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... fame in keen iambics...

Will's caveat in an earlier thread against getting stuck in an iambic or dactylic rut could be neatly balanced by this pair of translations of Catullus, the English by Sir William Marris , and the Greek by yours truly

At non effugies meos iambos

You shan’t evade
These rhymes I’ve made

e)mon g' i)ambon ou)damwj sbeseij

But I do agree with Will's sentiment, our metrical pencils should be shoved as far afield as ...
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Random Ideas: Ecphrasis and Blogging

Some thoughts on how to improve at composition.

Ecphrasis. While most of us probably do want to make verses of at least a little artistic merit, purely technical work is good practice. It occured to me a few days ago that ecphrasis - a verse description of some random thing, often a work of visual art originally - kills two birds with one stone. First, you'll learn a lot of vocabulary related to the subject ...
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I'm working out of the White, and came across this sentence to translate, which confused me a bit:

keleu/sei to\n strathgo\n tou\j a)nqrw/pouj lu/ein.

Does this translate as "He commanded the general to destroy the men"? Or "He commanded the general; he destroys the men"? Neither seem right. :?
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Have Trouble viewing Greek Unicode Fonts on WinXP Pro

When I view a page written in a Greek unicode font some of the Greek characters display correctly but the rest display as rectangular boxes. Is there a specific font I need to download or something like that?

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translation help

I am reading a book and there is a latin phrase used that I am having trouble understanding in context. The sentence containing the phrase is: "The first sine qua non of dispensationalism is the distinction between Isreal and the Church."

I am having trouble with the word "qua" in the phrase. When I look it up, it seems to note placement or direction but I can't seem to catch its meaning in this phrase. ...
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Spanish to English help

Hi All,

Would someone be so kind as to translate to Spanish:

"Please, do not lock this door."

Thanks for your help.


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Orberg texts?

I saw some old threads that mentioned these texts ("lingva latina" series: http://users.cybercity.dk/~bbe6711/ ) and the opinions were generally positive. Are their any more recent views from people on the board about Orberg's books?
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Latin book publishers... ?

Anyone know where I can get a copy (in Latin) of Anselm's "Cur Deus Homo"? Does anyone publish these things anymore? :(

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Recommendations for reading

Salvete Omnes,

I'm about to wrap up my first year of Latin, and I was wondering what sort of literature you would recommend for someone that understands the basics of Latin (e.g. the six tenses, five declensions, 1st/2nd/3rd adj., personal pronouns, demonstrative adj., etc....). Also, I have a question about the noun Gades, Gadium- f. pl. Gades, Cadiz (a town in Spain) I don't understand how you can have a plural of a town?

Thanks ...
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help with a tiny phrase

paucis diebus post orbilius a discipulis mortem claudiae, uxoris titi ac matris sexti, audit.

I can understand the "uxoris titi ac matris sexti", I know that it is "uxoris" and "matris" and not "uxor" and "mater" because it's explaining "claudiae" and therefore must be in the same case as "claudiae", which is genitive.

But I cannot understand "paucis diebus post orbilius a discipulis mortem, ..., audit."
This is what I have got so far: "for ...
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