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I have a problem here...


Does anybody know what does this mean: "There are indeed a few authorities who deny Greek tense any temporal force" or where can I find out?

Thanks a lot
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'Papam habemus!'

Quid vos diceretis si fore ego ut Papa sanctique eius Archepiscopi confestim conspicerentur, forentve haud in conspectu sed saltem nobis proximi. His foris diiudico aspectum a me praebitum esse attribuendum, omnibus in discendam latinam. Semper plus vobis minimam Papae urbem commotionis praeferre promitto, in praesenti iam tamen aeger diu hic, idcirco ne una quidem acta caerimonia. At ubi mi episcope, ex me rogetis, archepiscopi vel sacerdotes? Patientiam contra exclamem habeatis! Papa profecto e regia coorta ...
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You have been Versified

All this Versifying makes me ask a simple question to myself: what is the point of this? If the Romans copied Greeks then is it natural to require that any Latin poem be in a rigid verse which often causes people to restrict their expression to a set order. I know the slight freedom in cases, elision, spondees for dactyls etc. but why must you put a strong caesura in the third foot? And what ...
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hi, i hope this is the right place to ask this......

i'm looking to get a latin tattoo, hear me out, my wife dumped me for my best friend so i want something that has meaning

convalesco singularis seems to make sense, will someone let me know if this is improper b4 it becomes permanent
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New Guy Trying Out Latin...

Ello, my name is Xarcell. I have always been intrigued by the latin. So I've taken a small interested in it. It's beatiful and I hear it helps on yer S.A.T.S. I really don't know though...

I come looking for help. I don't mean to be here to offend anyone. Just looking for some help.

I run a xbox online gaming clan. It's a group of poeple that like to play against other groups of ...
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I know absolutely nothing about Greek except for the alphabet and some English roots, but I am curious, is 'kallisti' the dative superlative of the word for 'fair' (i.e. 'to the fairest')?
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Pharr's Homeric Greek Available For Download

This book was mailed in by a very kind Textkit support:

Please enjoy: http://www.textkit.com/learn/ID/165/author_id/81/

Also, the Paper Saving version, which will print 2 pages per sheet of a paper, is uncompressed so it's almost 17 MB.


More modern verse in Ancient Greek

In honor of the Athenian Olympics, Armand D'Angour (at Oxford), has written a Pindaric ode:


(Or see the Oxford press release.)
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Paired aspirated consonants

It’s my understanding that when an aspirateable consonant (i.e. p, t, or k) is placed before an aspirated consonant, both consonants must be aspirated. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)
i.e. i)xqu&j

Pronouncing two aspirated consonants back-to-back sounds strange. Does anyone know how xq, fq, etc. are supposed to be pronounced?
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Google Latine

Aliquid fascinans invenit: Google Latine.
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