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Xenophon's Greek

Part of my exam in the summer involves an unseen from anywhere in Xenophon's works. Obviously this means that we are meant to learn all that we can about Xenophon in the meantime.

Does anyone know where to start to learn about typical features of Xenophon's greek? (apart from reading loads of Xenophon, which I'm doing already)

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Attic Nights

Anyone know of or have a favorite (student) edition of Aulus Gellius' Attic Nights?

Amazon seems to produce only a single student edition, and it goes for the absurd price if $193.71 (which cannot possibly be right).
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translation of litterās

I am somewhat confused by the translation of litterās as the singular 'letter'. For example, in the Practice and Review of Wheelock's ch. 11, sentence #4 is given as
vosne easdem litteras ad eum mittere cras audebitis?
which is translated in Benissimus' key as

Will you dare to send the same letter to him tomorrow?

litterās looks to me like a feminine accusative plural (first declension noun). Is this simply one of those nouns (like ...
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"countless" and "countless" :)

What's the semantic difference between muri/oi kai\ a)perei/sioi?

I can't quite tell, but I think the former simply means "uncountable" for a noun while the latter would be used for some intrinsic aspect of something, like "his limitless rage".

Or, do they both simply mean the exact same thing? When would I use one over the other?

Also, is there a word: perei/sioj? I get the impression that there is, but it isn't in any ...
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Another ambition fulfilled

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Cat's Eye

I just finished reading "Cat's Eye" by Margaret Atwood.

For a while I was enjoying it but then lost interest.
I kept reading it hoping to find out if there was a point to the rambling.
I did not find it.
It has good reviews but I was disapointed.
May be I am just an uncultured swine for not understanding the point. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? (On the book, not ...
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MP3 audio files of New Testament

I've just started learning Latin and have found NT audio files on the net -- but I'm confused about the pronunciation used. The little I have read tells me that "V" is W, "C" is always K, etc., yet the MP3 file reader appears to be making a "V" sound like V and "C" is often soft as in English "celery", or "ceiling". Vas gibes?
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Malcom M. Willcock's Editions of the Iliad

Are they any good?

Are there better ones out there?
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errata: W. gunion Rutherford, First Greek Grammar Accidence

Just in case Jeff could not have detected this:
PDF page 199.(p.191 in the appendix?) seems to be scanned sideways.

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temporal clauses help

some of these were pretty grim:

1. You ceased to rule the Athenians, O Spartans, before Socrates died.
Athenienses regere desivistis, Spartani, priusquam Socrates mortuus est.

I think this one's ok.

2. Let Cicero enjoy his power, as long as he spares the innocent.
Cicero potestate sua fruatur dum innocentibus parcat.

Is using the subj for the first bit ok? I've put parco in the subj as well for some reason, can't remember why. dum ...
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