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Duos Quaestiones ...

Salvete, amici! Diu absum, sed semper sum felix quando ad hunc locum revenio.

Quaestionem habeo, de declinatione de "-tio" nomines (aut "de nominibus"?); estne ita? :


et pluraliter:


Dissimilis esse debet, nonne?

Altrum questionem erat, quomodo dicit you're welcome in Latina? "Certe"? "De nihil"?

Multas gratias, amici!
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Additional study resource

I am using Wheelock and D'Ooge for main Latin studies but I have found "Latin for Dummies" a useful book to dip into between Wheelock and D'Ooge sessions. For example, there are sections on the Roman Calendar, Roman Army, Roman Government, Roman Entertainment, Roman Family and Social Status, Latin in Law, Latin in Medicine etc. etc. which collect lots of varied and useful items together under these headings.

This book may be a bit irreverent ...
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Continuing studies

Hello everyone!

I've been learning Ancient Greek for the past year as part of my course at university, using Athenaze books one and two (supplemented in the parts that they lack by my wonderful tutor!), but I'm planning on taking either some Latin modules or Ancient History modules instead of continuing onto Intermediate Greek next year to try and keep my breadth of study as wide as possible - when Greek takes 2 of your ...
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Using "The Art of Reading Latin"

I'm thinking about using the technique described in William Gardner Hale's lecture, "The Art of Reading Latin: How to Teach It" and I'm wondering how it might be done by those who are learning by self study.

As a quick summary of the technique (The article can be found in one of the links in the "Outside links of Interest" forum.): Hale proposes that students learn to read Latin as the Romans must have, word-by-word. ...
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Hello, I´m new here. I´m from Ecuador. I´ve been lerning Latin for 3 months nowwith a online course. Now, I´ve run into some confusion with the subjunctive. I´d appreciate help of any kind. Some exercises would help. Where can I find some exercises?
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Latin tools for Palm Pilots

The screen an my old Palm cracked when the Palm took a nosedive onto the floor of a bus, and the unit has not functioned ever since. I have just picked up a new replacement (yep, I skipped the old "new" one I never made the transition to) and am now looking for Latin tools for my new toy.... stuff like Latin vocabulary flash cards, Latin grammar, etc.

Do you have any favorites?
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A strange SP Ionic character

Can anyone tell me this character's purpose or function, please:


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JWW exercises, para 283, 285, 293, 295, 309, 311

some further translation suggestions -

1 the river is called Maiandros
2 the commander was waging an unjust war
3 you are treating the friends of Cyrus badly
4 for the soldiers used-to-love these rulers more than the others
5 Proxenos was not being wronged by Cyrus
6 you were ravaging the country of the satrap
7 with (the) shouting they create fear in the horses
8 again Cyrus asked, ?Was-I/were-they harming the man?? ...
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Pretzel Alert: GWB falls off bike.

George W. Bush falls off bike Saturday afternoon...suffers abrasions to his face, right hand and both knees. :(

Told about Bush's mishap, John Kerry replied, "Did the training wheels fall off?"


P.S. Ride safely. Don't drink and ride (especially while eating pretzels)!
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Does Size Matter, Or Is Bigger Better?


Everyone, especially the moderators, can breathe a sigh of relief -- it's not what you think. :)

This past week, my girlfriend sent me to the market to buy some capers so she can use as a garnish for one of her yummy vegetable dishes. At the market, I was befuddled by the wide assortment of caper sizes: small, medium, big and very big -- vow! ...
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