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Colloquia per AIM

Saluēte, amīcī cēterīque omnēs!

Sermōnēs nostrī hīc in Agorā certē semper mē placent, sed multa sunt momenta cum cupidus sum plūris. Colloquī igitur nōs necesse est, ut inter nōs statim respōnsa accipāmus et reddāmus. Quamquam exemplar sit colloquia uōcibus habēre, hoc autem fierī nōn potest, et ergō aliīs modīs ūtī nōs opus est.

Fēlīciter Subitum Nūntium habēmus, id est "AOL Instant Messenger" uel "AIM," quī ualdē probus erit. Spērō multōs nostrum iam eum possidēre; sīn ...
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'Ab' before consonantal 'u' and 'i'

No, I just don't wanna give up this subject. :-P

What are the usual conventions for "ab" versus "a" before consonantal 'i' or 'u'? My observation has been that "ab" occurrs before words like "Iulio" whereas "a" is placed before "uento," unless I'm mistaken, which I hope I am. But if this was the classical convention, did the Romans pronounce their two semi-vowels differently with respect to ...
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Georgicon Liber 1, lines 77-78

urit enim lini campum seges, urit auenae,
urunt Lethaeo perfusa papauera somno;

I would like translate this as:

"the crop of flax dries out the plain, the oats are drying out,
the poppies, drenched in the slumber of Lethe, are drying out." (I love the poppies drenched in Lethe's sleep.)

I assume this 'drying out' means they are taking that yellowy/golden grain color and are about ready to be harvested, but I don't quite understand ...
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New guy!

Hi guys and gals I am new to this forum and site, i have just started studing Latin and Ancient Greek, I really like these languages.
I am really glad that I found this site, it is really awesome.
I am from Sweden so I am sorry for my poor English, oh and I am 14 years old.
That's It, I hope I will meet alot of new people here and learn alot too!
Thanks! ...
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how to delete a textkit account

dear all, esp. the moderators
is there any way to delete err (one of) my account?
I just realized that I had two textkit account :) really sorry about this. I just found out to my embarassment after using the memberlist feature and start scrolling and find out that out of 3 textkit user located in my city, 2 of them are me! Really sorry, silly me. ...
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Determination of Dialect

So, I was messing around in the Agora, trying to decipher people's writings when it dawned upon me I have no idea how to tell different greek dialects apart.

Does anyone have some pointers I could use to determine at a glance what particular dialect (Epic, Attic, Koine) was used to write a greek text? (Like case endings, certain conjugations, etc).

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I can't access the raised period in my new Greek font

To One And All--

I'm getting ahold of everyone I can think of. Last night I downloaded a new Greek font called TITUS Cyberbit Basic, which came in an application called UniGreek. It uses BETA code and I had a lot of problems with the JAVA download, which was faulty. So, when I finally downloaded the right JAVA I thought everything was fine. It turns out that the font program doesn't access its own raised ...
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beginner grammar question


I'm having trouble translating this sentence:

o9/ te Dikaio/poliv kai_ o0 dou=lov prosxwpou=i kai_ ble/pousi pro_v to_ a0/rotron.

translation: Both Dicaeopolis and the slave approach (?) and they see to the plow(?).

I don't understand the verb prosxwpou=i. Is this verb the equivalent of the Latin appropinquare? I thought that it had to be followed by a dative. And in the second clause I don't understand the use of the preposition pro_v.

Thanks in ...
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Penelope and her loom

I am moving this to its own thread because it appears that someone besides me is actually interested. I was using it as the reason I seem to have decided to learn Greek on my own.

I posted in part:
"But I have to tell you about Greek looms.

"What got me into this is that I am a weaver and absolutely must be able to read the Penelope stuff in the original because translators ...
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Revenivit scriptor "ariae"

The bits of aria/recitative/sprechgesang:

Rape, rape, rape de solo farinam
Pulvem panis college, tum indolonem
Sanctum frica. Tantillum hordeum
Se colerit, coleretque cum perfluam
Ad maria aqua. In deorum incudem
Pompeii, Vulcano satis habente ut fama est pisc-- convenevit
Lucrum mei adficitur; ita farinareutimur
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