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two odes, two translations, two epigrams

some compositions i have to hand, i.e. in digital form:

'The London Eye' (Horatian alcaics):

uides ut alti per nitidas means
caeli, palumbes albide, semitas
cursusque praecelsos quietus
pectoribus uolitam serenis?

hic in cubili conspicuo super
urbem uirorum Londiniensium
plenam nec in pennis columbae
nec merulae sedeo coruscis,

sed ferrei me palma uolubilis
tutum gigantis certaque sustinet.
dum Phoebus intonsus pererrat
aetherium radiansque cursum,

labor gregem inter, candide auis, tuam,
nec Noctiluca desuper omnia
crescente ...
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would this work: domi/in domo convivari for "to feast in the house"?
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suffix -ides

What's the etymology of the suffix -ides,
like in names e.g. Aristides, Archimides, Euclides, or even the Dorian Leonidas?

(I hope am correct saying -idas is another form of -ides...)
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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

I'm trying to put Humpty Dumpty in A.Greek.
Kufo/paxuj tei/xw| e(/zet'.
Kufo/paxuj kate/pese.
pa\nq' i(/ppoi a)/ndre/s te basile/oj
ou)\ du/nant' au)= to\n suntiqh/menai.

I beg your corrections and advices. Vocabs, syntax, meters, everything.
Thanks in advance!
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I've got a list of enclitics from a book available here (bennett's "a latin grammar") and this is it:

-que, -ne, -ue, -ce, -met, -dum, -cum

I've searched these fora and the web, and got no explanations except for the -que and -ne particles, and loosely for the -ue. could someone show me examples using each one of those enclitics, and explain their functions to me?
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Numeralia Graeca: 20307?

xai/rete w)= so/foi

I am speculating about how the Greeks wrote numbers. My grammar is not much help in that regard.

I understand they used the letters, but I am not quite sure how the system works. Are Greek numeralia like the Roman numeralia?

Specifically, I want to write 20.307. What would that be?

Thanks :D
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uncial latin script font


I'm trying to make a font that resembles latin uncial script. I've only seen some pictures of hand-copied scripts, and in none of them did I see periods and commas. I ask myself why did Greek have punctuations and lower-case letters and the Romans did not. Anyway, if anyone knows how were Roman's punctuations drawn, please tell me.

Right now all I have is what can be seen in the pictures below. The commas ...
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Hello all! I'm Emily. I had no idea that such a wonderful thing as a website+forum about Latin existed, so I was very happy to be given a link to this place.

I've been learning Latin for nearly a year and a half now, and a week today I'm taking a Higher exam in it. (Scottish equivalent of English A-levels. Big exam, anyway.) For it, I've studied parts of Cicero's In Verrem V and parts ...
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Hello everyone!!!

I am quite interested in Russian Literature and many people have told me about the poet Alexander Pushkin. I haven't read him, so I was wondering if anyone of you have, because I would really appreciate your comments on it.

Well, wishing you a great day,

I must finish my vocabulary test for Latin Vocabulary here in Textkit
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Quote for a Bad Teacher

Just wondering if anyone could give me some help with this:

I have an English class with a teacher who marked my final grade down today from an A to a B based on "who I am" even though I had earned an A through the coursework. She told me that despite my work this semester, I didn't deserve an A because of my attitude toward the class. To get to the point, we are ...
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