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two terms


I do not know greek language, but I have to determine the exact meaning of two terms. The terms are "dsa" and "dei". One could find them in the following (Aristotle, "Topica",VII):

(Sorry for writing without accents)
"... dsa gar qateron categoreitai, xai qateron categoreisqai dei".

The meaning is something like "for all that is predicated of the one should be also predicated of the other" (Aristotle is giving a definition for "sameness").
Thank ...
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I'm planning to learn Greek soon, but the many different dialects confuse me. I wonder two things.

a) How big are the differences? If I learn for example Attic, will I then be able to understand, say, Koine?
b) Which dialect is the most common? Which dialect is spoken here at Textkit, or are all of them used here?

I'd really appreciate some replies on this.

Also, which book available from Textkit should I use?
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Subject or accusative?

In the sentence:

Non debes officia deorum desiderare

officia could be accusative or nominative plural. I was thinking it was accusative as officia is what ought not to be desired (debes is working on officia). If that is the case then what is the subject since nothing else is in the nominative?
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Relativitatis Anniversarium

Dubito num qui physicistae praeter me hoc forum frequentent. Forsitan ergo ignoretis anno 2005 celebrari anniversarium maximi momenti, quod ad scientistas sicut me ipsum pertineat.

Hoc anno centum anni elapsi sunt cum Albertus Einstein, scientista celeberrimus, aliquot scientificos libellos gravissimos divulgavit, inter quos erat praeclarus libellus in quo Theoria Relativitatis Specialis primo explicabatur.

Hanc theoriam magnopere amo, quae tam formosa sit quam elegans. Re vera ego theoriam relativitatis multo facilius comprehendere possum quam, exempli gratia, ...
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Homeric Greek word order


I'm in between Lesson III and IV in Pharr's book and it suddenly dawned upon me that I have no idea how I'm actually performing the translations. :) What I mean to say exactly is that I can do a "best fit" word order translation from greek to english, but when going from english to greek, I have no idea about the word order in greek. Does the verb come first? Last? Anywhere? Adjective ...
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241? really?

I see that the most users ever online is listed at 241!
(It was at +/- 35.) Is this correct? Amazing that the site did not have a meltdown.
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A Homeric Moment.

"Thus on the other hand he at least naturally indeed spoke saying."
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Missing accusative?

In the sentence below:

Phoebus filium monet, sed puer magna pericula non videt.

I see why filius is in the accusative (it is the d.o. of monet) but in the second half of the sentence, puer and pericula are both nominative. Wouldn't pericula be accusative, as it is what I would think be the d.o. of videt?
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Mounce Tips?

Just curious,

For those who are using or have used Mounce's BBG,

1) What did you consider the faults of the book?

2) What was the most difficult Chapter?

3) What Kind of Pace did you keep (whether in a school or self study)?


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Very important!!!!!

The Rector of our university (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) decided to do away with Ancient Greek, Italian (our third national language!) and some other topics.
If you want to support the students and assistants of Ancient Greek trying to fight against that decision, please sign the PETITION online http://www.duplain.ch
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

I just got this message of a professor at that university, I think we should all sign this petition and also pass ...
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