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Careers in Latin and Greek

Hey everyone, I hope I'm posting in the right section for this question! Anyway, over the last few months, I've been studying Classical Greek (wanting to move to Latin as well in a little while), but was wondering what exactly can you do with a degree in Classical Studies these days? I know some of the obvious answers, such as teaching, or translation, but other then this, what type of work can you get these ...
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Just a thought: would it be a good idea if our good colleagues whiteoctave and cweb255 (bless 'em!) had a special board for their combats: a sort of gladiatorial arena exclusively for them? Then we would know where to find them, circling around each other, crouched and wary - retiarius and secutor, net and trident - and be not quite so astonished to find them at it yet again in someone else's innocent and placid ...
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Is it advisable to study Greek before Latin?

Hello and greetings to all. I'm a new member, and I would like to begin studying Latin and Greek using some of the texts available on this site.

The question I have is whether it would be preferable to learn Greek before Latin, or vice versa. From what I understand, it is standard to learn Latin first, but is there is a pedagogical reason for this?

Please let me know your views on this.
Best, ...
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Koine to Classical

Just wondering if anyone could reccomend the best texts for learning classical greek, having taken koine. Is the transition very difficult? Can anyone explain the major differences to me? Thank you much!
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Rome's mythic founding mythic no longer!

Italian archaeologists have discovered a regal palace underneath the Roman forum dating to the 8th century. Our first evidence for a major urban centre that early!

http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=s ... _s_origins
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Demonstrative Pronouns - Lesson VIII


I have some questions concerning pronouns.....

Basically, how can o(, h(, to/ mean BOTH 'this', and 'that'? I see that it seemingly means 'this' much more often than 'that' and kei=noj specifically means 'that'. When would I use the former or the latter when trying to represent 'that'?

Also, what exactly is the relationship between table 765 and 774? I'm not sure what to use for 'this'.... The lesson forces me to learn 774, ...
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Cases in Greek

Hey everyone, I'm working through the different cases (or at least some of them) presented in Athenaze, and is it just me, or does it seem like an awful lot to swallow at one time? Does anyone have an indepth recommendation for a chart of sorts for the different cases/genders/types of nouns/adjectives? Thanks again for your guy's help!!

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Ch 30 Groton May Story

Hey could anyone post a translation of the Ch 30 Groton May story or show me where to get them. I am having some trouble with it.

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Veni Vidi Vici

What is the conjugation of these verbs,"Veni, Vidi, Vici" I understand that the quote was,
"I came, I saw, I conquered." but "I came" is, Veniebam, is it not. what forms are they in? Aug33
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Chapter 7 P&R #5

Salvte descipulii socii

P&R #5 reads as follows:
Quando homines satis virtutis habebunt.

virtutis is in the genitive singular. Does satis take a genetive much like many prepositions take the ablative?

I translate this sentence as: When will men have enough of wisdom? Meaning, haven't they had enough already?! Habere is a transative verb, so shouldn't vertutis be in the accusative, virtutem?

Rob Carignan
Portland, Maine
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