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New method for learning/teaching Greek. Feedback desired.

Hello all,

I'm developing a novel way to teach and learn Greek. I have a website where this method can be explored.


You need a Polytonic Greek unicode font to be able to read the stories. There are links on the site where you can download them.

My approach is to teach paradigms and vocabulary in a story context. The user can interact with controls and select things like plural/singular, 1,2 and 3rd person, ...
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I found a great helps site with handouts for BBG

Hi all I found a site with wonderful help for us studying Bill's book. It has handouts, quiz's, vocab study pages, reading help. Just a really great find. I don't know if you all know about it, but it was a gold mine for me.
Look through the site there is a lot of things there.
God bless, Jimmy Montesano

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Summary of Livy?

Does anyone know where I can find a short summary of each of the extant books of Ab Urbe Condita? I'm trying to select something to read from Livy for a class and I need help picking a passage.

Thanks in advance!
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More Hansen + Quinn questions..

Just making sure I understand what's going on.

H+Q Unit 4 English to Greek exercises:
1. If the poet writes a good book about battle, the young men will dissolve the peace.

e)a\n o( poihth\j a)gaqo\n bibli/on peri\ th=j ma/xhj grayh|, oi( neani/ai th\n ei)rhnhn lu/sousin.

2. If you (pl.) should sacrifice animals to the gods, we would stop the war.

ei) zw=|a toi=j qeoi=j qu/aite, to\n po/lemon pau/saimen.

3. If I had guarded the ...
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General translation

I'm very new to Latin, and am questioning my translation of general texts. So I tried translating the following...did it come out right? :) I'd appreciate some help! Thanks!

"Agricola et vitam et fortunam nautae saepe laudat; et poeta vitam et agros agricolae laudat. Sine philosophia avari viri de pecunia sempercogitant: multam pecuniam habent, sed pecunia multa virum avarum non satiat."

Translation: "The famer often praises the ...
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Real poetry

The other day I was so bored that I actually read something. Not in English of course but a poem in french. It was excellent about two lovers reunited in a mansion yard but one was declining it; this was sad and touched me for a reason. I can so much more easily feel the rhythm and beauty of french poetry than the strict latin ooh you can replace that with a spondee. I read ...
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Self-introduction: Phylax

Chairete eveyone!

Please may I introduce myself? I am Phylax (the closest I could get to a Greek word corresponding to my rather Anglo-Saxon actual name!!!).

I have been besotted by Classical Greek history and culture for as long as I can remember. I did Latin and Ancient History at school, and later learnt New Testament Greek at university, but always wished I had learnt Attic properly and thoroughly - I'm afraid I was never ...
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Help someone?

I'm new to this forum and honestly said, I'm terrible at latin. So I need some help in translating this sentence: "In Eternal Dying State"
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There is a pocket lexicon of new testament Greek. As far as I can tell, this is the only dictionary available at Textkit.

There are some really in-depth dictionaries that are out of copyright. I'd really like to see things like this.
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Hi there

Hello all, I've been poking around a bit and like what you've done to the place.

I'm a fairly advanced student of both Latin and Greek (8 years Greek, 6 years Latin) so I hope to be able to contribute as well as asking my own questions.
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