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Help! on new Greek texts discovered.

Hello friends,

I am a Spanish colleague, great lover of the classic languages. I am great enthusiastic of the Greek and Latin Paleography.

In recent date, we have discovered in a Archive of a particular collection manuscripts written in Greek, that apparently date from century X or XI AD.

Most of the text is a geographic description of the Mediterranean. The reading is very difficult by the so precarious and fragmented state of the codex, ...
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book forums

hey all

i wore out searching for a clean forum to discuss books,
maybe one of you knows a neat place to hang out at?

thanks for all info :D
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Euripides, Xenophon, or something else?

Hey everyone! I would like to begin translating on my own through one of the Classical texts I own. Currently, I have a copy of Euripides Fables, Xenophon's Anabasis (books 1-4), the New Testament, as well as a copy of Harry Potter (in Greek). What would you guys recommend for someone with limited experience in Greek (limited being about studying independently for a year, going through one correspondence course), etc? Thanks for your help!!

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Latin Beginner's Textbook???

Hey everyone, I have studied Classical Greek for about the last year or so, and am interested in picking up Latin at a slower pace, over the next year. I was wondering what you guys and gals might recommend as the best beginner's Latin Textbook? I have enjoyed the Athenaze textbook for Greek (if anyone is familiar with it), and am wondering if the Oxford Latin Course is a worthy investment? I have purchased prematurely ...
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Time to sign up for the Mounce-a group

The thread dealing with the Basics of Biblical Greek study group was basically a poll to gauge interest.
Now it is time to sign up.
William Annis, the groups co-ordinator, has prepared an information page that you can use to sign up:
http://textkit.com/mailman/listinfo/mou ... extkit.com
Because there was considerable interest, some may have to sit on the backbenches as lurkers.
When someone drops out, one will be hauled from ...
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Looking for TV film

A very long time ago (must be 20, 25 years ago) I saw a TV film about the murder of Julius Caesar. I have been trying to find it for some time, but I do not have enough details about title, actors etc to get anywhere.

I was wondering if any of you might remember it. The film was situated in modern times (the atmosphere of a 20th century South American dictatorship was created, there ...
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Homer Humor

For your delectation: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/33944

I trust none of us would act like this! :lol:


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Infinitive and Gerund

The question is posed here. Any takers, either here or there?
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i(/sqhmi, di/dwmi and ti/qhmi question

I understand that these are called reduplicated presents. (i(/sthmi from *si/sthmi which is a common thing. However, why are the presents reduplicated? (I know it happens in Latin, but Latin doesn't have reduplication as an active system like the Greek perfect system.) Are they fossilized forms from an earlier form of the language? Perfects that got snagged by the present tense? Something so bizzare I should just go shut up and memorize the future perfect?
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i've just set up skype, does anyone here use it for learning greek/other languages via some sort of language exchange? i've only just discovered that it exists. :)
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