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Festina Lente

This is one of the sentences in Ch.1 of Wheelock.

It is from festino, festinare.

My question is, what tense/mood is "festina", as it does not fit in with present, future or imprefect indicative active.

Or is it an irregular conjugation?
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Just Two Words

please, how can i translate "malignant being" into latin ?

thanks in advance :oops:
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Is Dative Necessary?

If I write:

Rosas tibi do.

Is this an equivalent:

Rosas ad te do.
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Present subjunctives- How? When?

Hey all :D
For my Latin class, i'm going to be teaching my class about present subjunctives, BUT, while i know how they're used for wishes (ie with "utinam"), i've been looking though my textbooks for examples, and while i can identify them (although they're nowhere near as common as past subjunctives), i can't pinpoint in what exact situation there'd be used. I know that the ...
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Simple thingy

How would you translate a sentence like "What you don't know is that I see you" into Latin? Quod nescis est ut te videam? Just a guess.
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Which book?

I want to learn Attic Greek, and I'm trying to find a book. I have no teacher. I've found Teach Yourself Ancient Greek, but I don't even know if that book teaches you Attic. It looks good though, except that it uses "c" for sigma and uses a strange order of noun/adjective cases.
Is this a good book, or what would you recommend?
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What does neophyte mean?
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"No Fate" help translate please

i would like to know if the phrase "nullus fatum" would work for the phrase "no fate". the context would be "no fate, but what we make for our selves." i have looked into the phrases "fatum non existi" and nullus fatalis" be these aren't the context i want.....at least i don't think.

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Confucius' Analects in many languages

Even in Latin and (Modern) Greek, and in Hebrew. :shock:

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When frustration is about to stop you

Sometimes when studying these languages, you just get worn down. You master one declension, turn the page, and some freakish apparition like fero, ferre, tuli, latum or fe/rw, oi)/sw, h)/neika leaps out at you. And you might get dispirited, and lose sight of why you're doing this in the first place.

But take heart!

You're not studying Old Irish!

Some quotes from Fortston's Indo-European Language and Culture (for the Unicode un-enabled, I use a circumflex ...
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