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Greek/Latin ??

Hey everyone, I am learning Greek right now through the textbook Athenaze. However, I am very interested in learning Latin as well. What is everyone's experience for the crossover from Latin to Greek? As well, I was wondering how advanced everyone thinks one should be in Greek, before beginning Latin? Thanks for the advice!!

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Today's Composition Assignment: Blame

The theme: people who steal books from libraries.

Iambics are the customary meter for abuse, but this isn't required. I'll post mine in a few days.
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John 8:58

Does the Greek text of John 8:58 sound strange to those of you who are very familiar with classical Greek but who have not had a whole lot of exposure to Biblical Greek?

"ei=pen au)toi=j )Ihsou=j: a)mh\n a)mh\n le/gw u(mi=n, pri\n )Abraa\m gene/sqai e)gw\ ei)mi/.
I am talking about the tense of the ei)mi/. Does this tense only indicate aspect so that it could be replaced with an imperfect form, or is it written this ...
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Army motto - please help

What does this mean

Professionalis omnum anteires

and is it grammatically correct?

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English --> Latin experiment

We all, unlike most "qualified" english degree holders (I would wipe my bum with one to be honest), know very well that latin in particular will give the writer so many possibilites openings different ways of rendering one basic idea that it is indeed better to write whatever you wish to write in latin, unless of course you want people to read it :(

I should be ...
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Very amusing site


"And did those feet, in an-ci-ent times..."

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As a new member of textik, I figured I ought to post an introduction (to whom it may concern). I didn't pick a clever latinized username. Oh well Rachel Kelley is a good Irish name, even if I am a Sicilian. : )
I am currently studying Koine Greek, and am just now trying to pick up some Homeric. My knowledge of latin is not nearly as much as I would like, but, after Greek ...
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Double-checking imperative use


Please confirm use of imperative mood. Thanks.

1. Come in quickly, children, and sit down.
-- Intrate celeriter pueri et sedete.

2. Come here, Decimus; I want to see your tablet.
-- Veni hic Decime; videre cupio tabula tua.

3. Work hard Julia; don't play.
-- Diligenter labora Iulia; Noli ludere.

4. We are working hard, master; and so tell us a story.
-- Magister, diligenter laboramus; Itaque fabulam nobis narra.

5. Listen to ...
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Mediaeval Latin first?

Hello, I was reading an article by Dorothy Sayer in which she suggested that perhaps it would be beneficial if students are first exposed to Mediaeval Latin for several reasons that she highlights in her article (see memoriapress.com for more on this).

What should we make of this?
(Sorry if this point already been discussed on the forum)
Thank you.
Best regards
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Nathan said Vaca!

Finally! all my months of hard work with Nathan's Spanish is paying off. He's known tons of Spanish words for a long time now but he never speaks in Spanish. It's hard because I'm not fluent myself so I'm sure I don't give him enough exposure.

Anyways, I said to him last night, "Puedes decir cow en Espanol?" and he answered back, "Vaca". It's funny that his first word is cow - but I'll take ...
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