ei)s o(loka/rpwsin e)f e(/n tw~n o)re/wn, w(~n a)/n soi ei)/pw.

ait ei tolle filium tuum unigenitum quem diligis Isaac et vade in terram Visionis atque offer eum ibi holocaustum super ...
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Dare macron?

Salvete omnes,

Why doesn't the verb dare - to give not have a macron over the "a"? Does it have something to do with the word order? Does this occur in other conjugations as well?

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Government on eco-linguistics

Saving endagered species:


Good? Bad? Who cares? Sensing a conspiracy?
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King Kong

Does anyone understand French?


What is the monkey saying?
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Position of French pronouns?

I've been doing every combination to find some holes in these rules for pronoun word order. I thought I found it with these sentence examples:

I sent him to you. (Je te le ai envoyé)
I sent you to him. (Je te lui ai envoyé)

Well... they make sense and the rules aren't broken. Darn. Howeverrrr, I finally found something that my advanced grammar books failed to explicitly explain. Vous, te, nous.... These pronouns are ...
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Relativism quote

I recently read that the first clear statement of relativism comes with the Sophist protagoras, as quoted by plato. Does anyone know the exact quote?
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Hyphenation Problem

Hi all,

I've gotten well underway with editing Greek texts in Word.

However, I have a problem: hyphenation.

When I copy a text from Perseus for example and paste it into Word, the hyphenation seems at best... random. And there are no hyphens!

Word is set to "no hyphenation" - it is as if it doesn't recognize that the characters make up words.

Any advice would be much appreciated. ...
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Essential Latin words list grouped by frequency

1000 Essential Latin Words

List grouped by frequency
First group: 50% level, 250 words

ab certus ergo inquam mors
accipio civitas et intellego moveo
ad consul etiam inter mulier
ager contra ex ipse multus
ago corpus facio is nam
aio credo fero iste natura
aliquis cum filius ita ne
alius cur fio iubeo nemo
alter de frater iudicium neque
amo debeo gens ius neuter
an dedo genus lego nihil
animus deinde gero lex nisi
annus ...
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