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Composition: American Modernist Verse Greeked. Or Latined.

I just read this and I am delighted to know that there is a book titled Hwæt!: a little Old English anthology of American modernist poetry. Surely we should not be seen slacking!

So here it is, in modern English This is Just to Say. Let's see it in Greek and Latin. I'm not sure any of the usual verse forms will work very well for this. And "icebox" is going to be fun. As ...
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I'm an university student in Argentina. I tried learning a little latin some years ago (from textkit), but because of the lack of time, I couldn't continue with it. Last year I began a modern Greek class. (Is ancient Greek similar to modern Greek?). I hope some day I can re take Latin... but well, university is first... Well, at least (as I'm studying Law) I learn some little things in latin: in dubio ...
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The best grammar? The best dictionary?

We're compiling a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for Textkit, to cover a few things that come up a lot on the forum. For Koine matters I need some help.

What is the best Koine reference grammar currently available? If there are several, what level are they directed at? And I need the same information for dictionaries.

I'd prefer not more than 2-3 paragraphs tops for the FAQ answers if possible, so I don't need ...
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Quick Latin Traslation Please Help

Hi ive been looking every where to find a latin translator this is my last option
please can someone translate this following sentance i need it for a poster im doin anbout health and safety

"Health and safety does away with natural selection"

can some one translate that and email me at iainharris@gmail.com thanks sooooo much

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Life is good

This probably woun't mean an awful lot to those of you outside of the USA, but today I got to watch my first Yankees game (I'm a fairly big fan), spring training is here!! The long winter of boring football games is over it's time to start watching America's Pastime :P :P :P ...
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can you help me improve my memory

there must be someone in this ether who can refer me to history of the subject of memory training...of course I need not translate.

Do you have any knowledge of the latin word "nomenclator".

Is there any truth that Atilla set the nomenclators free, gave them a good salary and expenses, and sent them to Vienna,
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Your resident bishop's long-lost avatar

As you have probably guessed I am enduring currently some harsh times. I ask that you have sympathy for me and consider the ereption of my avatar long ago!

The purpose of this is to describe arbitrary iniuries to the bishop and I believe that this should stop, starting with my avatar rights back! What do you wise classicists think? Obviously the decision is left to the higher ...
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Classic Rap

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but Sir Mix-A-Lot's song, Baby Got Back (lyrics at http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/sirmixal ... tback.html ) has been translated into Greek and Latin.

The Greek version (with a literal translation back into English) can be found here: http://www.student.richmond.edu/~zp8we/ ... m#_ftnref4

Unfortunately, on my machines most of the vowels show up as empty boxes ...
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I down loaded SPIonic howevernit doesnt look greek

I down loaded SPIonic however it doesnt look like a greek font to me.

it looks like boul\h or is that what it is supposed to look like, and what I need to do is learn another writing scheme?

Time to be hassled...

Hi there, just thought i'd introduce myself before I hassled you with all my questions (and there will be lots :) ).
I'm studying a science course at uni, so I'll be learning latin independantly (read: slowly), but that's cool.

edit: oh, and I'll be learning out of Wheelock's. Just got it a few days ago (after a 2 month wait, stupid backordering) and it looks pretty ...
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