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"The Beginner's Latin Book" by Collar and Daniell,

I'm using D'Ooge's wonderful book, but am also using "The Beginner's Latin Book" by Collar and Daniell due to the wealth of exercises they provide. Can someone be so kind as to check my responses. (With exercise text so no one has to look them up).

Critics welcome. Suggestions taken. Thanks in advance.

Page 8, § 21.I
1. Viae latae. The wide streets.
2. Via lata. A wide street.
3. Vias latas. The wide streets. ...
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Catullus 63

This line (49) seems to make no sense:

"patriam allocuta maestast ita voce miseriter"

for which my Oxford World's Classics translation has something like:

"thus with pitful voice she addresed her country" or something.

My problems:
1) what is maestast? It doesn't even look like a Latin ending
2) allocuta... is there an est missing here or what? That'd be the only time in the whole poem
3) isn't miseriter an adverb? How then did ...
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Working out the rusty hinges...

Hello all,

I'm glad to have found this wonderful resource. As of late, I've rekindled my interest in Koine Greek, and have been going through an old textbook (An Introduction to New Testament Greek, Huber Drumwright) and was trying to work through an excersise which has stumped me. Here it is...

profh/thj profh/th| le/gei ei)rh/nhn

I get that profh/thj is Nom Sing. Subject. "Prophet."

The profh/th| is Dativ... indirect object (I'm most unsure about ...
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romeo + juliet in latin

does anyone know or have a latin translation of romeo + juliet?
I'm directing the play at the moment & I would like a certain part of it to be in Latin.
Thanks for any help!
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re: cases combining


I imagine that students new to Classical Latin (such as myself) begin to appreciate the subtleness of how cases combine within a sentence. An example, and please confirm:

Dea Minerva formam feminae simulat et in terra ambulat.

In this sentence, "formam feminae" seems to mean "form (or shape) of a woman" hence, it being in the genitive case led by an accusative singular.

Question: Are there other cases in the singular and plural ...
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I am to begin the Ancient Greek episode in the near future; I want a good primer, admittedly as similar to that of D'Ooge as possible, without obviously the hic haec hoc. I want a harsh old book, but one with exercises and lively content rather than JWW.


Does any one know this book? If it is bad, do you have any recommendations?

Thank you, ...
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Free PDFs


Go to the link that says "All Titles" at the bottom of the page. There are some works by Greek and Latin authors there, but I don't know if any are in the original language. I downloaded one dialogue of Plato, and it was not in the original. I haven't had time to download any more yet, with my slow dial-up line.

I did download Dante's Divine Comedy, ...
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Textkit is still in my Favorites folder...

Hi, everyone!

I had a few minutes to myself, so I thought I'd stop in and see how you were doing, catch up on reading a few threads, and even post myself to let you know that yes, I still love Textkit, and yes, I will be back!

The nursery is thriving, which, of course, is good for business, but makes a great deal more work for us. In addition to that, my sister and ...
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Say hello to everybody

One more introduction.

Just read Peter's thread "Greek Textbooks".
PeterD wrote:Also, textkit.com is a godsend for us autodidacts -- BRAVO to William (but you may call him Annis), Benissimus, Raya, et al.

???????yu2 wo3 xin1 you3 qi1 qi1 yan1':)'
Actually, I've been hanging here for quite a while. Though I'm not a hard working autodidact, this place really teaches me a lot.

Around two years ago, I opened a large box left in the corner of ...
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A New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greek

This review might prove useful if you're looking for a book on Greek accents: http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/bmcr/2004/2004-04-10.html
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