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Accents on Imperatives

Hi all,

Are there any rules for accenting imperatives? I can't see a pattern in the way they are accented (such as fi/lei where does the acute accent on the iota come from?)

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Faeroese; or words you can't do without

A book I'm reading at the moment tells of some useful expressions in the language of the Faero Islands.

For example:
Skeinkjari, 'the man who goes among wedding guests, offering them drink'
Brenna krakk, 'burning the three-legged stool after turning down a suitor'
Fjall, 'to go into the hills to work among the sheep'
Skadahvalur, 'whale-meat sold at auction to defray the cost of damages to boats'
Vevlingur, 'a cord worn around the sleeve when ...
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Am I the only one who detects an increase in faux textkit members? I am talking about lovers of the classics whose profiles include websites that seem to reference mortgages, low-cost loans, medicines, Russian Lolitas, and other such products.

Why, just today, I checked into the Koine group to see what 'whither' had posted to a 9 month old discussion about Revelation. Seems he had something to say about prescription medications. Frankly, it seemed a ...
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Pindar's anthropos

A question concerning, "Ti de tis; ti d' ou tis; skias onar anthropos."

I've seen a translation, "What is a man? What is not a man? Man is a shadow in a dream."

What's the meaning, function, etc. of "de"?

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lao/s: Iliad lines 10 and 54

In line ten, Homer uses the word laoi/.

In line 54, he uses the word lao\n.

In both cases he seems to be referring to the Achaean army, so how can it be singular in one case, but plural in the other?
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Virosa Castorea

I'm afraid to ask but in the Georgics Vergil speaks of virosa castorea. According to my dictonary:

"castoreum, -i n. an aromatic secretion obtained from the beaver."

Quid? Quomodo? Cur? Di magni, cur???
I mean, it's even virosa!!
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Ubi tandem whiteoctave?

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Jamiroquai was quite known among Indonesian youngsters several years ago.
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stupid question: what do participles have?

dear all,
I know this is a very stupid question to ask, but I really need confirmations: do participles have conjugations or declensions?

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The use of that.

I think you know.
I think that you know.
I know you think.
I know that you think.

I always want to use 'that' on phrases like these. Does it matter one way or the other?

Thanks in advance.
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