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accent in infinitive "diakatharai"

Hi, Everybody:
I've come across the infinitive "diakatharai" with acute (7-th century A.D. text). I checked in TLG, and found some random examples with circumflex, but none with the acute.
Is the variant with the acute grammatically possible, or is it definitely a typo?
Many thanks in advance.
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Tutorium "The Greek Noun"

Hello to everybody

Do we have here something like the tutorium "The Latin Noun" or "The Greek Aspects" referring to the declination of the Greek noun. Somethink like a quick overlook about this, a manuel, handsheet, reader or call it like you want it.

Thanks and excuses for my English (it's declinsion, but I hate this word: so german deklination sounds better.
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Newsletter Editor?

Hey everyone, how is it going? I remember a while back, reading in an general email to people on the textkit.com mailing list, that we were looking for a newsletter editor. I was wondering if anyone has stepped up to the plate yet, because if they haven't I would be very interested in doing so. Please let me know, thanks!
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Verse challenge: Paean on the new Sappho

In honor of the new Sappho (rather, newly pieced together Sappho).

Latin or Greek. Special points for using the meter of that poem. It's a hagesichorean expanded with two choriambs:

x -uu- -uu- -uu- u--

Sappho wrote in simple hagesichoreans, x-uu-u--, so that'd be fine, too. Just remember that though the meter is the same in all lines, the lines must come in pairs.
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Unit Thirteen - Questions about the Exercises

Usually there is a sentence or maybe two in each unit that I simply cannot understand, but, in Unit Thirteen, there were several. I guess M & F decided that they had to raise the bar a little bit.

5. Harum sententiarum quae vera sit, deus aliqui videat.

I can't make any sense of it. Literally, it seems: "Of these opinions which be true, some god would see." What noun governs "harum sententiarum"? Is it ...
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Cuius nomen hic date, eligite deinde cantorem.
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"Please allow me to introduce myself...."

:) Friends, Latinists, Greco-philes, "lend me your ears, I have not come to praise Caesar but to bury him."
My name is Christopher Shelton, I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I do not really know how this works, but--like swimming--once I jumped in and started writing, the words came. I have read a few of the contributions to this bulletin board and I am pleasantly surprized ...
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Starting a beginners' Wheelock study group.

I have just started working on Wheelock again after a fairly long absence. I am completely new, really, to Latin, even though I studied Wheelock on my own for a couple of months last Fall. I have been taking classical and koine Greek as well, and just finished a semester of an online course generously taught by Prof. Pozzi at the Univ. of Houston. Greek doesn't begin again until late August and I want to ...
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