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The cat on the island

I am trying to say:

The island's inhabitants were afraid of the cat.

I came up with:

Incolae insulae felem timebant.

Incolae = nom. pl.
insulae = gen sg. (of the island, the island's)

Is this correct?
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A lesson in inadequacy ch.20

I finished ch.20 yesterday and have a few questions about the review stuff. I think I got them right, but I wasn't sure so I thought I'd check. If any of you could assist me, I would be most thankful. :)
-A quibus studium difficilum artium eo tempore neglectum est.
By which people has the pursuit of the difficult arts (skills?) been neglected?

-Those bands of unfortunate ...
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William's words

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Possible translation

From M+F Unit Two drill:

Si taedam nautae dederit, portam videbo.

The "dederit" could be either future perfect or perfect subjunctive.

I opted for perfect subjunctive which would translate to:

1) If he had given the torch to the sailor, I will see the gate.

This sounds more logical than with the future perfect:

2) If he will have given the torch to the sailor, I will see the gate.

Does 1) make more sense ...
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Okay, who bought all the Loeb Classics?

I was devastated yesterday.
Well not really-but pretty disappointed.There is a bookshop in London specializing in classic literature called Unsworths and it's there I go to get my Loeb Classics.
Only yesterday I go in and the complete bookshelf has disappeared.What must have been well over 400 books -Greek and Latin, had been sold outright to one buyer.I didn't know one could do that!
That's perhaps £6000.
I hope they were not bought just to ...
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Comparative neuter of "-ius" adjectives

Saluete, omnes! How does one form the comparative of adjectives in the neutral (or even adverbs) of words like "ebrius"?

Sic reor:

m. ebrius, ebrior, ebrissimus
f. ebria, ebrior, ebrissima
n. ebrium, ebrius, ebrissimum

ebrie, ebrius, ebrissime

Gratias uobis omnibus!
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Find three differences

...and you will be part of 1% people in the world. :wink:
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Find three differences

...and you will be part of 1% people in the world. :wink:
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Need some help!! (Phraedus)

Hi all,

I'm trying to translate a Phraedus' text, but have no idea how I should translate the sentences in bold:

maerens propinquos contulit se in hortulos,
quos ultra paulo villa ditis
splendida erat acceptura virginem e matris sinu,
parum ampla in urbe visa quod fuerat domus.

And another one:

Asellus autem, qui solebat pauperi
Quaestum referre, stabat portae in limine.
Illum puellae casu conducunt suae,
Viae labores teneros ne laedant pedes.

I would ...
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Classical languages and humor

So, I'm reading the Anabasis for class and I get to the fish worship part, and start rolling on the floor laughing. Even my roomates thought it was pretty funny.

For those of you not in the know:
"After these things, Cyrus marched 4 stathmoi and 20 parasangs to the Chalos River, which was a plethra in width, and full of fish, large and placid, whom the Syrians thought were gods and would not allow ...
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