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In case it hasn't been mentioned before Dvid Meadows's rogueclassicism blog is a good source of news on matters classical:

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For Gildersleeve fans

From the archives of the Atlantic Monthly, Gildersleeve's account of a trip to Italy and Greece at the time of the first modern Olympiad:

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I joined today

I said hello on the "Learning Greek" board before realizing that way down the list I would find a place created especially for introductions. I started learning Greek a couple weeks ago and did an internet search and discovered this site the other day. It's absolutely amazing! There's so much information available. I'll definitely be spending a lot of time here!
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Salvete! (An introduction)

Salvete omnes!

My name is Terentia (well, it isn't really, but for the purpose of this board, Terentia will do very well :) ). I'm 17 years old and live in England. I'm studying Latin and Greek for A Level, and intend to carry them on at university.

I arrived here through the Latin club at http://www.portkey.org (a Harry Potter site) ...
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My first time here

I discovered this website just a few days ago and I wanted to post and say how impressed I am with it! I've always enjoyed learning languages, and when I was a teenager (about 20+ years ago) I had it in mind that I was going to learn several, but life took a lot of twists and turns and I never managed to become fluent in any at all. A few years ago I decided ...
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Hi everyone!

I'm a high school student, and I've been wanting to learn Latin for a while, but haven't actually started till now. Just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself. :)
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metre-1st verse of Odyssey

what's your opinion on the 3rd syllable?

a)/ndra moi e)/nnepe, Mou=sa, polu/tropon, o(\j ma/la polla\

_ U ? | _ U U | _ U U | _ U U | _ U U | _ _
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A word from Aristotle


I've no idea whether this word means "lead" or "begin"~~~~
and would u please tell me the accidence of it~~~~~

Thanx a lot
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Long vowels/accents -- important?

This is an absolute newbie question, so bear with me if it seems completely rediculous....

Is it really necessary to memorize the long vowels/accents? The only place, up to the point to which I've studied, where I see it necessary is the abalative singular. But is it okay to neglect learning them when memorizing new vocab, etc.?

Thanks, and I apologize in advance if the question seems rediculous :lol: ...
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"Si" clauses without subjunctive

Ok, English sentence:
"You will never be able to see my friends if you do not run as quickly as possible."
My translation: Numquam meas amicas videre poteris si quam celerrime non cucurreris.
Is using future perfect right there? is there any time when it's ok NOT to use future perfect? Thanks
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