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Neolatin Online Texts

This site is an extensive bibliography of online neolatin texts.
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Colloquia Latina

This forum is like our agora but much bigger! Very cool.
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The young gentleman in the foreground is a character named "Pete" from an old Nickelodeon t.v. show called "Pete and Pete". He is not me, as some people have been led to believe by a deceptive bishop.


Multo pulchrior eo sum 8)

P.S. - the young boy in the background (holding a snowball), that is Episcopus
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Gradus ad Parnassus

Would anyone think that Fux's Gradus ad Parnassus would be a good choice? I know that it is post-classical, but it gives a very different insight into Latin (and it's good for music students). What does anyone else think?
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JWW exercises, para 366, 368, 375, 377, 383, 385

encore des suggestions...

1 if he should do these things/this, we would withdraw
2 if we should/were-to provide/supply a market-place, you would have both food and wine
3 if we should win, he would not plunder the country
4 he would have worthy friends, if they should have the weapons
5 if I should lead them back to Greece again, they would justly give thanks
6 if it should seem best to/for the footmen ...
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The Best Film Ever

No it's not Troy. Why is such a fuss made? Why do people even try to beat the classics?

Who is there who can deny that DEEP IMPACT is the best film ever?

Deep Impact like Jurassic Park always makes me cry.

You think I am joking don't you.
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BLD §§ 201-205 Perfect Passive Participle

I'm having a mental block with how to "inflect" the perfect passive.

1. Is this called inflection because of the dual nature of the form? As opposed to decline or conjugate?

2. As I understand the construction of a compound case, you would decline the base like bonus, -a, -um. However, I can't quite see where you would use anything but a one case: nominative. It must agree with the word it modifies in gender, ...
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new and unable to give this thread a snazzy title

i joined about a week ago, but haven't introduced myself yet, so here goes...

i'm erin, 19, from florida. last fall, i was in the middle of taking my first semester of latin in school when i had to withdraw. it was a real shame too, cos i loved it enough to decide to be a classics major (i'd been toying with the idea, but wasn't sure yet when i registered). i doubt i'll be ...
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metre question on Sophocles

Can anybody help with this verse?

Oed.T. 332

e)gw\ ou)/t' e)mauto\n ou)/te s' a)lgunw=. ti\ tau/t'

I know it's iambic trimeter but i can't apply it. :roll: :?:
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Beta Testers Wanted

Hi All,

For the last two years I have on and off been writing Windows-based software that 'assists' in the translation, annotation, and printing of ancient greek.

A couple of our generous peers here at Textkit have already begun beta-testing this software. And I am now looking for more volunteers.

If you are interested; and are a user of Internet Explorer release 6+, please visit http://www.greekgeek.org. Once there, in ...
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