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Miror quas de religione sententias habeant alii hoc forum frequentantes. Meo iudicio religiones nil praeter superstitiones sunt quae iam extinctae esse debent.

Semper perturbat me quod aliqui mysticus barbatus, qui abhinc multa saecula mortuus est, tantum valere potest apud tot homines in nationibus modernis viventes.

Illi barbati, quamquam iam pulvis sunt, etiamnunc efficiunt ut biliones hominum sicut stulti asini se gerant.

Religio dedecori est generi humano.

Ecquis religionem defendere vult?
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Pharr - Lesson IV


I have a question concerning numbers 4 and 6 in the english part of Lesson IV.

Here are the problems with my translations underneath them:

4. The lovely goddess of the sea was not in Cilla.
qea\ kalh\ qala/sshj ou)k h)=n e)n Ki/llh|.

6. Who was in Cilla by the sea?
ti/j h)=n e)n Killh\| e)pi\ qala/ssh|;

Now, here is a link to William Annis' key for the beginning part of the Pharr book: ...
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Does Anyone Know the Acoustic Guitar?

I'm going to be taking lessons for it in a few days. I got my guitar yesterday. It's black. I can only play a few simple melodies so far. I'll have to wait until properly instructed. However, I have been taking piano for 10 years so i'll have the advantage of being able to read music. Any tips for this beginner?
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Euripedes' Alkestis

Can anyone give me the names of some commentaries on Eupides' Alkestis, or his style in general? I'm havign a devil of a time with it, and Lushig and Roisman aren't comprehensive enough for me, just starting.
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Latin-Greek Lexicon

I found a Latin-Greek Lexicon at a bookstore here in Memphis from 1767. Anyone have any ideas on the best ways to preserve such a book?
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Meus and Tuus

I thought that the gen. pl of meus was meorum, but a saw in a dictionary it mention gen. pl = meum, but it also had a use for meorum. Which is correct, or am I missing something?

Also, it the voc. sg. for tuus "tue"?
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Use of "HAC"

I have several newbie questions relating to the latin word HAC.

I looked it up and I found two definitions,
hac : this side, this way, here.
hac : (fem. sing. abl.) He who lives BY THIS (the sword), ...

I am more interested in the use of second definition since it seems not used much.

Can someone please explain its context or how it is used or when it is used.

And explain what ...
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How to write/draw greek characters.

Hi everyone, this is my first post as I've only just discovered this excellent site after deciding I would like to learn ancient greek and latin. So far I've only been reading about the different styles and transitions the languages have taken through time and just trying to learn a little each day. My question involves the writing of the greek characters. Is there a proper way to do this and does it make a ...
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Beginning Attic Texts

In 1988 I took an incredibly intense Attic Greek class; by the end we had read Plato's *Ion* and Euripedes *Medea*. I thought I was going to write a philosophy thesis with my new-found Greek, but my life went otherwise.

I'm trying to get my skills back, and I want them to stick this time. I'm working from the Mastronarde "Introduction to Attic Greek" text, which doesn't seem much mentioned here, but which is working ...
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"New" Latin Words

I read somewhere that the Vatican, in modern times, created new words in an effort to update the Latin language.

I was wondering what this dictionary is called and whether or not it has met with widespread acceptance or not?

(I apologise in advance if this topic has been covered, but my search for it didn't turn up anything.)
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