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Lost on internet!

I'm trying to find out who is the author of Pink Panther's image and what the film series has to do with the cartoon, but I lost the fight with the Internet Allmighty :wink: (what else is new!). So, please, H E L P!
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How do you say...

i am writing and english paper, and i need to know how to say a phrase. the phrase is "library of the gods." thank you in advance
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An aquaintance of mine sells books and had this one posted on his list. I thought someone here may be interested in the find.

Word Order in Sanskrit and Universal Grammar by Staal(1967)HB 96pgs vg

Chula Vista Books
420 Chula Vista Mtn Rd
Pell City AL 35125
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Help translating a Latin 2 sentence.

Cum liberis feminae ad patriam quo fuit auxilium navigaverunt.

This is really out of order and I can't seem to translate it.

Thanks! :lol:
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greek symbols

hi, i'm trying to get a tattoo done with a greek symbol. Saw one sometime back on a girl that she said was 'tables always turn', but i forgot to ask where sh got it from :?

wondering if anyone could help me out with that or point me to somewhere that would have symbols of phrases.

any help appreciated.. thanks in advance.
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The Simple Life

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Herodotus and the Nine Muses

This isn't a Greek Language question, but related.

The nine books of Herodotus' Histories were named after the nine muses sometime after his death. Does anyone know which book corresponds with which muse? I haven't had any luck finding an answer.

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H & Q Unit 5 English to Greek

Could someone look at these English to Greek translations please. The topics for this unit were:

1. Passive voice
2. Genitive and dative of agent
3. Substantive adjectives and articles
4. Articular infinitives

1. By sacrificing animals, men had persuaded the gods to stop wars.
tw|= zw|=a qu/ein oi( a)/nqrwpoi e)pepei/kesan tou\j qeou\j tou\j pole/mouj pau/sai.

2. The young man has been well educated by the poet in order that his excellence ...
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Very new newbie...

Hello. I am very new to Textkit. After 25 years away from my high school Latin, my love of things ancient Roman has reasserted itself in a manner I can't deny any longer...so I found this place and mean to study Latin again.

I downloaded the beginner's text and will no doubt be looking to this board for lots of good help!

This is a great resource.

I'll sign myself what my Latin teacher used ...
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Please tell me this is not a joke!

They are saying it's legal and everything. This must be a scam. A degree for 89 bucks?


However, legitimate online education/degrees are attractive because of the price...

I've seen prices starting at $2,000... that seems realistic, but I don't know... I'm just barely starting to do research on this subject....
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