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Hey, Noam Chomsky is on HBO tonight.


When was the last time the brilliant scholar and political activist Noam Chomsky was on an American TV channel (I know -- it's HBO, not TV)? Exactly, a very, very long time ago.

Well, he's on tonight at 11 pm eastern time on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. It should be interesting.

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Gerunds and supines

How would I say "I have come to kill you" with a gerund or a 'um'-supine? Te necatum veni sound quite odd to me, so does Te necandi causa veni. You could of course say Veni ut te necem, but I'd like to know how to say it differently.

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 645, 646, 647

Thank you Skylax for your help again..
xa/rin o0fei/lw soi\ eu0nousta/tw| o1nti

1. The Greeks were both near and drawn up in line of battle
2. For the army had been drawn apart/separated
3. He heard/learned that a ditch had been dug through the field
4. I have gladly obeyed this man
5. They say Cyrus was promised much gold by the seer
6. There also followed others from the Persians, to the number ...
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I need another translation...benissimus? hehe

this is kinda like a paragraph.

"My love for you is unconditional and undying. I would wish nothing about you to be changed, as you are perfect in my eyes. I would do anything for you, even run through the gates of hell itself. Would you spend the rest of your life with me?"

any help would be fine...her textbook says benissimus is a pro latin-translator, so i guess i'm looking to him moreso. thanks! ...
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res, rei

What declension does "res, rei" belong to?
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The Official Polypus Thread

Just for laughs.
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One thing that really bugs me...

is seeing outside sites rip off Textkit's content.

http://folk.uio.no/lukeb/books/nt_greek ... tshell.pdf

No respect for our hard work.

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Situs Softbrainis

Softbrain "societas" lusuum mea duorum amicorumque est, lusus creamus. Nunc situs habemus! :) URL est http://www.softbraingames.com .
Ante omnia, potestis lusus nostros haurire. Lusus et magni et parvi sunt. Etiam programmae sunt, quas potestis haurire.
Si vos perscribitis, potestis in foris nuntia mittere. Perscribite! :) Nuntia privata (PM) etiam potestis inter vos mittere. ...
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Possible to Audit the Pharr Class Beginning on Nov. 8?

I saw that the Pharr Homeric Greek course starting on November 8 is full.
When will the next course be offered? Any chance I could just get on the
mailing list for the November 8 course if I promise not to ask any
questions? I'd be eternally greatful for a chance to sit in quietly.

Unit One Drill - Section I - #11

Unit One Drill - Section I (pg 31) - #11:

Turbamne terrebas? Non terrebam.

In the M&F Answer Key (http://home.comcast.net/~baroque77/unit_one.pdf), it gives the answer for #11 as:

Did the crowd used to frighten you? I was not frightened (by it).

Is this correct? It seems to me that "turbam" is the direct object, so I thought it should translate to:

Did you (used to) frighten the crowd? No, ...
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