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egeo aut careo?

In ch. 21 P&R I translated #15 as: Multae patriae bellis delentur quae pace vera carent, but the answer key that Benissimus gave used egent instead. What's the difference between the two? I'm having a hard time figuring it out.

#17: I wrote down Nisi studia gravia nos delectant, pecuniae laudisve causā saepe negleguntur. Did I use the enclictic properly?

Gratias vobis.
That's all for now... :)
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Third Declension Nouns!!!

Hi all,
I am a first year Greek student, and I was wandering if any had any good resources to help with Third declension nouns? (Koine Greek)
Also, resources for the Greek adjectives would be helpful as well. I have done a decnt job so far, but the adjectives hurt.
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HELLAS: Eurobasket 2005 Champs



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Mackail, J.W. "Latin Literature"

I think the book "Latin Literature" by Mackail has been available on the internet before, it is now on Project Gutenberg at:

http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/we ... p?num=8894

It is a good summary of Latin prose and poetry, I've used it a few times for background material. My (paper) copy might be a bit later than the one online, but I don't think it was revised or changed.
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Something Useful

You know about those dictionaries where they have those marks for where each letter of the alphabet starts to speed up word searches? I wished my Greek lexicons had that feature, so I inserted my own markers into my lexicons to speed up searches. For the letters which have an overwhelming number of words in them (alpha, epsilon, etc.) I subdivided them with more markers (alpha-alpha, alpha-mu, alpha-pi) so I could find words more quickly ...
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furori proximus volito. nimis enim hominum solet ad saltationum peritissimam aditus efficere obstruatur. adhaerenti quamvis sint mihi molestiae, ignovit maior pars, quanti constet ipsa peregrino puello, nec vero obstant animo. puellulae tamen species semper convertitur; iam quidem malle pectoribus videtur musicam, attamen mensibus antehac perpaucis salutem valeque libentissime dicere. feriis autem fructa dubito an memet etiam intueatur, ingentibusque deltoeidibus iuvenis cum erat fatus, sermonem pergeret illa nequiit. modo mutat vultum, ...
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Harry potter ok but what else

Ok good for Harry Potter
as I learn I'll probaly get that translation, however is there any other works like Tennyson, Poe...in poetics or great oratory speaches like M.L.King, Roosevelt and churchill, or prose like Robinson Caruseo, or even the expedition of Lewis and clark?
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Which Aeneid is accurate?

I am currently in an AP Latin course studying Vergil's Aeneid. Before I started this class, I translated Book I and a sizable portion of book II from Pharr's edition over the summer. When I started my AP class, they were using Barbara Weiden Boyd's AP excerpts edition. My question is concerning the accusative plural endings of i-stem nouns. In Pharr's edition, is used for the acc. pl. In Boyd's edition, es is used. I ...
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New latin oral proficiency class starting up online

This class is free, but intensive, and taught by a noted Latin philologist:

http://www.academiathules.org/courses/c ... bili.shtml
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Translation Help -- Please!!

Hi I am getting a tatoo done, in which i want an english phrase written in Latin . The phrase is "You'll Never Walk Alone". I have tried to do some research and have been given many suggestions.
Such as

Numquam Soli Ambulabitis

Solus numquam vades (Been suggested this may mean "You Never Go Alone"

Numquam solus ambulabatis

As I say, it's for a tatoo was i want to make sure the translation is correct. ...
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