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You're welcome

saluete omnes

Does anyone know how to say "you're welcome" in Latin? I have no phrase book and my dictionary does not offer much help. I mean "you're welcome" used as a reply when someone else says "thank you". Perhaps quaeso could do, as "je vous en prie" in French or "prego" in Italian.

tantas uobis gratias ago
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an indirect statement question

How would I express this?

"I hope that we see each other."

Spero nos uidere. ? or instead Nos spero nos uidere. ?

Moreover, how would I express the future, "I hope that we will see each other."? Nos spero nos uisuri esse. ?
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Foederatis Ciuitatibus Americae Septentrionalis


Something that never quite sat right with me was the Vatican's official name for the United States: Ciuitatibus Foederatis Americae Septentrionalis, litterally the "Federated States of North America," which for some reason is partly in ablative. I never liked that name. I've used it in my profile for a while since it's "official," but damned if it's pretty. unire I realize is a less common Latin verb, but it fits much better with the ...
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quick help on a quick sentence

my book wrote:primus omnium censum ordinauit, quid adhuc per orbem terrarum incognitus erat.

since "censum, -i" is (or at least my book and whitaker's words say so) neuter, wouldn't primus and incognitus have to match it? my book says seruius tullius was the first to run a census, and based on that I assume this is a Classical word.
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Fabula de filia regia et cicere

Ok, I'll have a shot at this. It is a translation - any comments welcome: on grammar, word choice, style etc. Thanks :)

fabula de filia regia et cicere

Quondam filius regis erat; filiam regiam cupiebat, sed filiam regiam uere esse oportebat. tum in orbi terrarum universo peregrinationes sucepi, ut illam inuenisset. at ubique uitia habebant; cum filiae regiae superessent, filias regias uere fuisse non persuasus erat. ...
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xai/rete w= Textkiti/oi!

Hi everyone! :)

I just joined recently because I've been teaching myself ancient Greek since this past Fall, and this board seems like a great place to learn and to practice my skills! :D So, what can I say about myself - I live in Arizona with relatives and our 3 cats, I'm 24, self employed, and am ...
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"Ob" and "in"

I've noticed there seem to be a great many prefixes to Latin words that do not have their origins in prepositions; one such example which continues to baffle me is "ob-" such as in obseruare.

And another conundrum that has left me answerless is the use in Latin of the suffix "in-" to mean either a reinforcement of the root word, or its exclusion; e.g., incantare, yet inaequalitas. Indeed! the distinction becomes even less clear, ...
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Independent Studying

Salvete omnes,

For the past year i have been studying both 1st year Latin with a teacher and class. I have been quite successful for my first year. Latin renewed my interest in languages. I bought Greek and Italian textbooks, so that I could study these two languages independently. I thought without a class I would work better because I could focus on my individual weaknesses. However, to my surprise my studies proved to be ...
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New School Motto

The school where I work has annoyed me for the umpteenth time, so I want to come up with a motto.

I was thinking: Excellence in mediocrity!

Translation: Virtus in mediocrium.

Would that be correct?
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