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3 little problems

saluete omnes

I have some problems with these sentences. I hope you can help me out.

Plinius, Epistula IX, 36
uenor aliquando, sed non sine pugillaribus, ut, quamuis nihil ceperim, non nihil referam

"sometimes I go hunting but not without my notebooks, so that I, even if I ... anything, do not bring back nothing"

I don't understand the ceperim: why perfect subjunctive? how would you translate it? which tense would you use in English ...
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homework - 5 sentences

I just want to know if they're OK. Thank you :) .

(livia is the second of 8 females students, lucius the first of 19 male students.)
liuia secunda ex octo discipulis est, lucius primus ex undeuiginti discipulis.

(julia has already been the student of 3 teachers.)
iulia discipula trium magistrarum iam fuit.

(the teacher dictated us 3 proverbs: the first one is very hard, the second ...
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Hello!Please come here.

I am a Chinese boy.I am fourteen years old.I can't speak English well.But I want to learn Latin.At the forum,I can't understand any thing,because I can't speak English.Please help me,thank you very much!And if there are anything of you about Chinese,I can help you,too.I hope we can help each other.
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An invective distich addressed to Alexander G Bell from Ambrose Bierce.

w) fi/le, sou= de kako/j kerdw=n do/loj a)/tta kaqai=rei
w(/j a(/ katei=kon e)kei= touj adi/kouj fle/donaj.
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Metri causa

saluete omnes

I am preparing some texts and I have a minor problem with meter... I think I only need to know the hexameter, the alcaicum, and the iambicus senarius to cover the texts below.

Can anyone offer any advice or links to help me understand the meters of these better? I have a hard time getting meters under my skin: I just know the hendecasyllabus and the sapphicum....

I have tried using the hexameter ...
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Pronunciation of 'Y'

Saluete! I've been wondering, how did the Romans tend to pronounce 'y'? My guess was that the sound would tend towards the 'i', and away from the 'u', if they did not in fact pronounce the üpsilon with its correct, Greek value. Anyone know what the Romans liked to do?
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Multiple language learning

sometimes I burn the candle at four ends! but I wanted some thoughts from those of you that are overachievers.

I work a 40 hour week for Comcast cable + commute 1 1/2 hours to ande fro.

have a family of five

Am a Teacher at our church with Sunday 2X, Thur 1X, and 3home studies a week.

Am studying Homeric Greek

And for a break started picking at the Banjo.

But I also would ...
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Kabbalah Question

Hello All,

I was wondering if any one here knows anything about Kabbalah Manuscrpits??

What are the earliust extant manuscrpits of the Kaballah?
When was it originally supposed to be written?
Do you know of any good pages with solid scholarship that you could link me to??

Any help would be great.
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Need a Translation of a Sentence

Here's the sentence:

To be only body is to be an animal; To be only spirit is to
be an angel; To fuse them together is to be a human being.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

PS: This is for a wordreference thread-see here:

You can post directly into the thread if you want or I can post there on your behalf.

Thanks again,
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tips for reading without punctuation

Anyone have any tips they can share on reading Latin sans punctuation? I don't mind not having commas as much as periods; I find it pretty confusing.

Thanks in advance!
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