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A construction confusion

I have a little problem.I`ve come accross one sentence in Cicero`s text Tusculanae Disputationes and I`m not sure would sentence

Traditum est Homerum caecum fuisse

be NCI or ACI.I first tought that it is NCI because Traditum est is in perfect passive but when I expected to see a noun in Nominative I see Homerum caecum and it is in Accusative.So I translated it as a Accusative with infinitive,but I would ask if somebody can ...
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Hurry, hurry, hurry, this week only

According to the rogueclassicist
http://www.atrium-media.com/rogueclassi ... html#a5656

the BBC is broadcasting part of Pliny's Natural History in Latin. You can listen to it on the BBC website for a week.
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1000th Open Board topic: KHLOROS


Without Chlorine we would not be able to live. Indeed I find it very difficult without it. Not enough for poison since anything in excess can be negative but I mean 'naturally occurring' in some substances from certain places I need. :(

Cl2 is used also of course to kill germs in drinking water. Without it I don't know what we would do. Also in various ...
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English-Latin translation check

Could you please check these English to Latin translations: (these are bits from the Oxford Latin Course)

Maecenas told him to come early the next day so that they might ride to the Sabine hills and inspect the farm.
Maecenas eum iussit ut postero die mane veniret ut colles Sabinos equitarent et fundum inspicerent.

Setting out at first light, they arrived there as the sun was setting.
prima luce profecti, ibi advenerunt sole occase. ...
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It's a Girl!

Hi Everyone.

Arthi and I had a girl on Wednesday. We named her Mia.
She's 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long. Everyone's doing very well and we're all home from the hospital now.

I'll make a Nathan/Mia soon :-)

Here's a picture to share..

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Dialect of the Homeric Hymns

I have a couple of questions about the so-called "Homeric Hymns." First of all, since they are attributed to Homer, I assume that they are written in the epic dialect; is this accurate?
Secondly, I was wondering about how difficult these hymns would be to read for a relatively new student of Greek. Would they be comparable in difficulty to the epic poems, or would it be more like a first year Greek student trying ...
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Clarinum et Tsamicum

I know, these are not Latin words,
but how could the plural look in Latin?

Clarini et Tsamici

Corrections are most welcomed!
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Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy

H2G2 is about to open as a movie.
I only knew this work rather recently. And I'm hooked up and now think it is worth translated into Classical Greek, much more than Harry Potter, Though I cannot read now what shall have been translated, about the time it shall have been translated I shall had had studied enough to read it at least stumblingly. And I will admire whoever would have had succesfully translated it ...
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What Declension?


I'm in Latin 1. I was trying to write a sentence that said "We were doing nothing." Nihil would be in the accusative case correct? This leads me to my question what declension is nihil? This is my best shot at the sentence:

Nihil faciebamus.

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Test: Yankee or Dixie

Take this test to find out if you are a dixie or yankee by the way "ya'll" talk

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/lgrob/sou ... t_quiz.htm
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