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Conan Barbarus

De pelliculis cinematographicis loquamur.

Una ex pelliculis quae me maxime delectant est Conan Barbarus, quae etiamnunc est optima pellicula quam Arnold Schwarzenegger umquam fecit. Bona fabula narrata bene. Violentia grata. Musica praeclara. Adde quod in hac pellicula gubernator Califoriae serpentem ingentem gladio magno occidit. Quid pluris vultis?

Solum problema quod haec pellicula habet mea sententia est quod amica Conanis magnum nasum habet. Venustior actrix eligi debuit quae has partes ageret.

Constat alteram de Conane pelliculam, ...
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Additional Testing?


I am new to learning latin and am using Wheelock's to teach myself. I am only on chapter 2 and I think it's going alright.

I have been reading the posts here and they are incredibly helpful so thank you to all of you who have asked and answered questions!

So to my own question - Are there any online tests at all? I've been trying to find tests, that one might find in ...
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Dodgey deponant?

Hi, i am new here, i am a student at a Grammar School in England and I am studying Latin.

nascor, nasci, natus sum is a deponent verb, meaning to be born

But is to be born not passive? The passive of to give birth?

Therefore, how is it deponant?

Also, is it possible to indirectly conjugate the future subjunctive by having the present subjunctive and a future participle? Like sim facturus?

High Priest ...
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e^ d' he^

Hi everybody:
I' interested in the literal meaning of the locution in the subj., as found, e.g. in Plato, _Symp._ 206 a3, 205 c4.
The meaning is not a problem (translations are available), but the exact power of the "he^" here (as accented) puzzles me. None of its meanings that I could find in the dictionaries seems to fit.
Many thanks for any suggestions.
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w popoi, egw apracian teuxw , en anagignwskwn sun euglossiav thn Iliada Omeroj meta biblon dekaton. kai ei mh tinoj exei polun xronon, esti duspracian. Xrei anagignoskei bradewj sunienai. klinw epi idia glossav emou para tou loipov biblov thj iliadoj. egw epiqumew gignwskein to telon thn iliada, kai mh exw Xronon aianwj manqanein h anagignwskein.

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Love Power Strength...

I'm trying to make myself a pair of pants, and I want the Latin words for Love Power and Strength to be on them. The only problem is that I don't know what they are. I also can't figure out another good word to go with those, I'd like them to be symetrical, but knowledge doesn't seem to fit... If anyone can help me, I'd be really appreciative.
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Aoidoi - Haiku

After looking around on Will's website for a while I saw this haiku page. It seemed really interesting and I thought I'd give it a shot. The problem is I'm not too sure on my scansion. Since nothing teaches a lesson like public ridicule I thought I'd just post what I've come up with and let you guys walz over me. I've attempted to stick to this meter:

- u u - -
- - ...
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The high schoolers' grasp of first amendment.

is deplorable.

http://www.knightfdn.org/default.asp?st ... amend.html

Among its findings:
* Nearly three-fourths of high school students either do not know how they feel about the First Amendment or admit they take it for granted.
* Seventy-five percent erroneously think flag burning is illegal.
* Half believe the government can censor the Internet.
* More than a third think the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.
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te videbo mox?

Does this mean: "I am watching you?" Kinda scary sounding... :shock:
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Any Latin teachers out there?

I need to find a book on Latin teaching methodology to use as a text book in one of my Curriculum classes, so that I can get my Latin Teaching Certification. Any recommendations?

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