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I'm looking for a way to say blackberries (nom pl), referring to the bush, not the fruit, in Ancient Greek, preferrably in Epic, if possible.

Blackberry bushes did not thrive in Ancient Greece. In fact, they didn't exist there at all.

The most obvious thing to do is to compound a word. me/laj is the most obvious choice to say the black part - the easy part. However the Ancient Greeks did not have the ...
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Tacitus Annals XV:xliv

Mox petita dis piacula aditique Sibyllae libri

Soon a reconciliating having been sought by the gods and admittance of the books of Sibylla

this doesn't sound right, anyone have an idea?
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Anyone else using Linux, and wanting SPIonic to work?

Pete Keller (psilord) has come up with a way to make SPIonic work on Linux. The recipe has several stages. Anyone else want to give that a try? If it works for someone else, I'll add it to the "how to display Greek" sticky post.

psilord wrote:Ok. I set it up when I was not paying attention so I kinda didn't keep track of what it was I did. I reconstructed the steps the best I ...
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Oh just a little translation :þ


When ever i buy a language book I like to write in it : My first book, or second or so.

i'm not sure how to say "my first book" in greek...

i've not studied it for long now! it was a christmas present...but.

so if someone could write it to me.

thank you.
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J-B gail ancient greek alphabet abbreviations and liaisons

I have a french book written by J-B gail, from the imperial university (france, 1814) which I use for grammar.

But now, I bought my self the Hurbert Weig Smyth's grammar, and I am confused.

In the first book, there are as many as 80 liaisons and abbreviations for letters, such as sðên, chðên, taîs and so on. They look all very nice and are complexe and bizzard mix of symboles. most with êta actualy ...
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Fast for a Girl

Does anybody know the regular way to render in Latin phrases of the type given in bold here:

"Atalanta runs fast for a girl,"

or the same thing:

"Atalanta runs fast, considering she's a girl."

(I know that ut can mean considering how, but I'm not sure how to use it in this case, or even if it is appropriate.)

Gratias ago, sapientes.
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1st and 3rd conjugation verbs

Can someone tell me how to distinguish between the 1st conjugation pres. act. indic. of certain verbs
(monet , for example)
and the fut. act. indic. of certain 3rd conjugation verbs?
(ducet, for example)

If I have a conjugated form, how is one to tell whether it is a 1st or 3rd conj. verb, and therefore whether it is present or future?
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Homeric, Attic, Koine, what?

I poked all around Textkit, but I couldn't find a document explaining the difference (at least at a high level) between the Homeric, Attic, Koine greek dialects (chronology, representative bodies of work/authors in each, language features, etc.). For example, it was suggested to me that I should learn Homeric first since then Attic would be much easier, and it would be harder the other way around. I'm quite happy to do this, since Homer is ...
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Law or Classics PhD?

Are there any lawyers, law students, or aspiring law students in the crowd who wouldn't mind discussing what led them to choose the practice of law and what values they consider(ed) important in getting there?

I am a 3rd year student in a BA program (Classics) who is considering a PhD in my field or a career in law. I would highly value any contribution anyone can make to my decision.

What I value in ...
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Visiting the Roman world

The Mediterranean is full of remains of Greek and Roman cities. I hope to one day take a grand tour of the major centres of the Roman world. So far, I've been to Israel and Italy. I understand that Turkey and Libya also have a lot of well preserved remains. Can anyone recommend other places to visit and share your experiences there?

This past summer I visited the town of Sirmione in northern Italy which ...
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