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help with aeneid 3 translation.

hello chaps, having trouble with a few lines:

3.354/355: aulai medio libabant pocula Bacchi
impositis auro dapibus, paterasque tenebant.

here's what I've got: "they were pouring out cups of wine in libation in the middle of the courtyard..." then i get confused.

"after the feasts had been laid in gold, and they were holding their dishes"??

3.363: et cuncti suaserunt numine divi Italiam petere...

"and all the gods urged me (in their divinity??) to seek ...
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Moderator's Position Open

As most of you know, I have my own forum listed in my signature. I've been wanting to expand it a bit, so now I'm out looking for moderators. The only requirements are that you are proficient in what you are moderating (I assume most here are proficient at Latin?) and can sign on at least two or three times a week. The latter part is not absolutely necessary, but preferred, as one of the ...
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Wheelock's Ch. 6 translations

I just finished translating the English "Practice and Review" questions to Latin, and checked my answers against Benissumus' answer key. I seem to have gotten the cases, number and gender right, as well as the tenses of verbs, but the order in some of them deviated significantly from what Benissumus has in the answer key.

I know that Latin in word order is quite malleable, but I just wanted to check that I wasn't missing ...
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Vulgate Usage Question


Anyone have any idea how autem is being used in the following verse from John 1 of the Vulgate, amabo te? I checked an online dictionary and found "on the other hand, but, however, etc" but it doesn't make sense per what I understand the verse to say

quotquot autem receperunt eum dedit eis potestatem filios Dei fieri his qui credunt in nomine eius

Semper fidelis,

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w00t! it's my golden birthday!

So yeah, I'm 17 on the 17th hehe. What a day, final exams for a present! Anyway, a thought just occured to me. Did the Romans celebrate birthdays? And if they did, were there special ones they counted like the elevenses (sp?) in Britain, the Golden Birthday, and the Sweet 16?

random thought-my cat has lost her sense of depth perception and all things physical except my smell. ...
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Aoidoi.org, new text: Sappho 96

A mere five and half strophes, this is a somewhat difficult text, made more difficult by the gaps - we know it from a single parchment. Most of the fairly certain text is devoted to an extended simile which is quite a)/bron.

"As when the moon outshines the stars," Sappho 96. I comment on all the difficult Aeolic forms, but you might want to briefly review the Aeolic dialect for the superficial changes.
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How to say

ONE: how am I supposed to find how to pronounce these words, like what do the vowels sound like?
TWO: how do I say the word and, or is?
THREE: I'm working with this site to get words, but how or when do I learn how to set up the sentences? I'm nowhere near ready for that, but is there a program to learn that?

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John 1:4 - Articles and Subject

John 1:4 - e)n au)tw|= zwh\ h}n, kai\ h( zwh\ h}n to\ fw=j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn.
In the second clause, it seems obvious that "life" is the subject, but grammatically, how is this known since the predicate nominative has the article aswell?

also, in the first clause, is the article missing to show that "life" here is qualitative?
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Alexander the Great?

Hi, I'm a beginner at this stuff and I have some questions abot Alexander the Great, can anyone help me?
Are there any records of Alexander's voyage to India?
What dialect is Plato's dialogues in?
Are there any texts regarding the Olympic religion?
Where are Heracles, Jason and the Argonauts etc etc, those well-known Greek legends from?
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Taxonomical Latin

Scientists use Latin labels to classify animals, plants, and fungi into families, orders, classes, phyla, kingdoms etc.

Families of animals end in –idae, for example:

Felidae: the cat family
Equidae: horse, zebras asses
Hominidae: the family to which humans belong.

The classes of plants have the same ending, e.g. the class Asteridae.

I’ve always wondered where they got this –idae suffix from and what it means. Is it Greek or something, cos I know Latin ...
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