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Wonder Llamas


I couldn't resist.

These really are wonder llamas
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hoc vobis propono novum verbum. Laocoon ille, qui conatus est suam gentem ut insidias ante se monere caverent, qui ante monitum consilium suum strangulatus est ille et miseri fili a serpentibus terribilibus. sic est populus, amatus a illo sene sapiente, superatus... equo tam pulchro sed insidiae pleno. idem est mundo, qui silentium dicentibus, monentibus affert libenter. nominem hunc casum "Laocoontization" et hoc verbo utamur - Anglice vel in quaque. quam homines praesentuibus decipiuntur tam velociter ...
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perhaps im dense

i looked at the first chapter of this book and it all confused me because of the accents

wouldnt the accents be defined by the word? because sure as i am alive (questionable) they arent written all over this site and everything else
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Need help translating?

"Dum quietum silentium contineret omnia, et nox in suo cursu medium iter haberet, omnipotens sermo tuus Domine a regalibus sedibus."
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Dear all, once again I show my internet ingnorance:
Where can I get an avatar out side of this site? :oops:
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filthy email!.......cant get over it!...can't sit on it!

hey all ! :D

how many of you guys have been gettin these filthydopplegangerschmendricalensisschmuckadidjeridoopineappledoublesundaepieceofmoulinrougeoperationiraqifreedomigorstravinskycinderfellaquarternianperiodconanthebarbarianbigalsezsofranzkafka emails asking for your account number, to conspire and apprenticize yourself against some really vain southeastmidwestern african government for some millious of gazillious of tetrahedrous of money?...................this is so crazy!!!!!
i refuse to acknowledge or credit tbawa ntini, mputhe selico, richard clayderman, robbie krieger........... for their absolut ingenuity in creating the newest ...
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Latin Praxis at SLU help?

Hello all. I’m studying Latin on my own, relying on various books and websites. The resources provided here are great and are proving very helpful, and there is much comfort seeing others who've taken a similar lonely approach find some level of interaction in these forums (..or do you all say fora?). Anyhow, another place I’ve also found helpful is Saint Louis University’s website where there are many pages of exercises that make use of ...
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Translation Help: "Out of Heaven"


I am trying to title a poem, and I thought it would be nice to do so in Latin. I want to say "Out of Heaven" (in the terms that I "walked out of Heaven"). What would you suggest?

I don't know much (or any) Latin, but I have tried to work on this on my own using some online English-Latin dictionaries. I came up with:

out of --> e
Heaven --> æther or ...
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my justification for this is that the chances of me getting to level of this translation in the next billion years is slim, anyway

"I hung, drew and quatered myself just for fun"

Thanks if you try :D
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introducing myself

in the rules it said i should introduce myself

1. i live in england (that's all you're knowing)

2. i design web, publishing etc

3. i choose to learn latin because i was always a fan of romans and it sounds so cool

4. um...please visit my site (below) because we have four members!

any q's?
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