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Basic translation (just a quickie)

For a while i've been looking for a translation of the word 'Control' as in 'the control of oneself' or 'control of surrounding events'
I've found rough translations on a couple of online dictionaries but i thought i'd be better to get it from some people who'll know for sure.

Please accept my apologies if these posts are dime-a-dozen.
Thanks for your help

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Pharr section 248 line 7

ou)/ tij )Axaiw=n pro/frwn pei/setai e)/pesin )agame/mnoni a)naidei/hn e)pieime/nw| kai\ kerdaleo/froni
I think the gist of this line is something like; No one of the Achaeans will eagerly obey the words of Agamemnon who is clothed in shamelessness, and crafty.
I don't understand why Agamemnon is in the dative case.
pei/qomai takes an object in the dative, that explains e)/pesin.
They are the words of Agamemnon, so why is agame/mnoni dative instead of genitive?
If ...

Happy New Year

I'll be offline for the rest of this year.

Sh h( bog mani baduse+iw!(It's Korean :D)

Happy New Year!

(Eutuxi/smenoj o( kainou/rioj xro/noj!
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Latin Translation "The protection of others delivers...

Could someone tell me how you would say:

"The protection of others delivers the greatest courage" in Latin.
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L vs. R

A few days ago I talked on the Open Board about Korean( and Japanese) having no distinction between l and r. But yesterday, revisiting those Linear B character set, I was surprised to find that the Micenean Greek words written in Linear B had no such distinction, either; Linear B had no 'L-' series characters and the 'L' sounds were written with the 'R-' characters, and that added the similarity between Linear B and Japanese ...
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Hi, new to Textkit

A brief introduction: a million years ago, I did Classical & Medieval Latin at Liverpool University, escaping with a "Gentleman's Degree" and, along with several of my cohort, a drink problem. That was followed up with some archaeology (south-east England in the Romano-British Period) at evening class, that involved a dig on - and under - the site of the Rose Theatre on the Thames on a very wet Saturday; I am now very much ...
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How much time should I study?

[ :wink: b]This may sound like an elementary question... however, I am curious how much time I should plan on studying each session?

Should I make this a daily practice?

I am just starting this evening and could use any helpful tips as I have no experience with Latin.
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re: appositives


Are appositives expressed in all of the cases?

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A London Gem for Classicists

Unsworths Booksellers at 12 Bloomsbury St - if you're ever in London, this is *THE* bookstore to check out!

I wandered in, rather by accident, a few days ago - was heading back from the British Museum when I lost my way and pulled into the nearest shop to escape the cold. (I'm sure the Canadians here will be laughing at what I call cold weather, but after Mauritius, English winter is **freezing**.)

You can ...
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Users Browsing this Forum...None?

It's the funniest thing; sometimes when I'm in a forum, it will say "Users Browsing this forum: Keesa (and anyone else who happens to be on)". Other times, though, it says, "Users browsing this forum: none."

Does this mean that I don't really exist? :cry:
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