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Found poem about Horatio -- need author


I will be teaching Latin this year to 1st thru 6th graders and found online a very kid-friendly poem about Horatio at the Bridge. If anyone knows who the author is (it has a very James Whitcomb Riley-esque meter about it), please reply so that I can give her/him credit.

The opening stanza is:

Kids were playing in the fields and the summer air was blowing,
Mothers did their cooking as the afternoon was ...
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I know that the Romans were aware of alchemy, and that they practised it, but what did they call it? I can't seem to find a reference in Latin on alchemy (the word).
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Hello! I just started using Sidgwick's 1st Greek writer, and I noticed something while checking the first exercise.

I tended to place genitives, e.g., "the shade of the trees," between the article and the noun. (the of the trees shade). But in the answer key, Sidwick writes nomitive article-noun-gen.art.-gen.noun. Is my solution incorrect or just different?

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Definition of semilixa

I'm not learning Latin but I recently bought a Latin - English dictionary for my dictionary collection.

It's a Collins Gem from 1961.

I stumbled across the following definition

semilixa - not much better than a camp-follower.

This seemed like a strange definition in an otherwise serious dictionary.

I then looked up
lixa - sutler, camp-follower

A search on the web revealed
semilixa - half a sutler
(i'm sure it's not this!)

Anyway, the definition ...
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Translation from english to latin

I would like the following quote translated to latin if anyony can help?
“Love is not something you learn, love is something you know,
but do not realize until you find it…”
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Technical textkit question

How can I stop vocabulary mailings? I've looked and looked but can't seem to figure it out.
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My sons and daughters

If you have two nouns, of different genders, how would you make an adj. like my agree?

filii mei (my sons)

filiae meae (my daughters)

filii et filiae m--? (my sons and daughters)

I was thinking the my would just be masculine, as you see in modern Romance languages, but I wasn't sure.
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Sets of Latin essays ~ for field testing

Hello there,

I am looking for essays written in Latin to be used as data for field testing my automated essay maring software. I'll can have hand written essays transcribed into computer-mediated media. Essays will have to non-attributed of course.

So, can you help me?


James Christie
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Et as adverb

In the Unit One notes, M&F state that when used as an adverb, 'et' means 'even'.


Et reginas poenas dabat. Even the queen was paying the penalty.

I must be missing something here, but, outside of context perhaps, what would prevent this from meaning And the queen was paying the penalty?
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Another Pharr Reading Group

Just wondering when and if there will be another Pharr reading group starting int the future?

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