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Yet another translation question

Practice and Review page 59, # 8.


My question is about "SUB ISTO VERA". At first glance this looks like it might all be part of the same clause with ISTO & VERA both taking the ablative singular ending but the translation does not make sense if that were true.

I then started looking for another noun for VERA to modify but no luck. The only noun ...
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swift footed like a road-runner.

Iliad 2:764 caused some puzzlement for me. Horses being podw/keaj o)/rniqaj w(\j ?
First of I thought o)/rniqaj looks like 'birds' but horses are not swift footed like birds are they? So it must be something else.
It turned out to be birds after all. My next thought was that Homer must be reffering to Road-runners or Ostriches.
Another thing I learned from this verse is that w(/j can come at the end of a ...
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Pronunciation Confusion

I am curious I have been to the new audio section on the wheelocks latin official site and when I am listening to the way that the words are being pronounced they seem like they are being drawn out? Does the speed of the word matter? Are the words supposed to be drawn out like this person is doing? It almost sounds like he is singing the words.

Here is the link for those that ...
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Adjectives for two nouns of different gender

According to Wheelock, the latin for "The boy and girl are good" has "good" in the masculine. (Puer et puella sunt boni) But according to Bessimus's answer key, "Filiae et filii virorum et feminarum magnArum..." for "The daughters and sons of great men and women... etc." So is it, use whatever gender for the adjective as long as it's one of the genders of the two nouns it describes or is it like Spanish, where ...
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help with Aeneid

I know particular questions have been asked and answered here about specific questions, mine is more general. I am preparing to go to Grad school in Classical Archaeology, and due to a "hiatus" in my education it has been about 8 years since I have actually had a course in Latin. I am attempting to translate the Aeneid, which I previously started in school. The only problems I am having is checking my translations.....I believe ...
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Hello Everybody

I'm currently studying for a philosophy degree and have just completed a course on Plato and Aristotle. I found both them and the subject of Ancient Greece fascinating and I have decided that I would someday like to be able to read the Greek philosophers in the original language. I have consequently enrolled on the Open University (UK) course on.......Beginner's Latin! Initially I thought that Latin would be a simpler introduction to learning an inflected ...
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We need help correcting work in the new Wheelock group

To One And All--
The new Wheelock's Latin 6th edition study group is looking for those who might want to try their hands at teaching. We are still in the elementary phase, barely through chapter 2, so an experienced Latinist should be able to handle the work.
There are three submissions per chapter, and that, too, will probably stretch out as time goes on. Submissions are Thursdays and Sundays by 10 p.m. (EST). We are ...
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looking for latin techers for the new wheelock group

To One and All--
As you may or may not know, we have started a new Wheelock, 6th edition, study group, which has drawn a lot of interest already. We have a Moderator, Benissimus, and Adelheid and myself, Christopher Shelton, are assistants. However, the school year is coming up quickly and we will need help correcting papers.
The material is elementary, for the experienced Latinist certainly: we are barely finished with the second chapter. The ...
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Translation question

I am having a bit of trouble and wonder if someone might be kind enough to help me. The sentence is from Chapter 9, page 59:


My question is how does the ILLUD fit into the sentence. This in the Neuter form, nominative or accusitive, singular. My translation attempt is: I will now write that about the faults of that queen of yours, and ...
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second person plural pronoun

Could it be used to address a singular person (like English "you")?
If so, did it have the connotation of politeness/respect (like German "Sie")?
Thanks in advance.
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