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Missing parts of fio

If fimus and fitis are not used in good prose, what do you use instead? And what on earth is wrong with fimus and fitis anyway?

Also, while I'm here, what is the passive infinitive of esse to eat. Is it edi?
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Welcome from Louisiana

Hello All,

I am a second year New Testament Greek student at a liberal arts college in Louisiana. I look forward to this site.
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Ecce Romani


I'm in Latin 1 and I use this textbook. How come there isn't a forum for this textbook? Is it unpopular or just a poor textbook? Thanks
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I am just a mass spectrometer at the moment! (T SHIRTS)

I just deflect ionic threads all over the place!

aww thanks nick for your faith in me! I had some ideas before, just a few suggestions:

Obviously these are just ideas, my drawing sucks but the main aim is to confer ideas.

Unless you think it should be otherwise, just d'ooge it on the back ?

1. Image

2. Image

This one is a muscle top so tight, get the f(x) on the bench lads! ...
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f(spinoff) textkit store!


This was a month or two after mariek and I came and frankly gave these fora a kick up the backside with our tard questions and lack of fear from erring.

Ah thank you mariek for digging up such a wonderful thread! hehe 2003 such a long time ago! I forget how long some of us have been here and the special times we had! Especially during my first summer here. haha that was ...
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Something I've been meaning to ask for a while.

Could you translate my university's motto...

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How would you express something like "she looks scared" or "he looks nice" or something? Without using an adjective like pulchrus est. Would you say like videtur timere or something? Can you always use videri like that? My dictionary says something about using facies, but that seems a bit awkward to me.
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Perseus Question

Hello All,

Here's what I'm wondering......

I really like the new Perseus interface, but I would like to be able to take it on the road with me when I'm not connected. Is there any way that I can save the page AND the links (i.e. the LSJ info on vocab)?? I know how to save the page to browse afterwards, but what I want to do is save it PLUS all of the vocab, ...
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Needed a workbook

I would like to have more excersises instead of just those in "Pharr's homeric Greek"

I find the more excersises i do the more I hold onto mentally. However, I am not ready to push forward until I work more at the lesson I am on.

For Instance working in First Declension there is singular dual and plural Paradigms. Teh next lesson deals with verb congugation.

I still want to work more with the paradigms ...
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