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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen !

Please, when posting to this forum, how can I get a proper hypertext link, I mean you just click here and you are brought to an URL. I think it would be useful if the url is long.

Regards and thanks,
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Catulli carmen XIII

Fabulle, deipnhseij trapezh| 'mh| kallwj,
qewn ge xarisontwn, di' o)ligou, ea)n ferh|j
kallouj te kai pollouj sitouj seauton, ou)k
a)neu e(tairaj eu)prepouj tou, kai topou
te kai d' e)pisthmhj te kai pantwn gelwn
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How many languages is it practical to learn at once?

Lately, I have been finding there are more and more languages that I want to learn; definately more than it is practical to study at once. I am currently studying Japanese and Latin, and am a novice at both of them. I think I might be able to handle a third language, but I don't want to find myself confusing the rules of one language with the rules of another. The languages I wish to ...
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A Pygmalion-esque Elegy

This is my very first attempt at composing Latin poetry, which previously I'd thought too daring a task as I can't even compose prose properly. Anyway, I spent about an hour composing this elegy. I'm not very confident in the validity of the poem's grammar, diction, and meter: hence, I'm posting it for criticism.

Suffocatae herbosorum fumo puellae
oppidi expelluntque oraque tusses pudor;
tam cupidus sum ego ut oppidum relinquam
et quae faciant honore puellas ...
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Politically correct plural adjective agreement?

I came across the following sentences in First Latin Lessons by Parsons and Little, 1926:

Pueri et puellae Siciliae ieiunae erant. (=hungry)
Viri et feminae Siciliae non sunt mali. (=bad)
Pueri et puellae sunt ieiunae.

I came across the 'same' sentences in First Latin Lessons (revised and enlarged - and partly based on the earlier book) by Breslove and Dale, 1938:

Pueri et puellae Siciliae ieiunae erant.
Viri et feminae Siciliae non sunt malae.
Pueri ...
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firefox and homepage

I just installed Firefox.
Just before the installation was completed I had a choice to make 'Firefox start' (or something like that) my home page. I unchecked the box and then continued.
It ended up being my home page anyway.
I went to the site that I want as my home page (Sympatico), clicked on 'make this page my homepage' with out any result.
Is there something obvious that I am doing wrong?
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V's and U's

I've seen the following combinations of letters used by various Latin texts and scholars: V's and U's (virumque), just V's (virvmqve), just U's (uirumque). Which letter scheme is correct?

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de passeride psittaculaque

This is a poem I started. It scans in dactylic hexameter and its about my two birds. I'm still working on it but here it is so far. Please tell me what you think. I don't do english-latin that often so my sentences are simple. Once I get more practice and more into this poem it should get more complex.

olim erat passer nomine Charlius Jackson.
hic passer cenat insectes seminesque multes.
amica est sibi ...
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Beginner Question

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in the Greek forum. I just started studying Greek. I've been studing Latin for a year. Anyways, I'm presently learning the alphabet and I came upon Nu and Upsilon. I am very confused by the second form of these two characters; they look identical to me. How do I discern Nu from Upsilon?

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I think I'm abandoning my learning of Latin

I've come to the point where after a year a Latin, I feel like wasting my time. My teacher really hasn't inspired me to want to learn the language. She almost seems kind of neutral about it. Not that Latin isn't a beautiful and interesting language, but there are other languages that I wish to focus on. These are at the present time, Spanish and Hebrew. I do not know whether or not I will ...
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