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Am I the only one who's slow?

Fellow members: I have a problem I'm REALLY concerned about. I have studied Greek off-and -on for about 10 years (I have a B.A. in Classics), & I am now tutoring Greek a little, while completing the language teacher cert. program-and I STILL have to look up fairly common Greek verb-forms (I mean simple indicatives, & also forms of eimi-"to be")!! Is this normal? I can't help but wonder what's wrong-after all I 've seen ...
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Attic -> Koine


I plan to study Attic through a first semester intermediate level, for my BA requirements. I plan to finish Chase and Phillips then take a distance class on Attic next spring. However I am also thinking of a backup plan with Koine. Say I finish that year of Attic, but I cannot find that 201 class. Would I be able to take a 201 Koine class in the spring and pass (there are always ...
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Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus - Latin & Greek

Ok, you asked for it.

I would like to see you scan and post Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus, both Latin & Greek. I cannot find them in any libraries close to me. Shouldn't take too long, there's only about 382 volumes. :shock: Ok, how about just volume 1 of the Latin to start?

Sugar Land, Texas
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Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus - Latin & Greek

Would anyone here happen to know of a library that has a set of Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus, both Latin and Greek?

I want the original versions, either in book or image form. I don't want the Religion and Technology Center's electronic versions because I want them uncopyrighted.

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Styx introduces himself

Hi, I call myself Styx Boatman. I'm presently taking up Latin and hopefully I too shall take up Classical Greek. I'm an History major (as well as a Political Science major) and I do hope that I skhall eventually be proficient enough in both tongues in order for me to specialise in Byzantine history.

Ja ne!
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Can someone explain what the ablative supine means and give an example? Gratias.
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How to translate Latin

Does anyone know these two out-of-print books or anything similar?

1. How to translate Latin (Foreign language)
by M. W Seng
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Out of Print--Limited Availability

2. How to translate Latin,
by John C Green
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Other Editions: Unknown Binding - 1929
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units 5, 6, 7 - doubts

Ok, so I'm here at unit seven, almost finishing it, and I have collected some doubts since unit five, for which I really really hope you guys can help me, since i've been spending days with them without luck.
some of the problems i had were fixed after i continued forward to the next chapter and then came back, but some are harder to kill.
they seem to be too much but the doubts are ...
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New works


I was perusing a copy of Harry Potter in Ancient Greek, lamenting the time it'll take for me to be fluent enough to read it when it dawned upon me. How much modern work is there for the Homeric and Attic dialects of greek? I'm talking stuff like horror, fiction, et al.

It might be very difficult to have modern time works due to vocabulary, but the person who translated Harry Potter invented a ...
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Translation question

I am working on chapter 7 and have a question about one of the english to latin translations....practice and review #13 page 46.

It says: After bad times true virtue and much labor will help the state.

My attempt: Post temporibus malis virtus vera et labor multus civitatem adiuvabunt.

My question is mainly with the phrase "After bad times". I chose to use the ablative case since it was a preposition but the answer key ...
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