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question about ambiguous phrase


<i>novi oppidi incolae</i>

This can be translated in two different ways, can't it?

<i>the new inhabitants of the city</i>, where novi is nom. pl., or
<i>the inhabitants of the new city</i>, where novi is gen. sg.

But how do you know which one is correct? From the context, both meanings are possible.
It isn't really too important, I guess, as the difference in meaning is slight, yet it's still bothering me.
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Sorry to ask

I am sorry if this is not were i should be posting.

I am trying to translate a phrase form english to latin. I am sure many of you laugh at the simplicity of this but i am new and learning still.
Please excuse my ignorance.

Life and Death = Vita et Mortis

Is this correct, i have a few more i am curious about but not sure if i should put them here or ...
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Difference between Ancient and Modern Greek alphabets?

What are the differences between the Ancient and Modern Greek alphabets? Why are separate fonts required for Ancient and Modern Greek? Are Ancient Greek texts only printed using capital letters? Is only Ancient Greek considered polytonic? What exactly does polytonic mean?

Sorry for all the questions,
Thanks in advance for your answer,
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Greek dictionary online

I have tried searching the forum to see if anyone knows of a good on-line Greek dictionary - like Whittaker's "Words" program for Latin. However, it is hard to search for something so specific with 2 words used so much on this forum! So forgive me if there have already been 25 posts about this subject!
I have tried using the Perseus site but it is rather frustrating and I'd rather be able to use ...
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Stings in the Tail


I am currently studying the works of Martial and I find his order of words rather confusing. I am wondering whether someone can re-order the following epigrams...:

funera post septem nupsit tibi Galla virorum,
Picentine: sequi vult, puto, Galla viros.

Pierios vatis Theodori flamma penates
abstulit. hoc Musis et tibi, Phoebe, placet?
o scelus, o magnum facinus crimenque deorum,
non arsit pariter quod domus et dominus!

Thank you in advance.
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Greetings and Salutations

Righto. I'm Max, and I'm introducing myself.


I'm a Latin dork trying to build a relationship with Greek. It's rocky, but I think we'll make it. I'm going to be a senior at Oberlin College this coming year, and in a few weeks I'll be a TA for the Latin course at CTY - Los Angeles.

...It probably would have helped to have read some other introductions before I launched into mine. Ah, well. ...
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A small plural case ending question

Would, "Diana's arrows are killing the wild beasts of the land,"
be translated as
"Sagittas Dianarum feras terrarum necant"
or as
"Sagittas Dianae feras terrae necant"
and could I have the reason why as well.

Probably the same question but with out the example, does the gentive agree with the nominative or the accustative, which ever the case may be (no pun intended).
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Having just read the thread of rules, I feel it necessary to introduce myself :D

Hello. I'm Mic and I study ancient greek and latin at school. I love classics and I am especially interested in the greeks. My particular interests at the moment are Greek Religion, philosophy and science and the role of greek women. I am taking GSCE greek in a couple of weeks. ...
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key problems

another person posted this elsewhere in the forum, but no one has responded to the original thread.

whenever I try to log-in to the subscriber section, I'm simply taking back to the log-in page. Ergo, I cannot DL the key.
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query for the advanced

This is a question for the more advanced in latin:
how do you think of thelatinlibrary.com and Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum, specially on what concerns the Classics?
Are they reliable as copies or have you found many errors in their texts?
I'd like to know about any complains you have about those sources, as I want to compile a latin wordlist containing all the Classical words, and this needs to be as accurate and correct as ...
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