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"Round up the usual suspects"

... is proving oddly difficult to put into Latin.

'Round up' is easy; an imperative, something like 'conlige'

'Suspects' presents a problem; I can't find an ordinary noun for 'suspect'. Hence I can't have an adjective 'usual' to agree with it.

My best so far is:

Conlige eos suetos suspectari
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from celsus de medicina

Pax vobis,

I'd like to please know if anyone can translate the word "condita" as used in Celsus' de Medicina. I have encountered various translations:

1. dried fruit
2. preserved fruit in general (dried, honeyed, salted)
3. specifically olives and grapes soaked in honey

Given that Celsus was writing a medical treatise, there must have been a need for great precision in the denotation of this word, and I was hoping someone might know.

Gratia ...
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Ow my radian

Could some one PLEASE explain perhaps with diagrams (I feel they may indeed be necessary) the reasons wherefore these values are. It has to do with pythagoras' theorem I know that and I also know that I should know this and there was a point a few weeks agone when steven showed me that I did know.


Many radians of thanks!
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Biblical Criticism Forum

http://neonostalgia.com/bible/forums - is a site for textual criticism of the Bible and Biblical written materials including the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnosticism. Anyone who is interested is welcome to sign up and contribute. Warning, though: this site is not meant for proselytizing! Please keep the discussion at a scholarly level. Thanks,

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How do many hours a day do you study?

Hello all,

I have kept track of the time I spent studying for the last few months, and it turns out I study an average of 2 hours a day. It's usually an hour of German and an hour of Latin. This doesn't count reading books in my native language, English.

My question to y'all: How much language study do you do each day? Also, how much do you think one should study in order ...
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not fair

I am so bored! I have been kicked out of school for 2 days when I am nowadays so peaceful it's injustice. It's the second time now the people at cambridge will see it on my record and hate on me! I am not angry at the teacher really I pity him but it's the ridiculous nature of it all - you can kick some one in the face and get just a little detention. ...
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Are these cum clauses really correct?

I've always had problems with cum clauses, so I downloaded A Latin Grammar and read what it said about it. If I understood it correctly, these sentences should be correct:

Because I saw Marcus, he was scared.
Cum Marcum viderem, timuit.

When I saw Marcus, he was scared.
Cum Marcum viderem, timuit.

You can replace the imperfects with pluperfects if you want, the sentences will still be the same. Is this really correct, is it ...
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Achilles' invulnerability

I'm just wondering, in which Greek stories is Achilles' skin said to be impervious (except for his heal)?

I read that earlier stories about the Trojan war had Achilles being stabbed in the back by Paris, rather than shot in the heel. Obviously he couldn't have been invulnerable then.
What's more, the idea of Achilles being unkillable robs him of his humanity (I think) and makes him a very unsympathetic figure.

Any thoughts (or references)?
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For this line.... which is dactylic hexameter...

when figuring out the feet and how the meter goes... would you elight the O's because they fall before H's ? I am wondering if there is a general rule whether you would leave them, or not, since it is vocative.

Hymen O Hymenaee, Hymen ades O Hymenaee!

Hymen (O) Hymenaee, Hymen ades (O) Hymenaee!
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A Question about my Dog

No, I'm not kidding. ^^

Before I knew anything at all about Latin, I looked up 'friend' in Wheelock's and figured that the name 'friend' in Latin would be Amice (i.e., the vocative). I'm now getting through chapter 3 of Wheelock's and the Awful Truth has reared its head and says, "Girl dog - Amica, Boy dog - Amicus" My dog is female so her name should be Amica, is this correct?
When I call ...
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