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What is the meaning of your avatar, Paul?

Maybe I am exposing my ingnorance but I can't contain my curiosity.
In Paul's avatar what is the meaning of this robed fellow with a slate/tv screen/computer monitor as head with ou)k e)/moige written on it?
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Aoidoi.org triple-whammy

First, in my continuing obsession with Pindar, a commentary on Olympian 11 (thanks to chad for taking a first look at that and offering suggestions).

In order to make Pindar a little easier to read metrically - and to save myself some typing for commentaries - I have updated my Introduction to Greek Meter to include a section on Dactylo-epitrite and Pindar's aeolic practice (it's on the last three pages).

Finally, after reading Scribes and ...
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Liddell & Scott

Hi all,

I saw a very sad sight today. An old book was being criminally neglected. It was an 1872 edition of Liddell & Scott (in decent shape for being over 100 years old, I suppose), sitting in a used book store, in 80+ degree Fahrenheit temperature and very high humidity. If you want to give this book a cool, dry spot in your home, send me a message, and I could pick it up ...
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is there any software or web site can provide accurate pronounciation of LAtin words for us to listen to?
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paulum auxilii

saluete omnes

1) Can the 1st supine have a direct object? I want to say:

"Your poor little thing!" the old poet said and went to open the door.

"te paruum miserum!" poeta senex dixit et iuit apertum ianuam

2) How would you say "redden" when speaking of cheeks? I don't mean as a sign of shame, but of good health.

uobis gratias ago
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I remember there was some discussion about a real faq being written for (at least) the greek part of Textkit. How far along is it? Or is it already up and I'm just not finding it?
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a new whole poem by Sappho found!


congratulations all Greek poetry lovers!

I wonder when and where we get to see the text
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Anybody heard from PeterD

I was curious if anyone has heard from PeterD. I know his wife gave birth to their first child some time ago but I haven't seen any posts from him in a long time.

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I found the opera omnia of St. Augustin in Latin and Italian:

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Cassius Dio

Hi fellow textkittens/texkitoi
I am looking for Cassius Dio's Historia Romana on line (greek text) or for downloading, has anyone a link?
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