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Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils

Salvete Friends

After fifteen years of "humming and hawing", I bit the bullet and ordered the Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils. This two volume, 2400 page set, arrived this week. To my delight the first seven councils from Nicea I to Nicea II not only have the original Greek text but also a parallel Latin translation. The Greek and Latin originals are from the Conciliorum Oecumenicorum Decreta. Of course the right hand facing pages are ...
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verb form question

When dissecting a verb form, is this the most pieces it can have?


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I have just recently begun studying Attic Greek and do not fully understand the accentuation system. The question I have concerns the reasons why the acute can only be on the antepenultimate syllable if the ultima is short. Does every word in Greek follow the rule that only one mora can follow contonation? I have not been able to find a site which thoroughly explains the logic and reasoning behind the rules of contonation and ...
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Reading / Translating strategies


I would like to ask any members of this board for help, namely with the following:

I've been studying Latin for over a year now (independantly and recently in college as well), and I've got quite a good grasp of the Latin vocabulary as well as the grammar (all the basics in any case) - except for the fact that I don't seem to make much progress in my reading comprehension. I keep thinking ...
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Wheelock Workbook, the adj. "victorious."

To One and All (Uno Omnibusque)--
In the Wheelock Workbook (3rd edit. rev.), Chapter 8, p. 65, Vis Verborum, A1. The question asks:

"Victorious" derives from the Latin adjective_________________, which is formed from the noun "victoria."

There is no such adjective listed in Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition; however, The New College Latin & English Dictionary does have the adjective, "victrix, -icis, (fem. & neut. only)." So, I ask, how do we decline this adjective? And, ...
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Pindar and Nemea 1

I am working on Pindar's Nemean 1. I was just wondering if anyone would know anything about the meter of the poem. I need the schema for it (the strope and epode.) Although I think I can figure out the meter for myself, I just need to double-check it. Any help would be appreciated!

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CAUTION: un-meaningful post... you have been warned...

Today I had a test in my Magic, Witchcraft and Religion class and all I could think of in the essay part of the test was effin' "Cicero urges Catiline's departure from Rome." and manus manum lavat! I completely drew a blank on anything related to snake-handling, glossalia, or Santeria so I wrote all the Sententiae Antiquae I could remember and "Cicero senator in Roma erat et in Catilinam saepe dicebat. Catilina mulas insidias et ...
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Basic question about accent marks


I've recently gotten back into Greek, having studied it about 15 years ago in high school. Needless to say, it's turning my brain into a pretzel, but I love it! Was just wondering if anyone had any advice on whether I should memorize and use the accent marks from the get-go. I'm sure the right answer is "yes," but gee it would make my life easier to ignore them for a while. I am ...
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The cat on the island

I am trying to say:

The island's inhabitants were afraid of the cat.

I came up with:

Incolae insulae felem timebant.

Incolae = nom. pl.
insulae = gen sg. (of the island, the island's)

Is this correct?
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A lesson in inadequacy ch.20

I finished ch.20 yesterday and have a few questions about the review stuff. I think I got them right, but I wasn't sure so I thought I'd check. If any of you could assist me, I would be most thankful. :)
-A quibus studium difficilum artium eo tempore neglectum est.
By which people has the pursuit of the difficult arts (skills?) been neglected?

-Those bands of unfortunate ...
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