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I can't download the keys

I've suscribed to Textkit's mailing list, but still I can't download these files. It won't let me log in, the site bounces me to the login form.
Can any one mail me these files?
Benissimus' Wheelock's Answers, Benissimus
Latin for Beginner's Key, Benjamin L. D'Ooge
Latin Prose Composition Key, North and Hillard

My e-mail is cmax@fibertel.com.ar

Thanks a lot!

I have all the files for Ancient Greek. Anyone with the ...
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Query on XXXIII, §196, II, Q 10.


The question from the text is "Did Cepheus obey the oracle?".

i'm confused about the tense. Had the question been worded "Had Cepheus obeyed the oracle?" i would have had no doubt it was the pluperfect.

Had the question been "Has Cepheus obeyed the oracle?" i would have been certain it was the perfect.

(In either case, of course, i could have been wrong :lol: ) ...
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Strategies for the Autodidact

Last week chad posted on the Greek board asking how long people had been studying Greek. This quickly spawned a sub-discussion about how people who've been at it a while managed. The discussion seems interesting enough to be brought out of Hellas.

A quick summary of strategies I find important,

  • Don't stop.
  • Pick a textbook and finish with it (for those just starting).
  • Read difficult works.
  • Read at least a little ...
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letter to my Latin prof

Salvete omnes.

Below you will find a short note that I have included on the back of a postcard for my Latin prof. Though it is now to late to alter it - haec inscripta sunt - I would like to know how I can improve my knowledge of personal letter writing and the diction that usuall accompanies it. From this exercise, I have learned that I don't have a very good knowldge at all ...
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What Greek letter is j

In Cunliffe, under the entry pezo/j is a Greek letter that is just like our j.
What is this letter?
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Well then!

So ... well then ... all righty ... now, how do I say any of that in Latin? I still am now aware of a satisfactory Latin word or phrase for the English interjection well or well then.

Italian has allora and Spanish has ahora while French has alors. Obviously those are all vulgarisms and classical Latin must have had something very different — but what?

Gratias ago cuiquam ullam ideam habet.
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loci antiqui...Disillusionment

Salve omnibus:
I translated loci antiqui #1, Disillusionment, some time ago rather haphazardly and so I've returned to it to set it right, but what I have failed to grasp is the second sentence:

et quod vides perisse perditum ducas.

I've mulled over this one for days. Is it an indirect statement? Why is that damn sujunctive verb there? Is quod a relative pronoun?

and you see that which has perished you should lead (it) ...
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The word loser

This post was deleted by Diane.
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the latin library

I don't know if this site has been mentioned before. I came across this page today, it has tons of pages of most of the major latin philosophers, poets, etc - in original latin of course (at least all the ones I'm familiar with-which admittedly might be lacking). It is quite a bit beyond my current level (only been studying for 6 months or so) but I know where I'll be visiting as my latin ...
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Iliad 2:768-769. Antecedent of O(

a)ndrw=n au)= me/g' a)/ristoj e)/hn Telamw/nioj Ai)/aj
o)/fr' )Axileu\j mh/nien: o(\ ga\r polu\ fe/rtatoj h)=en,

When I read these two lines I understood O( to refer to Telamw/vioj.
Every 10-15 lines I check my understanding with an English translation.
This is how I found that O( refers to Achilles.
This makes perfect sense, but when you read Greek as slow as I do, it is hard to use context to determine something like this.
Is ...
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