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His verbis feci ut Steven (benissimus) vomiret

Consuetum sermonem cum haberemus,

Is edidit e sanguine crucem

atque ego aegre ferens femellas respondi e vagina tenax album paulumve viride ius

Subito Steven ex sermone vomiens discessit! Quid mali?
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Translation challenge

I was thinking about my feeble efforts on the Koine board, and it came to me, a perfect translation sentence:

Poetry is what's lost in translation.

Latin or Greek.

I'll post my Greek rendition in a few days.
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Little translation help

Hello all!

I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to translate a few sentences from a AngrA song. Here they are:

Salve ara, salve victima
De passionis gloria
Qua vita mortem pertulit
Et morte vitam reddidit

Unfortunately, I can't provide you any translation trials I have made, because my vocaulary knowledge related to these sentences is "ara" and "victima".
If you can't (or even don't want to) translate it. You could provide the meaning ...
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Declension of Greek Names

Does anyone know how to decline Greek names of the type Echo -us, Dido -us? My dictionary has the '-us' in the genitive of Dido marked as having a long 'u', but not the other one, so there might be two declensions here. Gratias ago.
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Top 3 of Loeb?

What will be the best selection from the Loeb series if you're to win the Ides of March Contest and you picked up the Book Lot number 1?

I don't even have the full list of Loeb series and do not know which book is the most worthy to have on your shelves and read in all the leisure time you have.
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Speed up Acrobat startup

Acrobat 6.0.2 is really bloated and I've been resenting it since 5. I didn't have much to do today and I was poking around for acrobat hacks and I found this nifty trick.

http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm? ... 929&page=1

I would not trust his advice to put all plugins in the optional folder, but I would be conservative and put plugins that you hardly ever use in the optional folder. (However I'm ...
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New Text Available for Ancient Greek Text Manager

Hi All,

For those of you using AGTM, I have lately posted Women of Trachis by Sophocles.

It is available at greekgeek.org.


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My high school's language department is SAD. (long rant)

In the THIRD YEAR French class, most of the students can't do comparatives i.e. "La maison est plus grande que la voiture" (The house is bigger than the car) , and the teacher was harping about how it was so difficult to master. Excuse me? French comparatives and superlatives are easy compared to say, English, where one has to know whether "The house is bigger than the car" or "The house is more big than ...
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Missing Exercise Answers to Latin Prose Composition

Salvete Omnes

Is there a reason why the answers to exercises 157 to 165, are missing from the answer key to North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition? I just double checked and those answers are missing from the key available here at TEXTkit. Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps they were missing from the original answer key???

Vale for now

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"We were born to lose"

Which of these is a proper translation for "we were born to lose"?

Nati sumus ut perdamus.
Nati sumus ut perderemus.

The first sentence relies on the fact that sumus is present, the second one on the fact that nati sumus is perfect. Which is correct?
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