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NYC Bookstores

Hi all,

Does anyone here from the New York City area know of good used bookstores in NYC that cater to language enthusiasts and/or those interested in the Classics? One, Argosy Books, looks very promising, but I am looking for others.

Thanks in advance,
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Been Learning for 3 Days

I've been learning Latin independently for three days now using rosseta stone software. Rosseta stone is great for learning how to spell, pronounce, and from small sentences in Latin but it doesn't explain grammar much and I'm confused about a few things which i'd like to clear up.

First this sentence; Piscis albus est - the fish is white or, a white fish. Here's another just like that, Canis albus est - the dog is ...
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Iliad 3:181 to/n

w(\j fa/to, to\n d' o( ge/rwn h)ga/ssato fw/nhse/n te:
What is the function of the acc. to/n in this line.
I can't get it to agree with anything.
As refering to Priam does not work for he is the subject, and as refering to Helen does not work because she is not masc.
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Is Anyone Else Studying Chase and Phillips?


I'm in the 14th chapter of Chase and Phillips' A New Introduction to Greek. If anyone else is studying Greek through this book, I'd be grateful to be a partner in learning with that person. Let me know!

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iterative e)/ske in Iliad 3:180

dah\r au)=t' e)mo\j e)/ske kunw/pidoj, ei)/ pot' e)/hn ge.

I can't seem to translate the iterative e)/ske iteratively (is that a word?)

Isn't iterative characterized by repeated action?
I can understand 'he used to be' or 'he was' but not 'he was again and again.'
Is there another aspect indicated by an iterative ending?
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Translation question

I have yet another translation question.

Vosne easdem litteras ad eum mittere cras audebitis? My attempt = Will you dare to send your same letter to him tomorrow? My question has to do with the Vosne. My translation doesn't quite read right to me.

Vos, easdem, and litteras are all accusative plural. Is the Vos just there for emphasis or am I missing something.

Thanks for your help,

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Who Can Do This

For what values of x is the inequality true?

8|sin x - (x - 34pi)| < 0.8

And I so far have this

-0.1 - 34pi < sin x - x < 0.1 - 34pi

I figured someone might be bored enough to help.
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Help! on new Greek texts discovered.

Hello friends,

I am a Spanish colleague, great lover of the classic languages. I am great enthusiastic of the Greek and Latin Paleography.

In recent date, we have discovered in a Archive of a particular collection manuscripts written in Greek, that apparently date from century X or XI AD.

Most of the text is a geographic description of the Mediterranean. The reading is very difficult by the so precarious and fragmented state of the codex, ...
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book forums

hey all

i wore out searching for a clean forum to discuss books,
maybe one of you knows a neat place to hang out at?

thanks for all info :D
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Euripides, Xenophon, or something else?

Hey everyone! I would like to begin translating on my own through one of the Classical texts I own. Currently, I have a copy of Euripides Fables, Xenophon's Anabasis (books 1-4), the New Testament, as well as a copy of Harry Potter (in Greek). What would you guys recommend for someone with limited experience in Greek (limited being about studying independently for a year, going through one correspondence course), etc? Thanks for your help!!

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