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Hellenists Have More Fun

Latinists have it too easy.
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Basic problems with intransitives.

G'day All,

i'm having problems recognising intrasitives. i'm completely comfortable and familiar with the concept, though not in strict grammatical terms (i'm not familiar with *anything* in strict grammatical terms, which is one reason i'm trying to learn a little Latin). In the question "Credisne verbis sociorum?" i fail to see why "verbis" is an indirect object. In the English translation isn't "the words" a direct object?

i read (from http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=believe) that in "i believe ...
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Noun-Adjective agreement


I have a few questions about declining certain adjectives. In my homework I had to decline "cubiculum ingens." It is easy to decline the noun "cubiculum," but what form of "ingens" would I use? "Ingentis" is the genitive sing. so should I use "ingent" as the stem? This is my best attempt:

nom. cubiculum ingente
gen. cubiculi ingentis
dat. cubiculo ingenti
acc. cubiculum ingente
abl. cubiculo ingenti

nom. cubicula ingentia
gen. cubiculorum ...
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Hello and Greek Question

Hi, I'm Chris, and I've been learning Latin in my school for .. about 1.5 years now. Lately I decided on trying some Greek and discover Plato not-translated (due to my interest in philosophy, which I hopely will study) and so I bought a greek-teaching book (in my wonderful Polish language, which I have heard is even more complicated than Latin and Greek altogether.. I heard we have nine declensions! ...
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How does latin express the English "to keep + noun + adj" as in:

He keeps his beard short

She keeps her garden tidy, etc.

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Translation Help


I have to translate a phrase. I'm not sure of the source. At this point there is a single word I am having difficulty with:


I have the feeling it might be a passive form of "praise".
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Sapphic Stanza

I've just tried my hand for the first time at writing a Sapphic Stanza:

H(merw~n mnh/nas a)po/tas melainw~n
nu~n gra/fw. Nu~ktes de\ pa/lai skotei/nai
h)~san. W~! Plhrei~s de\ te kai\ kapnou~ kai\
h)~san oneirw~n.

but I am suddenly overcome with the fear that there may be as many rules attached to a Sapphic Stanza as there are to, say, a elegy. Are there? and if yes, what are they, or where can I read about ...
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The Ancient Library

I don't think I've seen this here yet: The Ancient Library.

Smith's giant Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology is very useful.
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Phonetic transliterations of Greek Vocab

When learning huge vocab lists, I often find it useful to get other people to test me. Knowing a word aurally is usually harder than recognising it on paper, and oral tests also mean that I get tested on the words out of order, which again strenthens my knowledge.

For Latin this is easy enough. Greek however presents a problem when the tester can't read Greek. My solution so far has been to write a ...
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Alguém daqui fala português?

Alguém daqui fala português? Eu gostaria muito de aprender o latim e o grego, mas para aprender em outro idioma que não é o meu, fica mais difícil ainda. Alguém poderia me auciliar?
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