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Would like to learn the Portuguese?

Would he/she like to learn the Portuguese?
It is a derived language of Latin, for that, if you already know some Latin won't be difficult. I intend to teach gratuitously saw forum. It is a very beautiful language, and used at few countries, then, if you like languages little spoken is great for you. Are you interested?
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Where's the key?

I can't download they Latin For Beginners key, it keeps looping the login screen even after I log in. I've downloaded it from another link before, but I can't find it...
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Correction on Ex. 77...

Somebody check my analysis here...

In the dialog, Galba and Marcus, the first sentence is:

Quis, Marce, est legatus cum pilo et tuba?

The answer key gives, as a translation: Who, O Marcus, is the lieutenant with the spears and trumpets?

However, "pilo" and "tuba" are presented in the ablative, singular (-o and -a), which should translate to: Who, O Marcus, is the lieutenant with the spear and trumpet?

The ablative, plural of these nouns ...
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Chapter and Verse

You Biblicals know how to have a good time!

I've heard the expression "chapter and verse" referred to the Bible, and yet the only poetry I remember in it are the Psalms (in Hebrew, I assume).

Did the Evangelists write their Greek in verse originally, or does the expression come from later translations into English in verse?
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Hadjiantoniou's Book

Has anybody here gone through Dr. George Hadjiantoniou’s book, “Learning the Basics of New Testament Greek”?

Is it worth the effort?
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greek online

are there any live courses (or at least audio recordings) online offered in homeric and/or classical greek? several years worth?
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Composition Exercise Number ??

Since Friday 7 April will be the day of the funeral of one of the most influential world leaders of recent times I wonder if we ought to have a go at saying a few words about him.
Elegiac couplets would be most appropriate, I think, but feel free to use any (Greek) form that is comforatable.
I'll endeavour to post something soon.

Paul McK
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Stressed syllables

Following the usual rules for finding which syllable to stress, I find that some words come out sounding a bit improbable:

madefacit, interficit: is the stress really on the second syllable in these words? The third would seem more natural to my (English speaker's) sense of language.
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a certain problem

In the back of book exercises Ch. 34, #25:

Ea nocte profectus, Caesar ad quandam insulam clarissimam venit.

I was confused by the use of quandam, and the glossary had no answer. Then I understood: quandam was really quamdam with the 'm' becoming an 'n', just like eamdem becomes eandem. Wheelock did not mention this (maybe he wanted the reader to figure it out).

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