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plural form of vis


I am using Groton and May's "38 Latin Stories to accompany Wheelock's" and am wondering about the following sentence which appears in the story for Wheelock's Ch. 15:

Istum inveniam et, si potero, meis viribus vincam.

my translation of this is
This one I will find and, if I am able, by my strength, will overcome.

the form meis viribus is what I am wondering about. viribus is the ablative plural. Is this one ...
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Small Translation Request

I'm trying to get an accurate translation of 'Guardian Angel' for an art project that I'm doing.
So far I've got Custodus Angelus or Tutelaris Angelus but I'm unsure which would be the most accurate translation. The central image is based on a reasonably archetypal Judao-Christian angel.
I'd be really thankful for anyone who could help.
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Salve Benissime:
I have translated some of the Loci Immutati but they are very difficult. I wonder how long does it take before a person has any competency in this language. I've worked on Latin for over a year but it seems like certain parts of the language infuriate me in their likeness, like datives and ablatives. I thought if I kept working at it I'd get better but now I don't know (and this ...
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Wheelocks Vocab

Hello, i am using Wheelocks Sixth Edition, Revised and have a question about the vocabulary in the book. Why is the fourth principle part of the verbs listed as having the ending -tum, when all other books and latin dictionaries I have used list the ending as -tus? I am working on memorizing vocabulary for my latin class and do not know whether or not to memorize the verbs with the -tum or the -tus ...
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Just the FAQs

We have a nascent Textkit Forum Frequently Asked Questions collection.

I already know I will be adding a section explaining common abbreviations (OCT, app crit, etc.). But suggestions for other questions are welcome. I'm especially likely to miss common Latin questions.
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In Defence of the Commentary

On a current thread in the Greek board the subject of commentaries has come up. Once again, someone has expressed an unwillingness to use commentaries, and the reason given is quite common:

psilord wrote:The only commentary I need is a good dictionary. :)

I dunno, I guess I'm just not into commentaries that much, I suppose I much rather read the work itself and draw my own conclusions.
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index librorum de antiquis hactenus acquisitorum

In order to view the classical library visit:



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Translation of latin into english

I need help please!! this is really confusing i have posted on a number of web sites asking for a translation of english to latin quote, i have recieved five very diffrent answeres two from the same person!!

could anyone please have a look and translate these back to english?

1) Amor non est aliquid, quod discitur sed quod scitur, at hoc non potest cognosci, quoad fuerit inventum.

2) Amor non aliquid quem discis est; ...
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Greek Homeric text

I am cruising right along in the Iliad. I'm at line 100 of book 3 and it is starting to get easier.
I only have the first 6 books of the Iliad and none of the Odyssey.
I would like to have all the books of both poems.
What is the best way to get them.
Are they available in one volume?
Thank you.
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Found poem about Horatio -- need author


I will be teaching Latin this year to 1st thru 6th graders and found online a very kid-friendly poem about Horatio at the Bridge. If anyone knows who the author is (it has a very James Whitcomb Riley-esque meter about it), please reply so that I can give her/him credit.

The opening stanza is:

Kids were playing in the fields and the summer air was blowing,
Mothers did their cooking as the afternoon was ...
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