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Definite Article

Just curious, who were the geniuses who came up with the definite article? I've heard that Greek was among the first of the Indo-European languages, but I know that Hebrew had a definite article presumably before that since Moses wrote the Pentateuch around 1500 B.C.
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Substantive adjectives

Can a masculine (or feminine) adjective functioning substantivally be translated as a concept, or only a person? For instance, could agaqoj be translated as "good" or "goodness" if the context allows, or must it be rendered "a good man/one"?
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I am tempted to spread my pencil further afield from hexameter & iambics, have found a DH Lawrence WW1 poem that looks like it would work in Greek, mebbe even Latin too if I get on a roll. Can someone fill out some details on glyconics please... I only know what is in OCD and Goodwin's Greek Grammar.

Paul McK
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Goodwin's Syntax up for ebay auction

here is a great book up for auction. Goodwin's Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verbs.

Starting price 1 buck, no bids. Ends soon.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... eName=WDVW

I don't know who this seller is - so buyer beware. I would pay up to $35 for an ebay auction for this book.

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Learning modern and ancient Greek at the same time: do-able?

Who has experience with studying modern and ancient Greek at the same time? Can that be done without mixing the two up too much?

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Housman Epitaph Part 1

a)ll' e)dafoi g' e)fugon ghj, piptei d' ou)ranoj. h)dh
misqoforeit' ai)nwj. h)lqete kai qanete.

a variation on
Epitaph to an Army of Mercenaries
A E Housman

... not too sure about ending the pentameter with a short, but I think Zenodotos does in his 'A Statue of Love' (among others).

Paul McK
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Need a translation of a sentence from Pliny


"Libros Naturalis Historiae, novicium Camenis Quiritium tuorum opus, natos apud me proxima fetura licentiore epistula narrare constitui tibi, iucundissime Imperator; sit enim haec tui praefatio, verissima, dum maximi consenescit in patre."

Thanks in advance,
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Click "here"

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen !

Please, when posting to this forum, how can I get a proper hypertext link, I mean you just click here and you are brought to an URL. I think it would be useful if the url is long.

Regards and thanks,
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Catulli carmen XIII

Fabulle, deipnhseij trapezh| 'mh| kallwj,
qewn ge xarisontwn, di' o)ligou, ea)n ferh|j
kallouj te kai pollouj sitouj seauton, ou)k
a)neu e(tairaj eu)prepouj tou, kai topou
te kai d' e)pisthmhj te kai pantwn gelwn
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How many languages is it practical to learn at once?

Lately, I have been finding there are more and more languages that I want to learn; definately more than it is practical to study at once. I am currently studying Japanese and Latin, and am a novice at both of them. I think I might be able to handle a third language, but I don't want to find myself confusing the rules of one language with the rules of another. The languages I wish to ...
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