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Star Wars...

Am I the only one from textkit that watched it today? :hides:
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Help in Greek Morphology

Hi all,

I have a test coming up in my Greek class and part of that test concerns morphology.

I worry a bit about the verbs: I sometimes have a hard time identifying irregular verbs. It is not easy to know for example that ei)=pon is the aoristus of fhmi/ or that oi)/sw is the future indicative of fe/rw...

Now I have a list of some difficult stems but it doesn't cover many verbs.

Any ...
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I don't know what the words stand for, "Id", "Il", "Ib".
Please tell me what they mean.
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Cicero in Greek

Salvete omnes

I just discovered in my Greek studies that Cicero in Greek is Kike/rwn.

Now, I am having a friendly dispute with one of my Italian buddies who keeps challenging my pronunciation of the Latin C.

I think the Greek translitteration of the Latin Cicero is compelling evidence. The Greeks used a kappa not a sigma... So far I've had to go on authority - now I can "prove" my point.

Any other good ...
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I have been asked the meaning of the Vulgar Latin ronea, but am unable to find it in the resources available to me. Does anyone know?
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5th Declension nouns

Salve omnes,

How many nouns are there of the 5th declension? Most textbooks I've seen usually use dies and res as examples of 5th declension nouns. Then my book goes on to say that most nouns of the 5th declension are feminine. How can this be if there are so few nouns of the 5th declension?

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Translating "please close the door" to Latin

Singular:? ianuam adoperi!
Plural:? ianuam adoperite!

My question mark represents please, because I don't know what the Lstin word is.

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Quo consolante doleres!

Hi all!

I have a question on the grammar of this sentence:

Quo consolante doleres! (Ovid, Met. I, 360)

Quis tibi, si sine me fatis erepta fuisses
nunc animus, miseranda, foret? Quo sola timorem
ferre modo posses? Quo consolante doleres!

It should be translated as: Who would comfort you when you felt sad? ---Is that right?

The main idea lies in Abl. abs. "quo consolante", doens't it? How is this phenomenon grammatically called?

Thanks in ...
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Middle English

Is anyone here familiar with this language? (Or is it a dialect?)
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locus antiquus difficilis

I am reading the first passage, "Disillusionment", and I have come upon a word that I can not figure out:

Miser Catulle, desinas ineptire,
et quod vides perisse perditum ducas.

The word 'perisse' is proving a challenge. It looks like a perfect active infinitive, but for what verb I don't know.

Magna cum gratia,
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