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latin & greek

I wonder what's the difference between Greek & latin?
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English->Latin Dictionary

Hi :)
Does anyone know anywhere on the net that I could find a English to Latin dictionary? I know there are many online ones to search for a specific word but I would like a list of English words with the Latin translations of them to print off.

If anyone can help I will be very grateful!
Thanks in advance
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Hello, I 'm new here^^

Hello everyone~~
I'm from Beijing, China, and I'm going to study for my master's degree in UK soon. My sinology professor always suggest me to learn Latin, but I have few time and there was no Latin class for new learners in Beijing until recent. I will have my first Latin class next Wednesday!
Happy Birthday to all!
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Help concerning the etymology of any Hellenic (Greek) word

I will gladly assist anyone who has a question about a Hellenic's origin word.
Pyros from Athens
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Latin Pronunciation

While I know that most text books devote a chapter or two to explaining the pronunciation of Latin, I am still baffled by the jargons. Also, I heard that there are different versions to pronounce Latin, is that true? And what is the 'ecclesiastical' one? Is that pretty much the way Italian is pronounced? If no, what's the difference? A million thanks.
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Attic and Homeric

I have a book on Attic greek, but I really would like to read homer. How different are both dialects? It's better to learn one after the other, or would be nice to learn both together? or just one?
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Quid and Quod

I'm having some trouble with the pronouns quid and quod. It seems to me that Wheelock's uses the former in places where it should use the latter. For example, I translate SA4 in chapter 30 (Nunc scio quid sit amor) as "Now I know what may be love." Shouldn't the Latin word for "what" be a relative pronoun instead of an interrogative?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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frequency list

Is there a list available that shows how often Homer used a particular word?
It would help in determining how much effort to put into memorizing that word.
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Please bear with me...

Why do infintives like 'to grow hungry' end in -r instead of -er?

This verb has not entered into my grammatical studies so far and muddles my translations!
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Happy Easter

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