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Hi, I've noticed that some of you have mentioned old norse from time to time. I never had the faintest interest in it...until a few hours ago when I was stricken by northern beauty. Pray tell me where you've learned the language, what best books are etc. I'm fascinated!
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Is everything really relative?

I am interested in relativism and in answering the question above...

I would like to read your thoughts about it...

Thanks.... :D
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Epicurus in lingua Latina - et in Graeca?

Hi all,

I am reading one of Seneca's Epistulae morales (#2) and he quotes )Epi/kouroj. The latin phrase goes:

honesta, inquit, res est laeta paupertas

Can anyone tell me what the Greek original is?

Cheers :)
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How do I address the pope?

Papae Benedicto XVI salutem? :lol:

I'm not sure. Who is?
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Beati Pauperes!!!


Hello everyone. I am a beginner in Latin. I loved it since I was a child because my grand-grand father was a fluent speaker. However, he died when I was quite young and I forgot all I had learned so far. He was one of my best mentors.

My native language is Spanish and I am kind of new to English. I began learning it two years ago when I moved to the United ...
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Nice Version of Vulgate

vulsearch.sourceforge.net has been around for a long time with a downloadable program to display the Vulgate, but they have recently released a very nice html version online that allows you to either search or browse. They also have a pdf version that is fully searchable (i.e., real text, not scanned images).

Here is the link for those interested:

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Reading Original Classical Texts


I have been a Latin student for four years, but even having translated and studied huge chunks of De bello Gallico, the Aeneid, Carmina Catvlli, Metamorphoses, and the Amores (I have studied and translated about thirty-five hundred verses of Latin poetry within the last two years.), I still have not developed my comprehension skills to the point where I can read works without translating on paper and parsing in my head.

My question is ...
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Classical Philosophy

Hello everyone,

I am a graduate student studying classical political philosophy and the university I attend does not have very good resources for me to learn ancient greek. I am particularly interested in reading Plato and Aristotle, and rendering literal translations from the greek. I have worked my way through the Hanson and Quinn, Crosby and Schaeffer, and Athenaze books. I have a pretty solid understanding of the basics. I am hoping someone here would ...
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Books in ancient Greek

How many books can we read in ancient greek?
What books can we buy now?
I know there are many translated books, but I don't want them.
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Latin textbooks and learning method

Is anyone here familiar with these books?
If so, are they any good?

I think (without having read them) that this method could be realy helpful complimenting teadious grammar exercises, that, without being in any context, don't give feel for or skill in practical usage of the language.

Please, do share your thoughts!
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