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adeo vs. tam, word order

What's the difference and when should you use each of "adeo" and "tam"? I'm going through North and Hillard right now and it seems like they just randomly choose between them.

Another thing that he seems fairly inconsistent about is word order with esse. Sometimes he separates the words being copulated, and sometimes not (is there an unemphatic ordering...?)

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Some good friends of mine have been teasing me for studying Latin, a dead language, and I thought it would be funny to cuss at them in Latin next time they do so (we swear at each other enough in English, so it won't be taken personally). Does anyone know any obscenities that I could use?
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Hi all,

I've only recently began my study of Greek and I haven't really chosen a textbook yet. I was wondering if Athenaze is good book. Some of you seem to hate this book with a passion, and I don't know why as it appears to be a good text.

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Code Conversion

I am working on a project and I must find a way to represent Greek on a web page.

I gather Unicode is the best solution. If understand this system correctly, all characters, ordinary Greek letters as well as all the accented vowels, come in codes resembling this:

& #966;& #952;& #8051;& #947;& #956;& #945; (please ignore the spaces)

Is it correct that web pages with this coding can be universally viewed, even from computers ...
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mu/qoi nhpi/oi

ti\ mh\ me me/lh| me/lainan maka/rh|si u(mi~n;

h(n me\n ku/knhn leukh\n teu~xe Qxaiko/bskioj, h(n de\ me/lainan te/.

o( me\n to\n ourano\n teu~xe, o( me\n to\n po/nton te/. o( me\n to\n le/onta teu~xe, o( de\ to\n ba/traxon te/. o( me\n to\n O(mh/ron teu~xe, o( de\ to\n O(mh/ron Si/myonta te/.

essi\ h(me/rh eremnota/th h(me/rwn xeimo/noj nuklia/rou.

pi/mplhmi ka/rh xeiraj te a)ta/llousa glukou~ filo/thtoj.

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christophershelt wrote:Prof. Bell--
How might I read the Greek that you and others use on this and other boards? Do I have to download a specific font and activate it somehow? Is this too puerile a request?
Also, your name came up in a reply to a posting about a new group. Adelaid wanted to know if any new Wheelock group might utilize the "internet-based GTSS maintained by Paul Bell." Also, is yours the Odessey II ...
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Consonantal U: V or W ?

I have recently come across a very compelling and rather shocking document on Latin pronunciation, quoting the Latin grammarians themselves, on exactly what the Romans had to say about the sound of consonantal u, which is most often spelled as v in contemporary texts. I have taken great pains to transfer the section dealing with consonantal U in full, with my own BBord italicizations, emphasis, and transliterations to add clarity. Notate: if I make a ...
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Soul Food

For 11 years I lived in Texas. I wasn't there by my decision in the first place, and unlike my younger sisters, I never took to the place. I couldn't handle the heat, the fire ants and hostile shrubbery (mesquite'll mess you up good), nor the - with apologies to Baptists - Southern Baptists and associated Evangelicals asking me what I considered rude and intrusive questions about my religion (always trouble in my case).

Eventually ...
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volo volare

Some people say that if man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings. I say, man was meant to fly because he was born with the mind to create the technology to achieve flight. What do you think? :?:
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How to print texts in Greek?!

What is required to print a text in Greek (with accents etc.)? A special printer?..
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