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Subscribing to newsletter

Apology to all for this offending message. I don't know where or whom to send this message, so I post it here. Again, please forgive me.

I tried to subscribe to the textkit newsletter, and somehow it was unsuccessful.

I chose the "test" format of newsletter, and after I filled in all the details, I clicked on the "subscribe" button, but I was directed to an error page with the message

"The following errors have ...
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Phrase translation request


I stumbled onto a site describing two books with the following titles ...

In Acta Apostolica Homiliae Centum Viginti Duae

Could somebody please translate those titles for me?

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Ch. 19

in Practice and Review, ch. 19 I think I ran into a few problems.
Cuius libertas ab isto auctore deinde deleta est?
"Whose liberty was then destroyed by that author?"
Cuis libertatem eorum eo tempore delere coepit?
"Which man began to destroy his liberty that time?"
Qui vir fortis clarusque, de quo legisti, aetatem brevem mortemque celerem exspectabat?
"What strong and famous man, of whom you have written, was expecting a short life and a ...
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Good arguing

I've seen convincing arguments in this forum, and less convincing arguments.

Most of us here are to learn or revise Latin and Greek, and we have recourse to a wealth of appropriate text books. In this particular board, would it help if we also occasionally revised our skills in 'disputation'?

There is now a wealth of stuff out there on the Web about tricks used in debate, about fallacies that we sometimes fall into.

Here's ...
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How do you know whether you have the most recent SPIonic fon

How can you tell you have the most recent version of SPIonic Greek font, since all the files are labelled: SPIONIC_TTF?
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Fuel prices

We started talking about fuel prices in another post, so I am going to start another topic about this. Is everone suffering ? We are paying an unprecedented $AUS 1.40 or thereabouts a litre at the moment. I am so glad I have a small car and live on a bus route! Some people in the remote areas are paying another 20-30 cents a litre.

Any more stories about this?
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Ars Amoris etc.

I just finished reading a translation of Ars Amoris and I really liked it ( the translation, anyway). I have the one translated by James Michie in the Modern Library Classics. Could you tell me how well you liked the book and how hard it would be to read?(If you've read it, of course) After reading the translation, I got it into my head to read the original version and I want to know just ...
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El Jon (Warning! Introduction inside!)

aaah, I'm new here! But thank the gods, my understanding of Latin is less than that of a Roman infant! So I think I'm good to go! haha!
Anyway... no one knows me, but I'm from CA and I've been studying latin (properly) for a couple of months now and still know basically nothing about the language... Yeah, I'm on a roll. :wink:
Well, that was my ...
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Passive of Deponent Verbs

I'm having difficulty understanding how one may represent the passive of deponent verbs, if such a thing is even possible. For instance, "colonus falce utitur," is active, so how is the passive formed, if at all?
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Word Game

I need a word that describes a person who is very laid back, calm and collceted, and lives a peaceful life. Something along those boundaries. I can't really think of anything.
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