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Phonetic transliterations of Greek Vocab

When learning huge vocab lists, I often find it useful to get other people to test me. Knowing a word aurally is usually harder than recognising it on paper, and oral tests also mean that I get tested on the words out of order, which again strenthens my knowledge.

For Latin this is easy enough. Greek however presents a problem when the tester can't read Greek. My solution so far has been to write a ...
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Alguém daqui fala português?

Alguém daqui fala português? Eu gostaria muito de aprender o latim e o grego, mas para aprender em outro idioma que não é o meu, fica mais difícil ainda. Alguém poderia me auciliar?
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Smith's Greek Course

For those who, like me, might be dabbling with ‘Initia Graeca’ by Sir William Smith,
I offer my suggested answers to the early exercises …
others to follow, time allowing -
Corrections and comments always welcome, naturally
Best Wishes


Ex I
th=j phgh=j
th\n a0reh/n
toi=n phgai=n
th|= nu/mfh|
ta\j Mou=saj

1. of the fountain
2. the virtue/valour (obj.)
3. of/for/to the two fountains
4. to/for the bride ...
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Hi,I'm a new one and get troubled in every step

I've been interested in Greek for long but there's no one here who's studying Greak let alone ancient one.I even don't know how to pronounce,rough and smooth breathing,for instance.
And I also have no experiece of Latin.Must I learn it in advance? :( :?:
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Spring at the Grammaticarium

It is only April, so of course we could still have a major snowstorm here in Wisconsin, and at least one more really good killing frost is guaranteed. But my yard has thawed deeply enough that it is no longer a swamp, some early starters are on their way, and it's time to clean up and prepare for the full-on spring madness.

As always, click on the image to get a larger image.

First, the ...
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libri hactenus acquisiti

SEE NOW http://phileleutherus.fortunecity.co.uk/Booklist1.html

"with a new season comes a new booklist update," as the old saying runs. so here is the most recently updated version of my own list. the posting of it does somewhat transgress the bounds of vanity in certain respects, but i flatter myself that the number of interesting queries picked up here and via google merit its being updated once more.
as ever, i am interested to see the Classics sets ...
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Orphic Hymns

Does anyone know where I can find the Hymns of Orpheus in Greek? Thanks in advance.

Chris Weimer
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a challenge

name as many Latin words as you can think of which comply with these three restrictions:

I. must contain the letter F
II. must not begin with the letter F
III. must not be prefixed or suffixed; hence suffragium, nefas, lucifer, etc. are disqualified.
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Kh\r o(/t' e)pe/lqh| moi kama/twn yuxh\n a)polu/sein,
   mh/ti m' e)/ruke qea=j qapto/menon ne/kui+.
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help with homework checking

Hi there. I'm studying latin on my own, and would like if some of you could gently help me with my homework.
I just want to know if I have got anything wrong. Recommendations are welcome.

(sempronia tells stories to the devoted girls)
Sempronia fabulam dictat puellis sedulae.

(students obey the teacher)
discipulae obtemperant magistrae.

(the lady orders the slaves)
domina seruis imperat.

(the teacher tells stories to the students)
magistrae fabulas discipulis narrant.

(Livia ...
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