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Resources for Biblical Hebrew?

I'm not a complete beginner, as I already know some Modern Hebrew and can generally get the gist of Biblical Hebrew if I know the vocab. I would like to know if there are any free online grammars such as the ones posted here for Latin. My goal is learn more from a grammar standpoint, because I haven't really ever learned Biblical Hebrew grammar.

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Homework check, please.

My first Latin homework. Is there a kind soul who can tell me if I passed?

Caesar is taking Rome.
Caesar Romam tenet.

He has Britain.
Brittaniam habet.

Caesar has a reputation.
Caesar gloriam habet.

Brutus is creating a disaster.
Brutus calamitatem facit.

Calpurnia is creating art.
Calpurnia artem facit.

Calpurnia is making dinner.
Calpurnia cenam facit.

Caesar is creating a city-state.
Caesar civitatem facit.

Caesar is building a city.
Caesar urbem facit.

Rome has ...
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Beginner's question.

A text I've been perusing offers carrus, defining it as a cart or waggon. But then later, in the examples, it uses currus instead. My Latin reference lists both words, defining carrus as a four-wheeled baggage waggon, and currus as a chariot or car, especially for racing or war.

What's the real story on these two nouns?
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does anyone know of any good (available) books or websites that list and explain latin idioms, especially in relation to the evolution of word meanings.

with other languages, i've found that idioms give me a better understanding of the words used in the idioms and often even the language itself. i'm hoping latin is no different.

i thought of just doing a google search, but i don't think i'm good enough at latin to judge ...
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To those of you who know Japanese....

Salvete (or should I say Konnichiwa?),

I am considering studying Japanese for a few years. Now I have a few questions for those who have taken Japanese. Was it hard to learn the three alphabets? What would you say is the most challenging part of the language? Are nouns declined? Are the tenses similar to those of Latin or English? Sorry for bombarding you with all of these questions!

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Meanings of two words

Hello all!

1) I would like to know the meaning to the dark (black) color. My dictionary (WORDS), says the following about it:

ater, atra -um, atrior -or -us, aterrimus -a -um ADJ
black, dark; dark-colored (hair/skin); gloomy/murky; unlucky; sordid/squalid;
deadly, terrible, grisly (esp. connected with underworld); poisonous: spiteful

A friend of mine said the correct word should be "artror" or "artroris", but that's what my dictionary says about both of them:

artro, artrare, ...
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Translation, if you please?

Hey folks. Non-latin person here, in need of a translation of something for a logo I'm creating for my work.

"Victory Not Vengeance" would be the phrase.

Any help on this would be much appreciated... I've always loved Latin, but have yet to find the time to start learning... maybe now that I've stumbled into this forum I can start working on it, finally!

Thanks in advance!
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Hi there,
Thought I would join this great looking site as I want to learn Greek as we are looking to move to Cyprus in 5 years time and I thought it would be the done thing to learn the language as I think It's rude and ignorant not to.
I'm assuming that it is the normal Greek language that is spoken or is there another form that I should be trying (the operative word!!) ...
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Aoidoi.org: Pindar's Olympian 1

This Aoidoi commentary - Olympian 1 - differs from the usual commentaries in several ways.

First, it is written by chad, not me (though I did some editing).

Second, it's pretty large - 17 pages of PDF covering a 116-line poem.

Third, chad also has scanned the entire poem, and long and short marks float above the lines of the poem.

Fourth, below each strophe and epode is the same text in a less Pindaric ...
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A little help please


I am attempting to teach myself Latin and would like a second opinion on two sentences.

1. To the men's sons they give pretty books.
Filiis virorum pulchri liberi donant.

2. They dwell in Greece, a rough country of Europe.
Graeca terra aspera Europae habitant.

The lesson is on apposition if that helps.

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