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Wheelock Chapter 2

Once again, just looking for advice/commentary on the translation from Wheelock. This time its chapter two.

Here's the original:
Puella mea me non amat. Vale, puella. Catullus obdurat: poeta puellam non amat, formam puellae non laudat, puellae rosas no dat, et puellam non basiat. Ira mea est magna. Obduro, mea puella--sed sine te non valeo.

and here's my translation:

My girl does not love me. Goodbye, girl! Catullus is strong: the poet does not love ...
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redit elduce

I am translating passage #5 of Loci Immutati, Cicero's 'vitriolic denunciation...' I have come to a sentence that has me confused:

Line 31:

Nimium diu te imperatorem tua illa Manliana castra desiderant.

I tried this: Too long the camp desires you general your former Manlius. (miserum quidem!)

1. desiderant is third person pl., so I assume castra is the subject, but the subject may be implied and castra is an object.
2. Is tua paired ...
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Latin to Greek translation help

Hi, I am trying to translate the quote from St Augustine, 'ama et fac quod vis' into classical Greek (in English this could be rendered as 'love and do what you will'). Can someone help me translate this? I am having trouble figuring out the correct word for 'do' and for 'will'. Thanks in advance.
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unit one - corrections to the PDF

I just got my M&F copy and am very excited with it.
I just finished all exercises from unit one in this night, and noticed some differences between my work and the one available as PDF here.

These are what I think to be corrections to the PDF:
drill.i.11 - did you used to scare the crowd? I did not.
drill.ii.b.3 - féminárum
drill.ii.b.8 - timébant
preliminary-ex.ii.b.5 - sunt
exercises.ii.6 - féminas in patriá uidére ...
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For members of pharr-b, pharr-c, white-a, ktl


I have begun work on a more comprehensive GTSS document. It remains a work in progress; I will continue to update it in the coming weeks. However, it contains enough useful stuff that I should point it out at http://www.greekgeek.org/gtss.pdf or http://www.greekgeek.org/gtss.doc.


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Ancient Greek Alive

Hi! Hope this isn't an inappropriate question: what do you guys think about Saffire's "Ancient Greek Alive" as a beginning textbook? I tutor Greek sometimes & I'm really concerned to get a text that is good on the grammar, but also interesting. "A.G.A." seems pretty sound, & I love the bright (unstuffy) approach, and the "conversational" beginning. However, the use of real Greek texts & authors in the book is limited. May I ask (if ...
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Being agnostic could be illogical

The existence of anything is either:

1) Obligatory.
2) Possible.
3) Impossible.

Before we existed, our existence was “possible”. There had to be an outside force to divert the odds of our existence to the "existence" side.

Therefore, one who says: “It is possible for there to be a God” is in fact saying that there is an outside force that is capable of making God exist.

This goes against the concept of God.

So ...
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English to Greek translation please!

Hello! I was wondering if annyone could translate the following in Greek(um , I need it in 'Greeklish' -- I am sending in an e-card and cannot send in Greek characters i.e. I love you would be: S'ayapo --Thanks in advance if anyone can help me!!


I cannot wait to hug you in person! I love and miss you!

Faithfully Yours,
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Testing fonts

This post was deleted by Diane.
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So-Called Latin Pronunciation

The arguments over the pronunciation of Latin and how the Romans spoke
in this forum can only make one laugh.

For the first thing the Latin we read and study was never a "spoken language" It was a formal literary language that was used by the educated
classes and was artificially developed on Greek models. This language was
used for writing and formal speeches but was never spoken (Much like
Shakespeare is read outloud and ...
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