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copyright infringement issues about using Wheelock material?

To Whomever might know--
There is a new Wheelock mailbox, for which I am very grateful to William Annis and others, however, what are the copyright infringement issues as far as using Wheelock material? Everything else used here is in the public domain, but HarperCollins owns Wheelock. Is the "mailbox" free from these concerns, since it is not an "official" group as such? Please post replies or contact me at:

christophershelt@netscape.com ...
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Oxford Latin Dictionary on CD-ROM

This news is making the rounds on the Classics listservs, so I thought I'd post it here, too. Disclosure: I work for Logos Research Systems, so I have an interest in the success of this project. But I think anyone who studies Latin can see the value in having an electronic edition of this inestimable reference work. :)

Logos Research Systems Announces Project to Digitize Oxford Latin ...
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Quick question: is the negative imperative always formed with "noli" or "nolite" and then the infinitive? e.g., noli abire! "don't go!" Is it ever formed with simply "non"? : non abi!

Gratias uobis mille ago.
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Latin Font

What is the best font to use when typing latin?

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English Grammar Question

"We'll go no more a-roving" (Lord Byron)

What is the a- prefix?
A poetic license to fill the missing beat?
Is it used outside poetry?
Would you use it only in front of a verb?
Isn't it different from the prefixes in astern and amiss?
Is it comparable to the suffix in daddy-o?

Many a-thank-yous.
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Saluete! I've been wondering about which case to use with the measuring word in a sentence like, "the rampart is five feet tall," uallum quinque pedes altum est. Now, those "pedes," are those in the accusative or the nominative? I thought for sure measure words were in the accusative until I read, decem anni longus est tempus, where the "anni" clearly are in the nominative. Is it different with the measurement of time, or is ...
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We had an earthquake two days ago!

it was 5.6 on the Richter Scale and the epicenter was 23 miles NNE of Dillon at 10:08 last night. It was freaky but way cool, at first I thought my dog was trying to drag the couch across the room or something but she was laying in the kitchen! I have never felt anything like it in my life! it was sort of slow, not fast like you see on tv, and it sort ...
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38 Stories for Wheelock - Groton


Does anyone know where I can find the translations for 38 Stories (often cited as a supplement to Wheelock)? If it isn't available, any Latin experts up to the task?

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Am I the only one who's slow?

Fellow members: I have a problem I'm REALLY concerned about. I have studied Greek off-and -on for about 10 years (I have a B.A. in Classics), & I am now tutoring Greek a little, while completing the language teacher cert. program-and I STILL have to look up fairly common Greek verb-forms (I mean simple indicatives, & also forms of eimi-"to be")!! Is this normal? I can't help but wonder what's wrong-after all I 've seen ...
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Attic -> Koine


I plan to study Attic through a first semester intermediate level, for my BA requirements. I plan to finish Chase and Phillips then take a distance class on Attic next spring. However I am also thinking of a backup plan with Koine. Say I finish that year of Attic, but I cannot find that 201 class. Would I be able to take a 201 Koine class in the spring and pass (there are always ...
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