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would this work: domi/in domo convivari for "to feast in the house"?
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suffix -ides

What's the etymology of the suffix -ides,
like in names e.g. Aristides, Archimides, Euclides, or even the Dorian Leonidas?

(I hope am correct saying -idas is another form of -ides...)
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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

I'm trying to put Humpty Dumpty in A.Greek.
Kufo/paxuj tei/xw| e(/zet'.
Kufo/paxuj kate/pese.
pa\nq' i(/ppoi a)/ndre/s te basile/oj
ou)\ du/nant' au)= to\n suntiqh/menai.

I beg your corrections and advices. Vocabs, syntax, meters, everything.
Thanks in advance!
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I've got a list of enclitics from a book available here (bennett's "a latin grammar") and this is it:

-que, -ne, -ue, -ce, -met, -dum, -cum

I've searched these fora and the web, and got no explanations except for the -que and -ne particles, and loosely for the -ue. could someone show me examples using each one of those enclitics, and explain their functions to me?
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Numeralia Graeca: 20307?

xai/rete w)= so/foi

I am speculating about how the Greeks wrote numbers. My grammar is not much help in that regard.

I understand they used the letters, but I am not quite sure how the system works. Are Greek numeralia like the Roman numeralia?

Specifically, I want to write 20.307. What would that be?

Thanks :D
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uncial latin script font


I'm trying to make a font that resembles latin uncial script. I've only seen some pictures of hand-copied scripts, and in none of them did I see periods and commas. I ask myself why did Greek have punctuations and lower-case letters and the Romans did not. Anyway, if anyone knows how were Roman's punctuations drawn, please tell me.

Right now all I have is what can be seen in the pictures below. The commas ...
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Hello all! I'm Emily. I had no idea that such a wonderful thing as a website+forum about Latin existed, so I was very happy to be given a link to this place.

I've been learning Latin for nearly a year and a half now, and a week today I'm taking a Higher exam in it. (Scottish equivalent of English A-levels. Big exam, anyway.) For it, I've studied parts of Cicero's In Verrem V and parts ...
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Hello everyone!!!

I am quite interested in Russian Literature and many people have told me about the poet Alexander Pushkin. I haven't read him, so I was wondering if anyone of you have, because I would really appreciate your comments on it.

Well, wishing you a great day,

I must finish my vocabulary test for Latin Vocabulary here in Textkit
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Quote for a Bad Teacher

Just wondering if anyone could give me some help with this:

I have an English class with a teacher who marked my final grade down today from an A to a B based on "who I am" even though I had earned an A through the coursework. She told me that despite my work this semester, I didn't deserve an A because of my attitude toward the class. To get to the point, we are ...
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Declension of "Lucas"

Saluete! chairete! I was wondering how the name "Lucas" or the like might by declined in Latin, and also how the equivalent, original Greek "Loukas" might as well. Would anyone know?
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