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I was wondering where the accent would fall on adestne; I realize -ne is enclitic, but I never actually thought about its effect on pronunciation in a combined word like that. Quid putatis?
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6th edition versus 6th edition revised

Is there any important difference between the 6th edition and 6th edition revised versions of Wheelock's? Is it worth upgrading to the revised edition?
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Nooooo, say it's not true

i've just got to perfect stems. i've been putting it off for a while, but i think there's really no avoiding the truth any more: is there really no way to derive it from the present stem? Not even to make an intelligent guess? Do i really have to learn my vocabulary twice? i can barely learn it once. Why did they make it so difficult? i don't believe it. Those evil Roman ***. i'll ...
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Want to be a Pharr guide anyone?

Some Textkitters have expressed some interest in starting another Pharr reading group.
The problem is that the more or less regular guides are going to suffer from burn-out if they were to get roped in to leading yet another group.
I am a "graduate" of the Pharr-a group. That does not necessarily qualify me to be a guide, but I think I would be able to do the work of a quide assistant. (I would ...
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Historical Information Circa 400 A.D


I'm wondering if anyone knows about any good websites about information concerning about 400 A.D and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. A Friend and I are planning on playing a semi-historical D&D game from about this period but our information is a little slim. Gratias Tibi Ago.
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Sound files for pronunciation

I have been using the Latin for Beginners by D'Ooge for a while now. While I feel comfortable so far with grammar, I am always left wondering if I am pronouncing the words correctly. Would there happen to be some downloadable sound files available on the net to work on pronunciations.

As someone who relies very heavily on listening to a foreign language to get a feel of things, in my Latin self study I ...
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I need a word...

how does one express in Greek the idea of "to exchange", meaning 'I give you and you give me at the same time; I give you something and you pay off with something'.

I guess it should be some prefixal derivative of "ameibesthai" or "allattein" or "didonai", but I can't figure it out right now... :(
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Hello!Please come here.

I am a Chinese boy.I am fourteen years old.I can't speak English well.But I want to learn Latin.At the forum,I can't understand any thing,because I can't speak English.Please help me,thank you very much!And if there are anything of you about Chinese,I can help you,too.I hope we can help each other.
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homo sapiens, adjusted

I thought it would be funny to do an avatar saying "mulier sapiens". But I'm suddenly worried about cases 'n' thingies. I'm pretty sure "homo" was nominative, so "mulier" is fine like that, but do you have to adjust "sapiens" into a feminie form, and if so into what? Thank you! :)
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What is everyone reading?

We've not had a book thread in a while.

In Greek, as always, I'm reading Homer. Also Pindar. I recently got D. Page <i>Sappho and Alcaeus: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Lesbian Poetry</i>, and this means I'm reading a good deal of those two poets. Little bits of Lucian as the mood strikes, but my major bus-to-work reading is still Eurpides' <i>Alcestis</i>. I'm using a self-contained student edition (text, notes, full vocab), but ...
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