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Confucius' Analects in many languages

Even in Latin and (Modern) Greek, and in Hebrew. :shock:

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When frustration is about to stop you

Sometimes when studying these languages, you just get worn down. You master one declension, turn the page, and some freakish apparition like fero, ferre, tuli, latum or fe/rw, oi)/sw, h)/neika leaps out at you. And you might get dispirited, and lose sight of why you're doing this in the first place.

But take heart!

You're not studying Old Irish!

Some quotes from Fortston's Indo-European Language and Culture (for the Unicode un-enabled, I use a circumflex ...
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Film Quiz

The following are famous lines from movies that I've translated into Latin. Name the Second Unit Assistant Director in each case, and give the name of his or her first childhood pet.

1. Nave tibi opus erit maiore.

2. Avaritia, cum aptiore verbo egeamus, bona est. Avaritia est recta. Avaritia valet.

3. Quid Romani pro nobis umquam fecerunt?

4. Habebo quod illa habet.

5. Fac pergas, O nequam; perfice meum diem.

6. Luna non est ...
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Do there happen to be any idioms in Homeric Greek? If so, is there any sort of a compendium of them?

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Agora deserta

Cur nemo fere hac agora utitur? Gratum est Latine altercari.
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Problem with quiz

I got my first word. Then I got a quiz. On a different word. The word I got was cibus, but my test was on amicus.(I got it wrong) Does that happen often?
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tempus suorum est solis ????

The local library here has a sundial in their courtyard which has a plaque with the quote " tempus suorum est solis", underneath which is the translation " "our time is of the sun".

Doesn't this translate as " Their (own) time is of the sun?" Sure, this is a trifling matter but it bugs me!

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Iliad 9:411?

410:mh/thr ga/r te/ me/ fhsi qea\ *qe/tis a)rguro/peza

411:dixqadi/as kh=ras fere/men qana/toio te/los de/.

My question is about 411:
the Loeb Translation says "Twofold fates are bearing me to the doom of death"

Now here's my question: I translated it as
"She said for me (Achilles) to bring here two fates: the end of which is death"
The reason I translated it this way:

"Double dooms" or "twofold fates" is plural,accusative: ...
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Aullus Gellius

Can you help me with a translation?

:arrow: Increscunt animi, virescit volnere virtus

Some people have told me that the word usage is weird! Can anybody elaborate on that?

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Tricky sentences- de bello Gallico V.XI

Greetings all

I have recently been ploughing my way through Caesar's work and often finding myself struggling. I have gotten bogged down by a mass of ablatives, participles and (as of yet) unlearned vocab. which result in a translation that 'gets the gist of it' but is far from perfect. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Here are a couple of sentences that have given me trouble, with my attempted translations.

<i>In his rebus circiter dies ...
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