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De puero male morato

Here's another one... :)

de puero male morato

Quondam poeta senex erat, talis poeta antiqua et bona uirtute ut oportet. uespere aliquo, cum domo sedebat, tempestas foeda orsa est; imbro ruente poeta senex ad caminum, in quo ignis ardebat et mala torrebant, bona delectatione sedebat.

"miseris, qui fores in hac tempestate sunt, non uestes sicci futuri sunt", dixit, nam uere poeta bonus erat.

"o aperi! frigeo et ...
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eorgas / eeipen


According to Munro, e)orgaj < "weworgas". Presumably this (like leloipa is a perfect formation? In the context (Iliad III.57) it would work fairly well as a stative.


Though I see it all the time, I'm still not sure what's going on here. I thought the stem was "wep", so an aorist formation would be ewep- > eip (as in Attic?). Whence then has come the extra epsilon?

thanks as ever
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thunderstrom :(

my Greek reference grammar, the small, concise one which i love so much - is just a pile of dirty soaked paper now, after a horrible thunderstorm! :evil: I've stopped the drip now, but the new table now no longer looks new and some other books are also ruined - the router ...
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American Independence: Good?

With July 4th looming, and our US colleagues gearing themselves up to burning themselves on barbecues and scaring themselves witless with fireworks to celebrate their independence, I was wondering whether this might be a good topic to debate (with our accustomed tolerance, mutual respect and good humour, of course) the following motion:

This House believes the independence of the United States to be a good thing.
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Howdy from your resident cowgirl!

Wow, I haven't posted in a while! I guess I'll give an update of my life, hehe, I've been riding a lot, thanks to the Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project I finally got to get back into horseback riding! Still studying Latin, but I had to rediscover my country girl roots. I'm going to be working at some stables in order to keep riding. I have a gallery up at Yahoo and Photobucket of the ...
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How did YOU learn Latin

How did you learn latin? What would you change in your past learning process if you were to go through it again? What did you find the hardest and what did you find the easiest thing? Did you skip a few pages, write down declensions or conjugations a hundred times or memorize the passive voice in a weird way? Did you use only one book or as many as you could?

Tell us about the ...
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What is the Latin of "I love you"?

thank you~
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Iliad 2:195

mh/ ti xolwsa/menoj r(e/ch| kako\n ui(=aj )Axaiw=n.
I understand every word but I am not sure about which word belongs to which.
Does mh/ belong to ti (not anything) or to the participle (not angering) or the the finite verb (not doing).
Does ti belong to kako/n (something evil)?
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On... Friendship and Titles

I've been browsing around and noticed that both Cicero and Seneca wrote a treatise de amicitia. I am, however, not sure the latter survives, but I thought it was interesting. Does anyone know of other works with this title (or equivalents in Greek: peri/ fili/aj perhaps?) - or of other examples of two or more works with exactly the same title? mihi uidetur that the Romans and the Greeks often used de and peri/ in ...
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Hey, I finally got my tush back here...

After all those exams which determine which and where in college we are going, I was too worn out to figure out how to reactivate my Textkit account. Only after a good chunk of summer vacation have I recovered enough to deal with joining the club again.

Hello you all. I look forward to being an active member again.
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