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Look at this,

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/artic ... E_ID=45334

Those with linguistic interest should have some interesting perspectives on this issue. I once heard a black linguist on a talkshow say he resented ebonics since the phonetic characteristics are traced not to African origins, but ignorant white sailors from whom the slaves in America learned english. I don't know if that's true (or even proveable), but nonetheless interesting.

I love idiom and ...
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What do you say to people disturbed by the Greek alphabet?

This post was deleted by Diane.
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Online Greek Texts

Some may be aware of this, but I found a website that has Bibles in various languages. Many appear to be in the public domain. They are in PDF, and there are some really great resources, for both NT & Septuagint, including some manuscripts.

matt gumm
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saluete omnes

A forum member recently sent me a PM and requested that I translate a sentence into Latin for him. I was only happy to oblige, but as it was for a tattoo I thought we'd better get other opinions before settling the matter. The sentence is:

"The future is uncertain and the end is always near."

I suggested this translation:

futura incerta exitus semper imminens

I also said, that he could insert an ...
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Iliad 2:278 Sg. subject with Pl. verb

(\ Wj fa/san h( plhqu/j:
Is it common to have sg. nouns that indicate a group with a pl. verb or is it an exception?
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Question on a sentence

Hi all,

I have a question about the usage of a0lla/ in a sentence. Here it is:

o9 de_ au0tourgo_v ou0k o0knei= a0ll 0 a0ei_ gewrgei= to_n klh=ron.

Here's my translation:

And the farmer does not shirk, but always cultivates his farm.

What happens to a0lla/ in that sentence? Is that some sort of contraction?


BTW this sentence is from Athenaze.
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Question on a sentence


Could someone tell me what "immemores" modifies in this sentence?

Immemores multa in villa relinquent, ubi ad urbem redibunt.

This is my translation (I don't think it is correct):

They will leave behind many forgetful things in the country house, when they will return to the city

At first I thought it "immemores" modified "they", but i wasn't sure how to translate that.

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My weekend

T front of me! s. Knives were shimmering in the rays of sun through the trees. I hope that the battlefield does not extend to my street as it is very close.
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Textkit german

my son asked me if there was a textkit German study available.
told him i didn't know but would ask.

is ther or is there any plans for one?
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Questions for Pharr study goup

I have some questions for those that can help.

In the Pharr homeric greek forum they are located. did not want to be redundant here.just wanted to catch attention to my post so i could get some help.

thanks to all responders.
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