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Quick scansion question

Do "ai" and "oi" scan long or short? I'm rather confused on this - is it variable perchance? :?
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Lexicon with Diagammai

Someone, in a different thread, mentioned that they had a (mental?) lexicon of Homer with Digammas. Is there a print one? Or any good list of what words had digammas where?
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help for motto

Last summer I started to teach myself Latin using Wheelock's and was doing quite well until school started again in August, at which time I then had no time to study at all. Hopefully I can begin again this summer.

I have a friend who knows about my earnest attempt to teach myself Latin and she occasionally will come to me with a question about basic Latin. Mostly it is something I could just look ...
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Homeric Haikus

Here's a challenge for aedoi: Finding small poems within Homer's lines, small fragments that could stand by themselves as a poem and condense "everything that's good about Homer's poetry". (I'm starting to find a bit lame the recitation of the first lines of Book 1, especially if you're not intending to get to the end.)

I'll start with some lines chosen by Benner: Θ 555-565.

As when in heaven the stars about the moon
Look ...
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Every one, look!

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nukta poneontos

Today I was too sleepy(due to a series of late night works) but too busy to take a nap and my head was about to blow up. So I took three cups of coffee from the vending machine and put them in my mug. I got two such shots of coffee today, and frequent dose of caffeine. Now the effect of the coffee's going out. And it's two in the morning. I'm going home. Just ...
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Beginners Latin Group using D'Ooge

I wanted to know if anyone here would be interested in helping me with forming and moderating a beginners Latin course using the D'Ooge text.
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Salvete! Ego,Cublaeus.

Salvete! Ego,Cublaeus.
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Wheelocks ch 32

Hey I am embarressed :oops: to ask for help but does any one know the answers to ch 32's Sententia Antiquae. I need at least 1-12 please and thank you. :lol:
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Ch. 32

In the back of the book exercises, Ch.32, #19:

1. Tyrannus cives suos ita male opprimebat ut semper liberi esse vellent.

The tyrant was oppressing his own citizens so badly that they wished to be free.

My question is, why does it use ita and not tam?

2. Ch. 32 Practice & Review #2

Maxime rogavimus quantum auxilium septem feminae adferrent et utrum dubitarent an mox adiuvarent.

Especially we asked how much help the seven ...
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