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spionic key board arrangement

I have moved and had to change email and have had problems on my computer as well.

I cannot remember where the link to the spionic key layout is.

I'll keep looking but if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help.
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Unit Three - Exercises

just two questions:

unit 3 - exercises - i - 15.
nisí tacuisset, miserum monuissem ut lacrimás céláret.
if "nisi" means both "if... not" and "unless", how do I choose between these two versions?
if you had not kept silent , i would have warned the miserable in order that he might conceal his tears.
unless you had kept silent , i would have warned ...
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Byzantine history podcast

Continuing my descent into the Cult of the Mac, I recently became iPod enabled to listen to podcasts for my walk to work. I just discovered one series which, based on the intro, should be one to follow:

12 Byzantine Rulers (or check under "Educational" in the iTunes podcast directory).

Edit: "Rulers," not "Rules."
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Accent of the 2nd. sg. Imperative.

Why does the 2nd sg. imperative of LU/W (lu=e) have a circumflex and of QE/LW (qe/le ) an acute?
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Unit 3 Reading

I'm not sure if I translated this sentence correctly:

Ibi re'g'inam mortuam vi'dit et o'ra'vit ne' se' i'nsidia'rum da'mna'ret, sed re'gi'na neque specta'vit neque Aene'a'n audi'vit.

There he saw and spoke to the dead queen in order that she not accuse him of treachery, but the queen neither saw nor heard Aeneas.

I'm unsure if neque means neither... nor since I can't find it in the book. I even thought it meant ne' + que ...
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Are Bush and Blair to blame for terrorist attacks?

edit: split from the thread on the Open Board (Emma)

A HORRIFIC tragedy.

The majority of Londoners were opposed to Blair's illegal and criminal war in Iraq. They, sadly, and not Blair and his minions, have suffered.

EQUALLY horrific is the continuous slaughter of civilians in Iraq and Afganistan by the United States government and its lap dog, the British government.

This terrorist act did not just happen: It's simply tit for tat. In ...
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I am looking for members of a beginners' Wheelock group

To all newcomers--
There is a new Wheelock's 6th edition study group starting as soon as I can get ahold of members. Go to Forum/Wheelock/new members sign in.... We will use Wheelock's 6th edition and will translate the Sententiae Antiquae and the short translation at the back of each chapter. Starting with chap 3 or 4 we will also translate the Practice and Review. That's a total of roughly 30 lines every two (2) weeks. ...
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Wheelock Chapter 2

Once again, just looking for advice/commentary on the translation from Wheelock. This time its chapter two.

Here's the original:
Puella mea me non amat. Vale, puella. Catullus obdurat: poeta puellam non amat, formam puellae non laudat, puellae rosas no dat, et puellam non basiat. Ira mea est magna. Obduro, mea puella--sed sine te non valeo.

and here's my translation:

My girl does not love me. Goodbye, girl! Catullus is strong: the poet does not love ...
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redit elduce

I am translating passage #5 of Loci Immutati, Cicero's 'vitriolic denunciation...' I have come to a sentence that has me confused:

Line 31:

Nimium diu te imperatorem tua illa Manliana castra desiderant.

I tried this: Too long the camp desires you general your former Manlius. (miserum quidem!)

1. desiderant is third person pl., so I assume castra is the subject, but the subject may be implied and castra is an object.
2. Is tua paired ...
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Latin to Greek translation help

Hi, I am trying to translate the quote from St Augustine, 'ama et fac quod vis' into classical Greek (in English this could be rendered as 'love and do what you will'). Can someone help me translate this? I am having trouble figuring out the correct word for 'do' and for 'will'. Thanks in advance.
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