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Better late than never....

Hello, I am Kip from Everett, Wa. (North of Seattle). I just recently re-introduced myself to Latin after a 20 year hiatus. When I first started to learn latin my instructor said I had the "knack" for it. But, alas, the necessities of life got in the way such as the need for food and shelter and all that stuff. Now...several years later, the kids are all grown up and gone and I have more ...
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Visit www.edonelly.com

Just now, after visiting Textkit.com, my firewall program told me that I had just visited not only textkit.com, but also www.edonelly.com. How did that happen?
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die Quelle

I've been reading about the Q hypothesis (that matthew and luke use matthew and a common source Q for their gospels). I'd be interested to know what the textkiters think of this? Is it likely/specualation/hard to tell?
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I hate school

No I'm not in school. Just a self-latin learner. I took latin 20 years ago and I am now getting back to it. Better late than never, right? Anyway, this forum is a great place to find information regardless on how small it may seem. I found stuff here that has already helped me out a great deal.

Plus...this is my 1st post. :D

My problem ...
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need translation confirmation (Aeneas to followers)

In this passage I translated into the simplest English Aeneas addressing his followers. It is a running thread of text.

--Patriam Olim amavimus, ubi in patria habitabamus:
Once upon a time, we loved our nation when we were living in the country:

--Hodie procul a Phrygia erramus. Advenae Troiam expugnaverunt et nos e patria fugaverunt:
Today, we wander far from Phrygia. The strangers have expunged the Trojans and we have fled out of the country: ...
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Do God’s actions change His status?

If God is ultimately perfect: why does he do things?

How do we understand the fact that God does things in light of the fact that He is ultimately perfect.

For example:

Before creating the heavens and earth God was ultimately perfect.

Did the act of creating the heavens and earth increase His perfectness? Was there any room for His perfectness to increase in the first place?

Or is it that He willed for things ...
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Johnny Depp....

Ok....so now that I have Emma's attention :)

Johnny just got his hands and feet in the memorialized at Grauman's Chinese Theater today...you can read about it here for those of you who are interested.

Now....not to stir up to much trouble, but what do you guys think of that??

I love Johnny Depp.....I used to watch him in 21 Jump Street when I was a kid, ...
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edonnelly's avatar.

Edonnelly, on your avatar, is that you with your three kids or are they four of your kids, or...
Sure a happy looking bunch.
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Destruction of Pompei is 1631 year.

On the Via Nazionale road from Naples to Reggio/Calabria, at 15 km, a so-called “Epitaph” on the façade of the Villa Faraone Mennella today presents two memorial inscriptions in Latin on a monumental volcanic stone.

Viam a Neapoli ad Rhegium perpetuis
Perpetuis entea latrociniis infamem, & conflagrai Vesuvii saxis, impeditam, purgato
insidiis loca, exaequata(m) planitie, latam rectamque dixit aere
Provinciali Perfanus Ribera Ascalano Dux Prorex. An. D. (I) I) LXIII.

VIII.& LX. post annos XVII. ...
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