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huc novissime perveni

et miror valde hunc situm, quia nihil simile prius vidi! :shock:

vestra verba me maxime delectant, et amo legere nuntios quos scribitis

hic meam introductionem ago, quod Anglorum sermonem parum intellego et minus loquor, latinam linguam autem paulo plus cognosco (tamen non multum! :lol: )

maga sum baba_yaga, de qua narratur in fabulis Sarmaticis, cuiusque nomen invenitur in Mussorgskij's ...
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Hi! I'm new, and need a little help

Hi I am new here!

Don't know much greek or latin - and would realy like to learn! :) But its a matter of time, and tons of other important stuff to learn!

Anyhow, I wondered if you could help me a little?

I'm looking for a greek or latin word for:
A person who is positive, holds positive and empowering thoughts. A positve thinker with success. ...
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When looking at all this Latin again, I was wondering about punctuation. Did the Romans use punctuation at all? I remember seeing the use of interpunctio. Was this the early period? On other occasions, sentences were connected through et or followed each other without any punctuation at all. Which one is the most common and does Latin actually need punctuation?
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New Latin/Greek words

I'm looking for a website that lists ways to translate certain modern words, like train, car, internet, website et cetera into Latin or Greek. Anyone?
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Translation help

Hey guys,

I'm new to this board and wondered if you could help me out. I spent about a month learning latin about a year ago. I couldn't find enough time to continue though. In that period, I tried to make some correct sentences I needed. I have no idea whether I translated them with the correct declinations (and words for that matter) or not. Could anyone look at this sentence and tell me if ...
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does anyone know how to macronate letters in MS word?
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A most useful word: catatartarosis

So, I've been reading Apollodorus recently - sometimes useful when you're slogging your way through Hesiod - and I ran across a wonderful word.

katatartaro/w v.tr. to throw down into Tartarus

This could be useful in the scumbag spammer challenge:

katatartarw/qhti, w) kwlufista/!
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Succurite O Sodales (S. O. S)

Hey you all,

I think the Frensh can use our help right now. In France they are planning to stop teaching Latin and Greek in high school! We all now that would be a shame and a sign of immorality. We are all believers in the advantages of Latin and Greek, so I think we all have the moral duty to sign the following petition to keep Latin and Greek in the High School system! ...
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sentence translation

Hi, I need help translating this sentence:
"...quibus freti Romani urbem ab initiis parvis ad tantum imperium protulerant."
I know what all of the words mean but I'm not sure how "quibus freti" fits in or what it means... so I'm not sure how to piece it together.

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