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Libretto/um cont'd (and help needed)

Here is Epidia Polybius' reply when Julius says "togatae", but I've a problem:

Togatae! Togatae? Togatae! Apellavisti me "togatae", o uxor insolens! Ah! Etiam tu, tu, (confused plural and singular)...

How would I express "confuse sth. with sth. else "; definitely not "confundo... cum..."

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Some help : Newbie

This may seem trivial but I want to write "My first latin book" in latin. Is it right to say : Liber Latini primus meus :?:

I am confused by how to write the latin in this phrase ie. which case to put it in. Is correct to render it in the dative(and is Latini correct)? ie. My book (of) Latin. I have just started a day ...
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Finding the Aeneid

Does anyone know of an in-print edition of Virgil's Aeneid (in latin, preferably with vocab/notes), containing all the books I-XII? Even if it's divided into two parts (I-VI and VII-XII or something), it'd be great to find something! Amazon doesn't seem to help me here :(.

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Help for a Newbie

Hello everyone!

I'm extremely interested in learning Ancient and Koine Greek. I've got a lot of Latin experience (well, four years - I've read through most of the Aeneid, parts of Metamorphoses, poems of Catullus, etc.), and I'm wondering where to begin. I'd like to be able to read the LXX, New Testament, Xenophon, and Plato initially. I've heard it's a good idea to start with Ancient Greek, and that Xenophon is not too difficult. ...
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Apud and Inter

1) Could anyone explain when to use these two prepositions since they both mean 'among'?

2) As well: igatur, quare, itaque, ergo. These all mean, basically, 'therefore'. What is the best usage for each?

Thank you.
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Doubt in one of the exercises

The farmers' daughters do labour.
Exercise II.3 on page 39.

The answer key gives the answer as Filiae agricolae loborant.
Shouldn't it be Filiae agricolarum loborant.?

I just wanted to make sure, sorry if it seems very trivial or obvious.

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need help with gerunds/gerundives

can't quite understand them. have had a bash at these sentences but i think there's lots wrong with them:

1. We must sleep in this villa.
haec villa est dormienda nobis.

should haec villa be in the nominative??

2. I think the captives should be set free.
scio captivi liberandi sunt.

think this one's ok.

3. By running quickly, Marcus reached the garden first.
celeriter currendo, Marcus hortum primus pervenit.

is currendo ok?? is primus ...
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Herodot, Histories book 3

kw~j d' a)\n ei)/h xrh~ma kathrthme/non mounarxi/h,
th|~ e)/cesti a)neuqu/nw| poi/eein ta\ bou/letai;

I just have no idea how to translate the second part of the sentence, even though I know what it means. :-(
One of Dareios helpers is just going on about how monarchy sucks and how much better democracy is.
The first part of the sentence is (I ...
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autumnitas Ostiae

Desperately trying to get the # of my posts up, I thought I'd post a bit of Minucius Felix's Octavius, an apologetical dialogue for Christianity--not that I'm in to that sort of thing--but because in the beginning it has some of the best naturalistic descriptions I've read in Latin. Also a cool description of skipping sea-shells.

He speaks first of the pleasure he had seeing a friend he hadn't seen in a while:

Igitur post ...
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Christmas songs-Latin style

Rudolphus Reno

reno erat Rudolphus,
nasum rubrum habebat;
si quando hunc videbas,
hunc candere tu dicas.

omnes renores alii
semper hunc deridebant;
cum misero Rudolpho
in ludo non ludebant.

Sanctus Nicholas dixit
nocte nebulae,
"Rudolphe, naso claro
nonne carum tu duces?"

tum renores clamabant,
"Rudolphe, delectus es?
cum naso rubro claro
historia descendes!"

Tinniat Tintinabulum

vives glacies, nox puertia!
risus decet nunc, decent carmina!
laetos iuvat nos ire per agros!
trahe fert velociter; cachinemus nos! ...
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