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Salvete and Greetings!

Salvete, omnia! I'm a third year student of Latin and someone on a different website recommended this site to me. I am very impressed with it and, as someone struggling to keep a Latin department going on aforementioned website, I am thrilled to see Latin so delightfully paid attention to! :D

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Question Words

In Lesson VII of D'Ooge we are asked to translate the sentence, "Where does the farmer live?"

I wrote, 'Agricola ubi habitat?' but the answer key says, 'Ubi agricola habitat?'

I know Latin word order isn't set in stone but what about questions? Must the question word come at the beginning of a sentence?
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Some Comments about the Epic Caesura

In response to some questions about the caesura in the Odyssey-a group, I was able to indulge in my taste for all things metrical.

In Some Comments on the Epic Caesura I give a possible origin for the heroic hexameter which accounts for the caesura, and then analyze the first 21 lines of Iliad A with special attention on interesting things that happen around the caesura.
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An overview of Greek Subjunctive, s'il vous plait

I have studied a lot of French, so I have a general idea of what the subjunctive is. However, as 70% of the time the subjunctive is inflected indistinguishably from the indicative in French, it is not the ideal language to master this mood. Also, I understand that some of the functions assigned to the French subjunctive are assigned to the Greek optative.

I know these sentences use the subjunctive in English :

I insist ...
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Brief translation help, please

I'm hoping I'm at least close with these:

"With wine comes friends"

Cum vino ventant amicos


"brothers forever" or "brothers always"

Semper frateri

Please let me know if, or how badly, I've screwed up.

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How do we say that?

I've finally made time to get started on my Latin (using D'Ooge) and I am very confused by the first section (on pronunciation.)

First, the explanations of how the vowels are supposed to be pronounced seem to make no sense. I'm guessing that this is partly because my English is of the American variety, from the Midwest (which is the "standard" dialect - that is, the dialect and pronunciation studied for use by broadcasters, etc.) ...
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Lesson 39 -page 19

part 1 number 11 has..

Ferae terrarum pugnant

I translated it as
"The beasts fight the land " (admittedly makes no sense)

the Key has
"the wild beasts of the lands are fighting"

I think I know where I went wrong, "terrarum" is Gen. plural , so it is basically saying "the beasts belong to the lands"

my odd ball translation would be for-
Ferae terras pugnant

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Does: 'felix dies Nativitatis' = Merry Christmas in Latin?

Just needing to know for a model I am painting and want to write this statement in latin as opposed to english (and my other work where I asked for some translations is not done yet but I will surely show images of how it ends up and how i write the latin vocab. onto the shield, parchment, etc).


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Ad te

I have a question about a construction found in "Second Year Latin - Part 1 - Selections of Easy Latin, J.B. Greenough", one of the downloadable books from Textkit, in the "Learn Latin" Section.
It is in second sentence in the very first paragraph, on page 1:
"Hanc epistulam ad te laetus scribo."

My question has to do with the "ad te". Why isn't the dative used instead: tibi? Hence, why not: Hanc epistulam tibi ...
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Can any one help me...

Hi I'm Rudy and new to the forum. I was wonder if some one could translate something for me. My friend e-mailed me this message and said it was in Latin... Could some one help me translate it?

Bibere verenum in auro bis a die et mortem!
Pro tempore auribus teneo lupum. Fama nihil est celerices, fama crescit eundo. Me fallit cur nemine disssentiente. Nomines libenter quod volunt credent. Non est mea culpa difficile est ...
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