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Golden apple

Hiya Greeks. I need this for a painting I'm doing.

As you will recall, an apple of pure Hesperian gold was thrown down by Eris, when all the full-faced presence of the gods ranged in the halls of Peleus; the gleaming rind of which was inscribed with the words For the most fair. A feud thereupon arose, with question unto whom it were due, Herè, Aphrodite and Pallas each claiming this meed of fairest. And ...
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Griesbach/scholz text

I realize this is more a textual criticism question than a Greek Q, but what can anyone tell me about the Griesbach Text and the Scholz text? In my slim readings these men vascilated in their theories on criticism and I'm not really sure where the texts bearing their names stand in relation to W&H.

Thanks in advance
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Looking for English to Latin translation

Hello everyone I was referred to this site for a translation. They say there are many talented Latinists here.

I'm looking for the translation of this phrase.

"Happiness of others comes first"
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TADW_Elessar omnibus sodalibus s.d.

Hattrick pediludium interretiale est ubi lusores vendere et emere atque cum multissimis hostibus totius orbis terrarum in certamen venire potes.

Quomodo Hattrick movetur:
Hattrick gratuitus est. Turmam tuam per navigatrum administras. Certamina bis in hebdomada sunt. Semper inire potes ut turmae tuae condicionem inspicas, de exercitatione iubeas, lusores in libero foro emas vel solum cum aliis Hattrick utentibus verba facias.

Hattrick numquam finem habet. Ubi seriem tuam vincas, electus es ut ...
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Teaching Latin to 6 graders

Next year I am going to start teaching latin to six graders. It would be really helpful if any body knew the six grade syllabus for latin and any good resources available to teach it. Thanks a lot
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indirect questions

If I'm right, indirect questions are the question side of indirect statements, though they use subjunctive verbs and not the Accusative + Infinitive construction. My question is this:

Vident quid faciat. = They see what he is doing.

But vident is a complete thought in itself, so why does Latin not say:

Vident quod faciat.

Also, if I want to say, 'We know who she is,' is this correct:

Nescimus quis sit.

Te gratias.
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Ch 34, Catullus 51

In chapter 34, Catullus 51 reads:
otium et reges prius et beatas perdidit urbes."

The answer key (from Texkit) reads "leisure and kings before have destroyed even prosperous cities."

However, I interpreted it as: "leisure has destroyed before both kings and wealthy cities."

The question is whether to treat "reges" as nominative or acussative. I interpreted it as accussative because of the "et" before it, so that it goes with "et beatas" and, consequently, ...
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Who's up for a good laugh?


ROFLMAO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: This is insane!
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Infrastructure for White-a Study Group


If you intend to join the white-a group, please PM me a preferred userID, assuming you have one.

I need to create userIDs so that participants can use the GAGLS software for posting/viewing/editing their lessons.

Thank you.



PS: please include your textkit 'handle' as well
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