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On... Friendship and Titles

I've been browsing around and noticed that both Cicero and Seneca wrote a treatise de amicitia. I am, however, not sure the latter survives, but I thought it was interesting. Does anyone know of other works with this title (or equivalents in Greek: peri/ fili/aj perhaps?) - or of other examples of two or more works with exactly the same title? mihi uidetur that the Romans and the Greeks often used de and peri/ in ...
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Hey, I finally got my tush back here...

After all those exams which determine which and where in college we are going, I was too worn out to figure out how to reactivate my Textkit account. Only after a good chunk of summer vacation have I recovered enough to deal with joining the club again.

Hello you all. I look forward to being an active member again.
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I'm trying to decipher the origins of the name "Lauren," whose general etymology is relatively clear to me: it is related to "Laurence," which comes from the Latin Laurentius, meaning someone from the Italian town Laurentum, meaning "of laureling," or the like, assuming the hypothetical verb laurere to generate the present participle laurens. And that's all well and good. But how does one arrive at the more simplified "Lauren," lacking consonants thereafter. "Laurena" is ...
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This is an attempt to find contributors to a new group

Whoever might like to start a new group--an elementary Wheelock group--please answer here. I have heard that if there is interest, a new group can be started. So, look upon this as a poll. If interested reply, if not, don't.

Chris :D
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Perseus question -- links to commentaries

When displaying classical texts, sometimes Perseus inserts asterices containing links to commentaries, and sometimes it doesn't. I was guessing that this must be customizable through the "configure display" link, but none of the options I have tried so far seem to have any effect on it. They seem to appear randomly -- sometimes they are there, sometimes not. Perhaps I am reconfiguring this without noticing it. How can a user enable or disable these links?
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intermediate latin 1

hey guys- new to the board. i am taking an intermediate latin course from the university of georgia through the mail. i am doing loci immutati stuff from the back mainly on cicero. i've only finished the first 3 lessons. right now i am working on the cataline stuff. its pretty hard if you ask me. anyway, if anyone wants to do some study group things or whatever. lemme know.
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Pharr-c open to accept members.

Chad already mentioned to send Paul your information so that he can start issueing login IDs and passwords.
http://www.textkit.com/groups/pharr/session-c.php is a link to the page describing how to join, plus it has some introductory information and a schedule for the fist few weeks.
Ps. There is a limit to the number of members so don't wait to long.

One more thing. Please post a message to this thread stating ...
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accent in infinitive "diakatharai"

Hi, Everybody:
I've come across the infinitive "diakatharai" with acute (7-th century A.D. text). I checked in TLG, and found some random examples with circumflex, but none with the acute.
Is the variant with the acute grammatically possible, or is it definitely a typo?
Many thanks in advance.
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