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September Machen group??

Is anyone interested in joining or running a September Machen group. Myself and 2 other people from the Greekstudy list http://nxport.com/mailman/listinfo/greekstudy would like to do so. I don't care where we host it, here or there or even at yahoo.

Is anyone interested?
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Intensive Greek by Hansen and Quinn

Wondering if there is any interest in a study group to go through "Greek: An Intensive Course" by Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn ?

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de ... s&n=507846
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Not Sure About This Sentence

this morning i've got a latin exam (hope i did it well) but one sentence i couldn't translate well

etiam si antea magno ore me terruit, nunc, ut mea opinio est, auxilium a me impetrare studet

i translated it like :

also, if its big mouth terrified me before, now, as in my opinion, it dedicates to beg me help

did it well ?

pl i'm not sure about this, since my mothertongue isn't english ...
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Have you thought about doing aoidoi-like commentaries?

Hi, random question. Will's commentaries on aoidoi.org make reading more Greek so much easier than learning from a blank text.

There are lots of people here who have been studying for a while now, long enough to be able to add annotations and notes to texts they're reading, or to create learning materials e.g. vocab lists using text or illustrations &c...

have you thought about doing anything to put online for others like us to ...
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Translation assistance

Good evening,
I'm drawing some sketches of a new comic strip, and looking for a decent translation to the words "those about to be deported", or "those about to be exiled". The closest stem I could find was "fug", but that just doesn't seem right. Could you please help?
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noun/adj agreement

In an English to Latin translation of the sentence:

At that time we saved their mother with those six letters


Eo tempore matrem eorum illis sex litteris servavimus

why not "matrem earum" ? Matrem is feminine, and should it not be paired with the feminine form earum?
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ablative of means?

The sentence
Liberatatum et iura harum urbium artibus belli consrvavimus is translated by Benissimus in his Wheelock's answers as
We preserved the liberty and rights of these cities from the arts of war.

Could this not also be translated, by the arts of war ?
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Word Formation

salvete omnes!

I was wondering if there was some guide to the phonological shifts that occur in Latin beyond Allen&Greenough, Gildersleeve&Lodge, and the stuff on the net (including Benissimus' 'beginners' guide on the perfect stem which actually had a consonant change that I hadn't found anywhere else: v + s = x!)

I'm actually writing a small guide for myself, and since A&G and G&L's books haven't been revised for 60+ years (and in my ...
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plural form of vis


I am using Groton and May's "38 Latin Stories to accompany Wheelock's" and am wondering about the following sentence which appears in the story for Wheelock's Ch. 15:

Istum inveniam et, si potero, meis viribus vincam.

my translation of this is
This one I will find and, if I am able, by my strength, will overcome.

the form meis viribus is what I am wondering about. viribus is the ablative plural. Is this one ...
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Small Translation Request

I'm trying to get an accurate translation of 'Guardian Angel' for an art project that I'm doing.
So far I've got Custodus Angelus or Tutelaris Angelus but I'm unsure which would be the most accurate translation. The central image is based on a reasonably archetypal Judao-Christian angel.
I'd be really thankful for anyone who could help.
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