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JWW exercises, para 223, 225, 236, 238, 246, 248

some further translation attempts...

1. indeed we have well been on our guard against him
2. the army has been led against the middle of the enemy
3. the enemy have been gathered and drawn up together
4. Artaxerxes had made ready for war
5. these soldiers have been well drawn up
6. I have gladly obeyed this captain
7. this general had posted on the left
8. the generals had been brought to/into ...
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Thrasymachus by Peckett and Munday

I'm thinking of buying this book. It sounds like an enjoyable way to learn. I'd like to get the opinions of anyone here who have (or have read) this book on whether they think it's an good book for self-study.

Also, I just want to make shure of a couple of things: Firstly, that it is for Attic Greek. And secondly, that it has a vocabulary section and no seperate dictionary is required.
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Hello Everyone!

Well, I'm a total beginner at Latin. I've now got my textbooks (which I ordered through the Textkit site from Amazon), but I haven't started in on them yet. I am planning to begin this evening. I am going to try to learn it by myself, without taking an actual course, though hopefully with some of your help when I need it! I'm sure glad this website is here. Anyway, I just thought ...
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JWW exercises, para 189, 191, 205, 207, 213, 215

submitting some Gk to Eng ?

1. He has proceeded to Cyrus
2. He/this one will have gladly ceased from the war with the barbarians
3. He dismissed both the general and the satrap
4. The soldiers had proceeded five stages through friendly country
5. Few of the soldiers bought the provisions
6. The hoplites have proceeded onto the summit
7. And the satrap sent into Phrygia for horses and arms and the other ...
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a question about "non"

Hi everyone,

First, I want to say thanks for the very helpful answers on my last question. I am back with another one, which hopefully will be very simple.

I'm wondering if, when you put non before several adjectives, it only affects the one that it's right next to, or all of them, or does it depend? Here is the sentence I'm wondering about (without the long vowel marks, sorry):

Fluvii Gracia non lati et ...
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Don't do anything...

I am trying to write something for a colleague's farewell card, and rather than "Don't do anything I wouldn't do", I want "Do lots of things I wouldn't".
I have 'fac multa quae non faciam'. Is this right? I'm particulary unsure about the faciam.
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Link to Lombardo reading Homer's Iliad, Book I in Greek


You can follow along if you have D.B. Monro & T.W. Allen version of the Iliad (Oxford Univ. Press). You can either listen to the entire file at once (~ 60 minutes) or select shorter segments.

There is also a link of Wilfried Stroh reading Vergil's The Aeneid in Latin; however, I have not listened to this file yet.
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Rewriting exercise

In an effort to get more participation in these doodads, I've refrained from calling this one a translation exercise. Why? Because whatever is offered need not be a translation of the words, more likely a fresh rendition of the 'meaning' behind the words.

So then, try this, one and all, from a 1645 poem by Edmund Waller, Of English Verse

Poets that marble seek
Must carve in Latin or in Greek.

I'm sure that pithy ...
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ti/ni tro/pw| diatri/bete xro/non;

ti/ni tro/pw| diatri/bete xro/non spouda/zontej peri\ to\ (Ellhni/zein e)n tw=| nu=n; e)gw\, qel/wn pa/nu manqa/nein ta\ tou= )Aristote/louj te kai\ tou= Pla/twnoj, me/lw tw=nde ma/lista. kai\ u(mei=j;
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Spanish book for beginning Latin?

I am trying to find a Spanish Latin grammar book for my wife.

I got her interested in Latin too, and I think it's a good idea to get her a few books so we can help each other learn.

My problem is in trying to search for a Spanish Latin grammar book. I keep getting Spanish Latin America from the search engines. It's frustrating.
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