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Latin sentence

I saw this in a church. 'Bonum est nos hic esse.' What does that mean. It is good...???
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More free PDFs

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Final exam question

If, as Plato says, justice is the knowledge of what is (supposed to be), and justice is also described as the harmony of the universe, then the knowledge of what is(supposed to be) is the knowledge of harmony. Write a short paper in which you explore the relationship you understand Plato to be drawing between knowledge, harmony, justice, the whole and what is supposed to be.

Any ideas? (Please)
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final exam question please help

Okay the question is: The republic displays a recurring tension one might even say a contradiction between the city(the empirical, changeable world) and philosophy (the pusuit or love of truth which is enduring). Write a short essay in which you explore how this tension betweeb the empirical and the ideal informs the entire tradition of political philosophy.

Any ideas?
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HELP! groton and may chapter 37

hello guys, i'm new to the board and was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm having a lot of trouble translating the story Horace Meets a Boorish Fellow, if anyone could help me out with any part of the story i would be very thankful.
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Wheelock key comments Chaps 11 to 13

Wheelock Key: http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-foru ... hp?p=10356

Salvete amici,

I have just completed Wheelock Chaps 11 to 15 and have the following suggestions for certain key answers.

Chap 11 P&R

6. After his labor, "we will give great thanks to him" rather than "he gave great thanks to her."

Chap 12 P&R

3. "... the other gate" rather than "...the other gates"

Chap 12 SA

8. They poured forth" rather than ...
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A.T. Robertson-baptizo, rantizo, etc + Holy Ghost baptism

I would like to have any information about his view on use of the words related to the baptism, particularly from the Koine accessment.

Also his greek interpretation of the Holy Ghost baptism would be appreciated.

Unfortunatelly as I don't have neither his "Short or Big Grammar", I would be relying on the information you post to me.

The doubt came about on reading that his family used to attend a presbiterian church, he was ...
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Easy Greek

What is the Greek word best for monarchy or monarch?
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Vocab discrepancy

In ch. 10, I noticed that fugere is given as "fugo, fugere, fugi, <b>fugiturum</b>", but in both Jenney's and my dictionary (Barnum) the fourth principal part is listed as "fugitum." Is this an error?
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BLD: §111 I.2 Irregular pronouns

I think I'm a little mixed up with how the irregular adjectives work.

§111 I.2

Latin: Nulli malo puero praedam dat magister.

nullus, -a, um (§108) is an irregular adjective that has the form nulli in the dataive singular. ("to none, to no")

puero is the dative singular or ablative singular (§91) of puer; the adjective malo agrees in case, gender, and number with puero (§65) "to the (from the) bad boy"

praedam is the ...
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