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Roman numerals

Could someone with some knowledge of Roman numerals please help me figure out how to say 260972? :?
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Argh... lost book

Last week I saw a fantastic old little book which listed all the possible endings for parts of the Greek verb and parsed them. Great I thought. I'll buy it next time when I have some money on me.

This week is was gone! NOooooooooooooooooooooo!

Does anyone know what this book is called so I can track it down?
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Stephen Duffy, The Way to Greek and Xenophon's Anabasis

Last week I came across a used book from the 1950s which is a beginners edition of Anabasis, prepared by Stephen V. Duffy.

He also wrote a Greek language textbook, called "The Way to Greek." I've seen a copy, and it's quite a nice book. I'd like to get a copy for myself, but haven't seen one for sale. Any ideas?
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Caesar Gallic War I.3

"In eo itinere, persuadet Castico, Sequano, cuius pater regnum in Sequanis moltos annos obtinuerat et a senatu 'populi Romani amicus' appellatus erat, ut regnum in civititate sua occuparet quod pater habuerat"


"On that journey, he persuaded Casticus, a Sequanian, whose father had held a kingdom among the Sequanians for many years and had been named by the senate "friend of the Roman people", to seize the kingdom in his state ...
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Textkit down

hi everyone, if you were trying to reach Textkit over the weekend - sorry.

The server went down and because I was moving I had no way of knowing it was down and getting it restarted - my bad :oops:

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Theos hn o logos: God, godly or divine?

Can I translate

Theos hn o logos: the Word was divine ?

Instead of The Word was God?

False friends

Latin is a deceptive beast.There it is, written in words we can so easily recognise-even having the decency to be written in our own alphabet.But set about translating and you soon find you are not dealing with any pushover. There are so many words that have a similar look to English words which you think you can skim over -"guess it,it can't be far wrong"-then you just lose the whole flow of the sentence.Later you ...
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So...anyone going to see Troy?

I'm going to view this with an open mind. I have no objections so far, because I haven't seen it. I also know that Hollywood isn't going to make a movie about the Trojan War without a Trojan Horse; I can live with that, even if it didn't happen at the same point of the war as the Iliad does.

So, pre-release thoughts, anyone? Comments? Questions? Horror stories?
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Songs to help learn Latin

When my mom took Latin (way, way back in the 1930's ! ! !), she learned cute little songs that helped her remember some of the rules for conjugation and declension endings. But now she can't remember any of them. Anybody out there learn this kind of stuff? Mom says they were songs that were popular at the time, they just altered the words.
Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I am a newcomer, just registered a few days ago.

This is a great board you folks have here. The participants seem to be a mix of very experienced people and new learners too. I think this kind of mixing is good for everyone.

I also like the fact that board hosts philosophical and mathematical discussions, along with the posts on grammatical and textual topics.

I studied Latin and Greek in high school ...
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