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Help with Pliny Please!

I am looking for a translation for Wheelock Latin Reader's Pliny's Letters specifically...Plinius Traiano Imperatori....lines 230-258....can anyone help me with this?
Thanks :cry:
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Greek accents

Hi Will,

If you have seen the newly published (2003) "A New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greek" by Philomen Probert (Bristol Classical Press), I'd like to hear how useful you'd find it for someone who is just nearing the end of Hansen & Quin.

I discovered it by reading a recent Bryn Mawr Classical review of the book and am considering whether I'd benefit from using it.

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BSD § 47 p. 21 Ex II.4

I translated "The farmer gives her daughter water" to "Agricola filiae agricolae aquam dat" but the key presents "Agricola filiae aquam dat", that I would translate back "The farmer gives water to the daughter", not stating whose daughter would receive water.

Anyone can explain why my answer (an odd one, indeed) is not the correct one, and why the correct one is correct?

Thank you very much.
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BLB, Collar & Daniell, § 31

From "The Beginner's Latin Book" by Collar and Daniell - can someone be so kind as to check my responses. (With exercise text so no one has to look them up).

Critics welcome. Suggestions taken. Thanks in advance.

Page 11, § 31.I (Genitive And Dative)
1. Puellae (dative) est rosa. (To the girl is a rose) The girl has a rose.
2. Puella rosam habet. The girl has a rose.
3. Reginis sunt columbae. (To ...
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sunt ???

I'm a doing my first year of latin so this will be very elementary to you all.

I am stumped with trying to translate one word in this sentence:

Pericula belli non sunt parua

Everything is ok except I can't work out 'sunt' :shock: . any help would be *really* appreciated..

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H & Q Unit 7 English to Greek

Could someone look over these English to Greek translations, please.
The grammar points of this unit are:
a. middle voice
b. second aorist active and middle
c. independent optatives
d. e)kei=noj
e. conditionals with relative protases
f. adverbs

1. If only the animals and the money may be sent to the island by the men in the market place. The (inabitants) of the island could sacrifice to the gods.
ei)/qe ...
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BLD § 31 p. 15 Ex. II.1

Dear friends,
I don´t know English very well but I do think the key has some mistakes. I suggest this answer:

The sailor fights
The sailor is fighting
The sailor does fight
The sailors fight
The sailors arefighting
The sailors do fight

Best Regards

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latin translations to english

1.for with God nothing shall be impossible.
2. with God nothing id impossible.
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digitum minimum movere non potes

I have been trying to trace the origin of a short Latin quotation:

"Et digitum minimum movere non potes ut non mundum universum excites."
('You can't move your little finger, lest you awaken the whole world.')

I stumbled across this on a Russian website (http://giscraft.ru/methods/method8.shtml). The authors of the site are convinved that the words are those of Pierre-Simon Laplace, a mathematician with strong deterministic beliefs who wrote during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (see ...
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BLD §95 II Tranlation Q's

(Timicus lamentat) :(

§95 II.

"Alto muros, longa at dura bella, clara victorias quis non laudat?"

Isn't "victorias" the accusative plural of victories? So I translated this as "famous victories" rather than "famous battles" (claras pugnas).

(sigh) The previous set of excercises really threw me. I must have gone over §86 10 times without getting it right. I've had a lot of difficulty selecting the proper case ...
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