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I've been spending a bit of time try to work on trying to translate a phrase that is of personal interest to me.

"Is this living?"

After a few hours of reading I think I've managed ascertain that 'victus' is the appropriate word to use for living, and possibly 'est' as a translation for this.

However I am unable to determine what else is required to give the closest translation. If anyone could offer some ...
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Opto domire possim

Juga nostri resecant
Ut Flores erant
Et lactos nostri bibiti erant.

Ubi desideres id,
Id abeat;
Tempi odiis id,
Id semper endurare videat.

Opto dormire possim,
Sed iacere in tergo non possum
Quod hic est gladia pro omnibus dieibus
Quas te cognovi.

Opto vincere celeratatem poenae pro alia dies.

Ubi desideres id,
Id abeat;
Tempi odiis id,
Id semper endurare videat.

lacrima mihi, da mihi,
iace cum me, peri cum me, da mihi.
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Let noone make any answer to this judge.

mhdei\s a)pokrine/sqw mhde\n toutw|~ ge tw|~ krith|~

I don't quite understand the use of 'ge'. Why is 'ge' in there? what does this signify?
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Who is the greater warrior, Achilles or Ajax?

I understand the seeming absurdity of the question. Throughout the Iliad, Homer constantly refers to Achilles as the superior warrior, but there is a place in Book 13 where It seems to me that he is saying Ajax is greater. In Book 13.320-325 of the Greek text and 13.375-379 of Fagle's translation, Idomeneus states that Ajax would not yield to Achilles in a stand up fight albeit Achilles would beat him in downfield racing. What ...
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What is latin for a brother-in-law? I can find cousins, fathers- and sons-inlaw, but a brother in law seems to missing from my dictionary! Anyone?
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Textkit versus study

there are days when self discipline is totally gone. I find myself with my books open paper and pens ready to to begin and textkit forums open reading every possible post new and archived and noticing my time for study has just up and gone.

I presume I am not the only one that does this.
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Wanted: A Textkit Homeric Greek Vocbulary tool

I noted that Latin has a few vocabulary tools. whether those that have and do use them benifit by them to me is unknown. Howeer, I would like to see a vocabulary tool for Homeric Greek.

the most I have been doing so far is writing the vacabularies out on index cards and flashing myself. I may get the stem but when I see the same word in a different Declension or a verb conjugated ...
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Seeking a new Pharr Homeric Greek group (Pharr D?)

Would it be possible to get another Pharr group (Pharr D) started soon, at 1x/week?

Thank you.

Latin self-study approach, suggestions wanted

Hi folks,

First time I'm posting here. I really like the concept of this site btw.

I've decided to teach myself Latin. I have some experience with a bunch of other languages. Currently I have Wheelock's Latin 6e and the Grote guide. I'm not very far yet -- only chapter 6. I was reading the thread discussing the Dowling method though and I like the idea of getting the memorization out of the way first. ...
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I have a question...

I am working on Latin For Beginners by D'Ooge. On Lesson VII, ex. 62, # "7. Filia agricolae est grata dominae." The key says the answer is " The daughter of the farmer is pleasing to the lady/mistress of the house.", but if it is "dominae", shouldn't it be " The daughter of the farmer is pleasing to the ladies." ?
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