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Latin pronunciation samples?

As this is my first post here, an introduction: I learned some Latin in high school Way Back When, and am now beginning to study it again to start teaching it to my homeschooled sons next year. (We'll be going slowly at first, so I'm sure to stay waaay ahead of them! This first year will be as much for English grammar and word roots as for the Latin language per se, anyway.)

I would ...
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The Mathos Project

Hi all :)

The Mathos Project is an ongoing Ancient Greek learning aid online. Being led by Dr. Mirjam Plantinga of the University of Wales Lampeter's Department of Classics, the project is aimed at beginners level students wishing to learn Greek.

I'm going to be administrating the project from a technical aspect come this October, so I'd like to know if there is anything you'd like to ...
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Fairest Goddess That Ever Lived

Just wondering who you guys think is the fairest. I kind of have to decide soon, and I'd like some input. I mean, there's a lot of pressure on me right now and I'd like some unbiased views.
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Violated Copyrights on Textkit?

In another forum, someone asked if we could type out the practice sentences from Wheelock for him, so he wouldn't have to buy the book. Benissimus declined, questioning the legality of such an operation. I agree with him.

But we do this all the time anyway. What about when users of Wheelock posts the questions and their attempts, and then ask for feedback? Are they not still duplicating a copyrighted text?

For example, I suspect ...
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JWW exercises, para 342, 344, 350, 352, 357, 359

further suggested solutions...

1 if he injures/wrongs the soldiers, we will not wish to follow
2 they fear that you might attempt to do harm to the friends of Cyrus
3 if we overcome them, all will follow
4 we ask/let-us-ask the messenger if he has the silver/money
5 he fears that they may try to bring back the fugitives/exiles
6 he will speak publicly that he may show to all what he has ...
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M&F Unit 18 English to Latin

The last unit. :shock:

A real ragbag of topics:

Subjunctive by Attraction
futurum esse/fore ut
syncopated forms
Accusative of Respect (Greek accusative)
Adverbial accusative
Genitive of Remembering and Forgetting
Genitive of Indefinite Value
Ablative of Price
quod = the fact that

English to Latin sentences:
1. Although the man was wounded in the foot, he forgot his pain and, for the most part, fought courageously

Pedem vulneratus, ...
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A hard choice

Hello, everyone,

I'm studying Latin for half a year now. Since I do it for my own entertainment, I don't hurry. However, now it seems like I face a hard choice. I use a Russian coursebook. Two, actually, switching between them from time to time. I like the books and I think they are the best ones available in Russian: Lingua Latina by Podosinov and Shchaveleva and Latinsky yazyk by Katzman and Pokrovskaya. However, both ...
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Hello from the Far East

I just happened upon this site (with a great deal of luck!) yesterday or so, and I figured I would drop in and introduce myself to everybody. I must preface myself, as I have not spoken English with another fluent individual in almost two months now, I beg your pardon if I make a few grammatical errors here or there.

I'm an American student currently studying abroad in Japan, and in the English section of ...
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Dreaming in a foreign language.

I almost forgot this. But the smell of a cup of coffee I just got from a vending machine (yeah, I'm a caffeine dope) got the dream resurface:

I met a few members of textkit(alas, I cannot remember who were there) and, with them, was discussing about the pronunciation of Ancient Greek last night(or was it a few days ago?). And I was discussing it in English.
I have a very limited experience of talking ...
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Mercurius' wings

I was working through exercise 42 of NH and this one has really got my puzzled. I just can't figure out the grammar of it.

"Relying on his wings Mercurius had no need of a ship."

Key: "Mercurius alis freto nullum nave opus erat."

Nullum doesn't match nave and does 'opus erat' mean he had a need? I really don't get it. To me opus erat would mean that there was work/task.
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