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Unit Six - Reading

I'd love if someone could help me with the first adapted Cicero text presented in this book, at Unit Six. Here's my best translation (it's terrible), but I haven't gotten the meaning yet.

i desire, senators, i am pious, i desire i am not seen in so many dangers in this town, but now i condemn myself for laziness and worthlessness.
a camp is in italy against the roman people, located in the mountains of ...
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The Celator

The Celator
© Copyright 2000 by Michael E. Marotta
<Caius Marius Mercurialis>

If you have the slightest interest in ancient coins, The Celator is the best buy you can make. You will find 100 to 150 dealer advertisements in each issue. The magazine runs three or more features and three or more regular columns each month.

US Domestic subscriptions are $27 per year. Foreign subscriptions are US$48 per year; and Canada US$30. You can get ...
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help with a translation

im after several opinions about the translation of the following:
Ama me fideliter, Fidem meam noto, Decorde totaliter, Et ex mente tota, Sum presentialiter, Absens in remota

i have a rough translation but would like confirmation:

Love me faithfully, See how I am faithful, With all my Heart, and all my Soul, I am with you, even though I am far away

any help would be gratefully recieved
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Roman Dates

Is there a way to convert our dates into a Roman format? I am specifically trying to convert October 19th, 2004 into a more Roman format, though I would obviously not be naming the year by the consuls.

I found this website, but I'm not sure how accurate it is.
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using search engines for linguistic phenomena

I was a little impatient to confirm this issue I had with French so I went to google and did a search for "bel héros" and "beau héros". "bel héros" had 172 results and "beau héros" had about 597 results. I wanted to find out if the aspirated h rule was actually followed by native speakers when dealing with irregular adjectives like beau, mou, etc. I guess I can't assume the majority rule is always ...
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Nova Roma

This has come up only once, so I mention it here in a topic:


"Because ancient Rome stands as the bedrock of western civilization...
Because Roman Virtues mean more than Family Values...
Because the Gods of Olympus are calling..."

Dedicated to the restoration
of classical Roman
religion, culture and virtues.
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Newby with problems

Hey folks,

I have been visiting Textkit for some time and have finally decided to join the forum (apt name that it is for this website). I am a "non-traditional' student (read 'old') that has left the world of engineering for English Literature with the intent of gaining a PhD in that field. So what am I doing here? Even though I spent two years in Panama and could have easily used it as my ...
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Translation into Ancient Greek: Philosophical Sophistry

How would it look? Thanks. Also, I utilize MS Word 'symbols' to type out ancient greek, is that what others use?

Someone can shoot me an e-mail w/ an MS Word attachment at ardentphilosopher@gmail.com

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Help, How do you know what is the noun's each case like?

I mean, how to form a noun's five cases. Is there any rules for that? :oops:
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My first Elegaic Couplet

gh=j d / a0palh=j propa/roiqe pro\ d / ou0rano/qen poliou= te/
dendrw=n me\n korufa\j mikrh\ e)ou=sa q / o(rw=

It took several days to compose this. Even now I wonder if there is a metrical problem in the last hemiepe. I know hiatus is not allowed, but I am relying on the rule in Pharr 1173 to make it scan. Since I am trying to imitate an earlier rather than later poet, is this ...
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