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Nothing Lasts

How do you say in Latin "nothing lasts"? I know that nothing it nihil but I don't know how to say lasts.

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English with an accent

There was a discussion on the Greek board about the possibility of knowing how ancient Greek was pronounced.
The general opinion seems to be that we can get a good idea but we can't be sure.
Even if we were sure, an ancient Greek wandering into our neighbour-hood would probably not understand us anyway.
To illustrate I'll tell you what happened when I was reading my son a story.
The story had the word 'vast'. ...
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double interogative

How do you translate a question that has two interogatives following each other.
ti/j po/qen ei)= su/;
Does this mean, who are you and where are you from, or is it just, where are you from?
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quick translation needed.

from aeneid 3.278ff:

ergo insperata tandem tellure potiti
lustramurque Iovi votisque incendimus aras,

i'm not sure about the first line. "Therefore, at last we (made/reached) land - more than we had hoped for". The second line's ok i think: "and we purify ourselves for Jupiter and light the altars with our offerings,"

any suggestions for the first line?
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De septem Romanorum regibus [Translation help, please!]


I'd be much obliged if anyone were willing to help me with a few sentences from a text of the seven kings of Rome. It's a very, very much summarized version of Livy's text on the subject, and does occasionally prove a tad challenging for a student who's only had Latin three-four hours a week two years now. :)

So, here we go (I may pop ...
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What's the current consensus regarding the time of this change? (Y to I and so on).

How did those rare medieval westerners who actually knew Greek pronounce Greek words before Reuchlin and Erasmus had it all "straightened out"?
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Vaay! vaay! vaay!

I've been sharing this with everyone else, so I share with my textkit friends.

Too in Zamoone (huge flash download).

This is a Persian-language techno song. It's fairly catchy. The flash animation, however, must be seen to be believed.

Stadium techno has reached Iran! And I love it.
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Tiny writing

Having just started on Greek I am going to have a whinge about the textbooks - why in all of them do they use such a tiny font to reproduce the Greek alphabet? Even modern textbooks suffer from this. I can read perfectly well in English and Latin without glasses, but as soon as I pick up a Greek textbook the fresnel lens has to come out (a magnifier). In some, the grammar is written ...
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Salvete! (And question about pronunciation)

I am a college student, studying Latin on my own with Wheelock's. I registered some time ago when I was starting with it. I've always wanted to post to this great forum, but never did get to do it. However, I am always visiting and reading what you all write. I have learned a lot from all of you. I have quite a passion for the Romance languages; what I go into as a ...
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Elementary Latin Exercises by Hillard - Answer Key

Hello All

First of all, the questions I am about to ask may already have been answered elsewhere in this forum. If so I would appreciate it if you could direct me to the answers.

1. I have been using North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. However, there is a book Elementary Latin Exercises designed as a complete introduction to North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. I know that this book is available new and ...
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